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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Killing Snakes

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Killing Snakes

Encountering a snake in real life is terrifying, especially if you do not know what to do about it or if you should kill the snake. It is even worse when you see one in your dream because you may not act fast as you have no control over your actions in dreamland.

But is a dream about killing a snake a bad omen? Is there any good that can come from it? The good news is that a snake dream meaning is not all bad; you may be on your way to good fortune and success in your endeavors.

However, it can also mean you are fighting off evil friends or keeping enemies away. The dream may also mean you are about to enter into temptation or a betrayal from someone you trust. There are many different meanings, and we will discuss the commonest interpretations of these dreams in this article.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Killing Snakes


What Does It Mean to Dream About Killing Snakes?

Let’s quickly delve into the dream meanings of dreaming about killing snakes and what they may mean for your waking life:

1. You Have No Control of Your Subconscious Mind

There is a chance that you are losing control of your subconscious mind if you dream about killing snakes. If you are into the spiritual and how it affects your waking hours, it is not odd to start relying on it to get ahead.

However, this can be a step in the wrong direction because relying too much on your subconscious can cause worry, fear, and anxiety. The dream tells you where you are in gaining control of your life, and as a result, you must succeed in killing the snake.

It can also apply to other areas of your life apart from your mind, where you have little or no control. It is time to regain control of some of it and work toward gaining complete control. It might be a good start if you successfully kill the snake in your dream.

2. You Are Fighting Temptations

One clear dream interpretation of seeing a snake in your dream is that temptation lurks around the corner or may already be in your space. So, killing the snake means you are desperately fighting the temptation, which may already be evident to you.

The reason for this interpretation is the story of Eve and the serpent in Genesis in the Bible. The snake spoke deceptively and led the woman astray to disobey God. So it is not strange to interpret the dream to mean that Satan is trying to lead you astray or represents bad luck.

You are right to pay close attention to this interpretation because that may be correct. Check people around you, your recent endeavors, and new friends that may seem God-sent. One or more of them may not mean well to you, and you must keep an eye out for possible deceptions.

3. You Are Battling Fear

What you, as the dreamer, do in a snake dream is crucial to its interpretation. The same is true about the number and color of the snake in the dream. However, one common meaning is that you have hidden fears you battle daily, and killing the snake is crucial to overcoming them.

While this dream may seem like a warning and might be in a certain light, it can also be a good sign. It shows you are ready and willing to face your fears and tackle them. You may be open to making a fresh start in your waking life, which is a good omen.

A fresh start and a new beginning are ideal for someone who has undergone a lot of emotional and physical upheavals. So, take it as a sign to work things out and grab any opportunity for a clean slate with both hands.

4. You Have a Feeling of Betrayal

One of the commonest dream meanings of killing a snake in your dream is a warning of betrayal or deception. It does not matter the type or color of the snake, but this interpretation is especially applicable if it is a black snake.

The primary reason for this interpretation is that we typically associate snakes with deceit and sneakiness. So, watch those around you, even close friends and family members; there may be jealousy. One of them may already have betrayed you or be in the process of doing so.

However, you must also consider that the feeling or thought may only be in your mind. What if there is no one betraying you? If you have a recurrent dream of killing a snake, it may be because of something else. But you must work to figure out whether or not someone is out to get you.

5. You Are Fighting Sexual Desires

Seeing or killing a snake in your dream may indicate a fight you have with your sexual desires. The dream may warn you to make a drastic lifestyle change if you have unhealthy addictions, especially if you have a sex addiction.

Some Freud experts say that snakes are a phallic symbol. So, a constant snake dream may indicate you have an unseen and unvoiced battle with sexual desires. And if you are fighting them, they may be unhealthy.

Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. There are groups, communities, and treatments that can help you along that path. You can also seek daily professional assistance to overcome your desires and urges, setting you on the right path.

6. You May be Pregnant

It does not seem likely, does it, that dreaming of killing a snake can mean you are pregnant. But you may be unaware, while your body already knows and is informing you through the dream. And if the pregnancy is unwanted, your subconscious may tell you to remove it.

However, that may be your automatic response to an unwanted pregnancy. Your first instinct may be to rid your body of the baby, but it should not be your immediate response. Taking the time to think of the outcome and possible consequences first is crucial.

Another possible interpretation is that you are about to have a miscarriage. If you are already consciously pregnant, you may want to watch your steps and how you conduct yourself to avoid causing a miscarriage. Create a positive atmosphere around you as much as possible.

7. You May Have a Strong Sense of Justice

You May Have a Strong Sense of Justice

Image Credit: amazingreptile0326

Killing a snake in your dream can signify that you hate injustice and can go to any length to see the oppressed get the justice they deserve. In a sense, you unconsciously watch over people around you who can barely speak for themselves and fight to protect them.

This trait is good if you keep it under control. There is always a chance of becoming self-righteous, judging everyone for every minor offense, and forgetting that you are fallible. Developing a sense of justice that borders on self-righteousness can lead to overwhelming darkness.

8. You Are Battling Health Issues

Snakes can symbolize healing, as with the snake on a pole in Biblical times when Moses made the bronze serpent for healing. Also, snake venom is vital in some antidotes and other medicines.

So, it may not be out of place to dream about killing a snake if you have health issues that nothing else seems to help. Killing the snake may be a method of extracting its venom, which can be curative.

Your subconscious may bring it to your consciousness, so do not ignore it. The solution to the health challenges may be closer than you think. However, do not put all your hope in the dream because there is no guarantee it has the answers.

9. You Have Faith in Your Future

If you have recently had a series of bad luck, seeing yourself killing a snake in a dream may represent your hopes for a better future. It may be a conscious effort on your part to discard all the negativity and every obstacle to face a promising future.

Successfully killing the snake means you believe in a clear and positive transformation, and the path is ahead. You are grabbing it with both hands as you look for a new beginning free of emotional clutter. You may notice that the snake is green, symbolizing financial gain, good luck, and wisdom.

10. There May Be a Battle of Wills Within You

There May Be a Battle of Wills Within You

Image Credit: zengex_chase

For as long as we can remember, as a human race, the conscious mind battles the subconscious for superiority. While this battle can get frustrating, it may be healthy if you know how to channel it right.

However, you may find that one part always overshadows the other; your conscious mind usually wins because you are a creature of logic. But now, your subconscious fights for recognition and some control.

What it means is that you have suppressed feelings, emotions, and instincts. In other words, the snake is your conscious mind that your subconscious is trying to kill. And if you succeed, you may notice a significant change and satisfaction in managing the balance between both parts of you.

Bottom Line

There are numerous meanings and interpretations, and knowing what applies to you can be challenging. Also, snakes come in different colors, each with a different meaning, depending on what that particular snake does in the dream.

However, it can be positive or negative, some tending towards making a lot of money. Nevertheless, your mental and emotional states are vital to what the dream means to you.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Killing Snakes