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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Red And Black Snake

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Red And Black Snake

When it comes to dreams that tend to have a negative connotation, it’s hard to ignore snake dreams. Snakes tend to be an animal that is associated with lots of stigmas, especially when it comes to superstition.

Dreaming of a black and red snake can be pretty scary, but should you worry? Let’s take a look at what spiritual folks tend to say about the dream meanings associated with this oft-worrisome reptile.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Red And Black Snake


What Does Dreaming Of A Black And Red Snake Mean?

1. A common belief is that snake dreams tend to suggest hidden dangers

You know how people tend to call liars and cheats “snakes?’ It’s an allusion to their cold-blooded tendencies, and when you’re dreaming about a serpent of any type, it could be a sign that people aren’t quite honest with you.

Remember the Bible story of Adam and Eve? In that story, it was a serpent (or snake) that talked Eve into biting the fruit. That got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Since then, snakes have been a symbol of deception in society. It’s the same in dreams.

Many people also tend to find both black and red color meanings to be “warning colors.”  Keep an eye out for people who may wish to do you harm.

2. You may have strong emotions that err on the negative side of things

Both red and black colors tend to have gloomy associations linked to them, especially when it comes to emotions. Red is a color often associated with anger, hate, or hurt. Black tends to be more about guilt, fear, worry, or loss.

The two together? That’s a sign that your emotions may be getting the better of you.

People who dream of black and red snakes tend to feel trapped in a situation where they are resentful of what’s going on. This dream is often a warning sign that it may be time to center yourself. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself.

Even if it’s not easy, try to keep your cool until you have a way to get out of whatever scenario you’re in. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Someone is going to do you harm

Did the snake bite you? Dreaming of a snake attacking you suggests that the dreamer might end up with serious harm done to them in their waking life. This is doubly true if you’re dreaming of venomous snakes like cobras or rattlesnakes.

If the dream makes it clear that the snake is a poisonous snake (like a Copperhead, perhaps?), then the bad omen means that it will be a particularly painful betrayal. If the snake kills you, expect a major defeat.

4. You might also meet someone hot and sexy

Not all dreams about black and red snakes have to be bad ones. Sometimes, it can signify good luck, particularly when it comes to matters of love and sexuality. Snakes are a phallic symbol, and the color red is also associated with passion. Black is associated with sin.

Are you a fan of Sigmund Freud? He believed that red snakes were symbols of phalluses. A dream of a red snake with smaller black stripes might be more focused on sexual temptation, or even a new love interest that has a wildly attractive streak to him.

If you tend to try to keep things squeaky clean in your courtship, this snake dream could mean that you finally met someone who really makes you want to throw caution to the wind.

If you dream of an angry black snake in bed, it may mean that your intimate life has been suffering. Are you sure you’re with the right partner?

5. You may also undergo a time of renewal

You may also undergo a time of renewal


In certain cultures, snakes are symbolic of rebirth and renewal. This is also true for snakes that have red and black stripes or spots. Take a look at the current situations you’re facing in life. If you notice a lot of things coming to an end, this dream could signify new beginnings.

This is doubly true when you take a look at the meaning behind the colors black and red. When paired together, they often signify that something has ended and that it’s time to get ready for a transformation.

These types of opportunities often come when you need them the most. If you’re feeling unbalanced, expect a new twist to restore balance in your life.

6. You are struggling with suppressed emotions

Sometimes, people don’t even realize how upset or resentful they are until one little thing pushes them over the edge. Suppressed emotions may seem like a healthier way to deal with stress, but they’re really not.

Snakes often come into dreams when we feel high levels of anxiety, or when things are hidden. If you consider the bold, edgy colors of the snake, it’s easy to see where the symbolism of suppressed emotions comes into play.

Ask yourself if you’ve been honest with yourself about how you feel. Have you been in denial about the pain you feel? Have people mentioned that you seem to be suffering from unconscious anxieties?

Suppressing your emotions will eventually stop being possible. Take this dream as a clue that you need to let those emotions out before they eat you up.

7. The dream may also suggest that there is a lot of hatred around you

If the snake you dreamt of is mostly black, you may want to watch out. Black can also be a symbol of hatred. When paired with red, it often means there’s anger alongside that hatred, too. This is often what comes to mind when dreams of a black snake with red eyes occur.

The dream interpretation is not done yet! You need to start delving into the true meaning here. The question you should ask yourself is, “Is the snake representative of me, or the people around me?”

If you’ve been noticing an uptick in hateful messages in groups you belong to, hit the pause button. Hate is never a good sign, and this means you should be trying to change your circumstances. You don’t need that crowd around you!

On the other hand, if you are a hateful person, it’s time to shed that hatred like a snake sheds its skin. You will never be able to lead a happy, healthy life if you are consumed by the hate you have for other people.

8. Dreaming of catching a snake means that you’re finally confronting a problem

Dreaming of catching a snake means that you're finally confronting a problem


Most of us have at least one problem that we’ve ignored, only to have it grow larger and larger. If you dream of catching a red and black snake, then the dream can mean that you’re about to confront that problem.

Confrontations of this sort tend to be difficult to handle, especially if it’s a problem that conjures up a lot of emotions. However, having a hands-on approach to problem solving can be a life-saving situation.

Similarly, if you have a dream where you have caught and killed a snake, it could be a sign that you’re about to end a problem that most others didn’t want to touch.

9. You’re going to be able to overcome the adversity of your life

It’s commonly believed that dreaming of snakes means that you have adversaries and false friends around you. This is true regardless of the snake’s actual colors. Unsurprisingly, this means that killing a snake is often seen as a good omen.

Killing a snake in dreams tends to mean that you will be able to overcome rivals, enemies, or competition in your life. If people have been trying to hurt you in real life, don’t panic. This dream suggests you will be able to survive it…and thrive.

If you dream of another animal or person saving you from a snake that’s trying to hurt you, the dream’s meaning is similar. In this case, you should expect to get help from allies.

10. You’re afraid

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that snakes often are associated with fear. This can be fear of the unknown, personal insecurities that have to do with relationships, or even having a toxic partner who intimidates you.

If you regularly dream of snakes, this could be an indication that you are gripped by fear. It could even suggest that you’re so scared of upsetting people, you’re willing to sacrifice your well-being to avoid them.

Last Words

Dreaming of a red and black snake can be intimidating in and of itself. Did you have a dream involving snakes? Tell us your experiences and how you interpreted your dream below!

What Does Dreaming Of A Black And Red Snake Mean?



Saturday 11th of November 2023

I dream about a red and black snake. The red was on the top of the snake and the black were in blotches. It seemed agitated and I figured it was angry enough to kill something. Suddenly my son and a friend of his were there and the snake turned into a medium sized lizard. My son's friend was biting it and attempting to kill it by biting it and it was squealing and making horrible pain noises. I dreamt I started to climb some stairs and started screaming to knock it off! Any thoughts?

Liza Manato

Saturday 29th of July 2023

In my dream i was blind at first, a blurry black snake wanting me to be caught but I didnt. Then suddenly my eyes see a black and red snake in front of me, when I grab it I just throw it away from me. In my dreams I didnt feel any fear handling it, as if I was brave and lucky that it didnt fight and bite me. Then when I wakeup I was relieved that I be able to do it cause I was really afraid of snake in real life.


Friday 2nd of June 2023

So I had a dream that I was around family members at there house and somehow I had snakes on me under my clothes. Then when I went into the house a family member told me not to get too close to the medal part of it as they live there )something along those lines) and when I was just standing in the kitchen alone a red and black snake came out of my nose about 3 inches and I grabbed it by the neck and pulled it all the way out and it was really long. I wanna say I gave it to my family member to take care of idk Then I realized after that I had one crawl up my leg to the Tom of underwear lining and I grabbed that one too (not sure what happen with that one) and then I remember saying that my belly seemed a little heavy and my throat felt weird so I was dreaming that one was inside of me and going to come back up my throat when I woke up Someone please help me understand this


Friday 26th of May 2023

I dreamt of a huge red and black snake, someone visiting me bought it with them. It was hiding underneath a nightstand in my bedroom when the real stove removed it. It didn’t harm anyone


Saturday 15th of April 2023

I had a dream the last two nights involving a 12 inch black and red snake. In the first dream, the snake was used to kill a person. The second dream was in the same area but several minutes before the same scene happened. I was able to grip the snake by the head before someone would use it for the person who was about to die. I turned the snake to the handler and the handler stuck and chopped the head off the snake.