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18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You

18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You

It would be safe to say that many people do not like snakes. Ever since the Bible story of Adam and Eve getting tempted by the viper in the garden of Eden, Western cultures especially have associated snakes with evil and treachery.

Many people also have a fear of snakes and being bitten by a snake. Yet, most serpents cannot harm people or even our pets with their venom.

But fears are often irrational, as are our dreams. While we sleep, our brains are making sense of the day’s events, our feelings, thoughts, and desires. Dreams are messages from our subconscious expressed through symbols such as snakes.

So what can a dream where you get bitten by a snake mean? Are they warnings or could it be a good omen?

Read on to find out.

Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You Symbolism


Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You Symbolism

Snake dreams are often warning dreams. They can be a way for your subconscious to let you know there is something in your waking life you need to pay more attention to. Sometimes they are related to your behavior and feelings, other times to external situations and people.

Where the snake bit you in the dream as well as its color can be important, and later in the article, we have included more detail on those. However, sometimes we might not remember the details of the dream when we wake up, just that we were bitten by a snake. So first, let’s focus on general interpretations of snake dreams.

1. Learn to Live in The Present Moment

A snake bite dream’s meaning can be that you are spending too much time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. The dream suggests you need to focus more on the present moment.

The dream is a message that you cannot neglect your current reality. If you are preoccupied with the past or the future, you risk missing out on opportunities in the present. If you are serious about meeting your goals, you need to focus on the here and now.

2. Someone May Try to Sabotage You

Just as snakes are symbolic of treachery in some cultures, in dreams, they can present betrayal. The dream can indicate that there is a person in your life you shouldn’t trust. It could be, for example, a colleague going for the same promotion or a friend jealous of your achievements.

The dream is a warning to you to keep your eyes and ears open and to be careful about whom to trust. While it is not a pleasant thought that someone you know might betray you, by keeping your guard up, you can minimize the potential harm.

3. You May Fear Rejection

Do you often stop yourself from sharing your opinions or standing up for yourself in waking life? If you do, then the dream might be symbolic of your fear of rejection. This fear may stem from a rejection you have experienced in the past.

The dream is a sign of your need for healing and that you need to overcome this fear. Learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. If you don’t, you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest, or worse, you may become a victim of emotional abuse.

Listen to Your Inner Voice


4. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Do you have a big decision to make in your real life? If the answer is yes, the dream meaning can be to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes we ignore what our gut instinct tells us, especially if others are advising or expecting us to make a different choice.

Acting against the wishes of family or friends is challenging, but your intuition is rarely wrong. Be brave and follow it and most of the time things turn out for the best. Sometimes differently than we expect and other times even better.

5. You Need to Believe in Yourself More

A dream where a snake bites you can mean that you need to improve your self-confidence. You might have a habit of negative self-talk and the dream is telling you to stop and show yourself some compassion instead.

Consider where your negative self-talk comes from. Is it from the past or how people are treating you now? If the first one applies, you need to make peace with the past. If it is the people around you now, then the dream is a sign that you should surround yourself with people who love and support you, instead of bringing you down.

6. There is Temptation in Your Life

We all have temptations in our lives. It may be a bad habit or addiction or a person who has a negative influence on us. When a snake bites you in a dream, it can be a sign that you must avoid the temptation whatever the cost.

Now that you know some general interpretations of a dream of a snake bite, let’s focus on the location of the bite.

7. Arms

A snake bite on the left arm represents your unconscious power, your inner strength. You may have a false belief system that is feeding you negative emotions. Begin practicing positive self-talk and tap into your inner power.

When the dream snake bites you in the right arm, it represents your conscious power. You may act stronger than you feel and let your pride stop you from asking for help. Remember, sometimes it may be good to show your vulnerable side to others.



8. Eyes

If the snake bites you in the left eye, the dream is symbolic of your sixth sense and the importance of going with your gut instinct.

A bite in the right eye means that there is something in your life you are ignoring because you want to avoid a confrontation. The dream wants you to face the situation however difficult it may be. Trust yourself and your ability to solve the issue.

9. Face

If the snake in your dream bites you in the face, it can be a sign that you have focused too much on appearances and might have an unhealthy relationship with beauty or your body. This is especially true if you have been going on diets or working out excessively. The dream is telling you to work on accepting yourself as you are.

10. Feet

If you are bitten on your left foot, the dream is a reminder to focus on your core values. You might have strayed from your path and the dream is reminding you to find your way back by realigning your values with your highest purpose.

A bite on the right foot may indicate that the reason you are not on the right path is that you are living by values imposed by others. Re-evaluate your values and be true to yourself.

11. Hands

A bite in your left hand signifies inner clarity. It wants to bring your attention to something about yourself you haven’t realized before. A bite on the right hand is the opposite, as it represents your outer landscape. The dream is directing your attention to something in your environment that you need to pay more attention to.

If you remember the color of the snake, it can help decipher what that something is. We will focus on the types and colors of the snake a little later in this article.

12. Legs

A snake biting you in the left leg is symbolic of inner growth and a spiritual journey. You need to pay more attention to your spiritual side and you might find journaling or meditation helpful. A bite in the right leg relates to your outside reality and growth. The dream is telling you that the time is right to focus on manifesting your dreams.

13. Lips

A bite on the lips often reflects hidden fears. You might worry that your romantic partner will leave or cheat. If you do not trust your partner, it can lead to arguments, a strained relationship, infidelity, and ultimately a breakup. The dream can be a warning for you to address your fears before it is too late.

To help you further with your interpretation, read on to find what the color or the type of snake can mean.

Non-Venomous Snake


14. Non-Venomous Snake

If you get a non-venomous snake bite in your dream, it is often symbolic of the harmful power of words. The dream is a reminder for you to mind other people’s emotions and watch what you say as your words could hurt their feelings. This interpretation is especially likely if the snake bites you on the lips.

15. Venomous Snake

A venomous snake attacking and biting you in a dream is bringing your attention to a situation in your waking life. The color of the snake is important in these dreams so you can interpret the situation more accurately, but the main point of the dream is that a situation in your life is leaving you weak and draining your energy.

16. Green Snake Bite

This dream can be a message of money and abundance. Or more likely, the lack of it. The dream can point to your inner belief system about money. Perhaps you don’t believe you deserve abundance. The dream is suggesting that you change your money mindset.

17. White Snake Bite

A dream where you are bitten by a white snake is bringing your attention to the connection between your physical and spiritual self. It may be symbolic of an action that is not aligned with your true purpose. It may also reflect a habit that is harmful to your health such as smoking or overeating.

18. Yellow Snake Bite

A dream where a yellow snake bites you means that you need to recognize your self-worth. Something or someone may hold you back in life. It could be self-sabotage or another person discouraging you.

Evaluate the situation. If you are holding yourself back, engage more in positive self-talk. If it is another person or a group of people, the dream may be telling you to distance yourself from them.


Now you know possible interpretations of snake bite dreams, you can work out the meaning of your dream of snake bite. Remember that the actual meaning always depends on the dreamer, their life situation, and the context of the dream.

Although sometimes the dream might seem like a bad omen, how we react to it can make a difference. If we act on the dream’s message, we can not only avoid a potentially negative situation but achieve personal growth and transformation.

We hope you have found all the answers you were looking for, but if you would like to ask us anything about snake bite dreams, write your question in the comments section.

Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You Symbolism


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Sunday 9th of April 2023

What if it was a spitting cobra even when you escaped it its venom wad on you and it still chased you down and bit you in your left hand but you somehow managed to kill it