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13 Spiriual Meanings When You Dream About Ice Cream

13 Spiriual Meanings When You Dream About Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts on the planet, especially during the summer. People associate it with their favorite childhood memories, days on the beach, or just really fun times.

It wouldn’t be that far off to say that eating ice cream is a cultural cornerstone of sorts. We all have a memory of eating frozen desserts that makes us smile. So, it comes as no surprise that some people dream of ice cream.

We all know ice cream is a classic treat, but what does it mean when you dream of it?

13 Spiriual Meanings When You Dream About Ice Cream


What Does It Mean If You Dream About Ice Cream?

1. Ice cream dreams tend to be a sign that you should enjoy life

The symbolism of ice cream is pretty easy to see. Both ice cream and popsicles are signs of life’s little pleasures, especially when your think of the relief they offer on a warm day. Ice cream dreams are a great sign that you are looking at life the right way.

This is a good sign that you’re either the type of person who enjoys most areas of your life, or that you should stop and smell the flowers.

2. Most dreams featuring ice cream are omens of good luck

It’s hard to be upset when you see ice cream, and that tends to be true in a dream as well. Ice cream dreams, whether it’s an ice cream shop or just holding an ice cream cone, tend to suggest good times and new opportunities ahead.

3. Buying ice cream in a dream denotes new opportunities in love and friendship

Did you dream of buying chocolate ice cream, or vanilla ice cream? What about other flavors? That’s a great sign regardless of what you picked. When you dream about buying ice cream, it’s a sign that you’re going to have good luck in love.

If you’re looking for satisfaction in the bedroom or just want to see a revival of your love life, now is a good time to start looking. A love affair is in the cards for you, and it’s coming in the near future!

​4. Dreaming about eating ice cream or seeing kids enjoying a cone is assign of an upbeat family life

For many of us, ice cream has a certain family-friendly vibe to it. It’s a classic kid’s treat! Unsurprisingly, eating ice cream in a dream indicates that you feel safe and secure in the arms of your family.

If you dream of children eating ice cream, you may want to get a pregnancy test. This means that your happy family might get some exciting news. You might get a new addition to the family, or you might experience a major accomplishment as a family.

5. Sharing ice cream with someone in a dream is a sign of true love

When you’re sharing an ice cream cone with someone, that’s a metaphor for you sharing your unconditional love with them. It’s a reminder that you innocently want to see the best for them. With some hope, it’s also true regarding their feelings, too.

6. Ice cream can also be a sign that you need to chill out

Ice cream can also be a sign that you need to chill out

Credit: momolatosg

If you are a person who has a temper problem, you might want to take ice cream dreams as a sign you need to chill out. This is a dream that’s reminding you that things don’t always have to be a dramatic mess.

You can achieve your goals, but only if you are able to calm down. While you may soon be tempted to have the last word, don’t. Your wounded self-esteem can end up ruining things long-term.

7. Seeing someone’s ice cream fall in a dream is a good sign

For reasons beyond our understanding, falling ice cream seems to be an indicator that you will see good fortune when it comes to your family and your wallet. Prosperity is around the corner, and sadness is going to be a distant memory…at least for now.

8. Seeing your own ice cream fall out of the cone, however, can be a bad sign

The general consensus about ice cream is that it’s a sign of good things to come. That’s why seeing it fall out of your hands can be a warning sign that you might have lost opportunities or a bout of sadness in your future.

This dream often comes when you have a hard time with other people. You might be tempted to badmouth a boss, or you may be unable to put other people’s needs in front of your own. Try to mend things before it’s too late.

9. Dreaming of melted ice cream suggests losing out on opportunities and blessings

Melting ice cream is the reverse of making ice cream. Instead of growing joy and comfort, you are currently facing a situation where your happiness and romantic opportunities are starting to fade. This may not even be your fault. It could just be a turn of bad luck.

Ice cream melts all the time. We can’t always prevent it from happening, and it’s a symbol of life’s fleeting way. While this dream could be a sign that your tendency to be negative could end up accelerating things, most people would do fine to just brace themselves.

10. Making ice cream suggests that you are going to be lucky in love

Once again, the trope of ice cream is a dream metaphor for your love life coming into place. Making ice cream tends to be a sign that your relationship is going to improve. One could even say it’s a euphemism for “making love.”

If you taste the ice cream after you have made it, check to see your reaction to the flavor. If you’re smiling and love the way it tastes, then it’s going to be a good relationship. On the other hand, sour ice cream is a sign that the relationship will sour later on.

11. Believe it or not, dreaming of an ice cream shop can be a sign of a friend’s upcoming betrayal

Believe it or not, dreaming of an ice cream shop can be a sign of a friend's upcoming betrayal

Credit: fooddzoneee

Most people wouldn’t expect this, but ice cream shops can be a bad omen in a dream, despite the positive omens associated with ice cream. Dream interpreters say that dreaming of an ice cream store (but not buying ice cream) is a sign of a friend who may betray you.

This is a dream that suggests that your friend might bore you, or just say something a little bit cruel. In some cases, it could mean that negative words could end up causing a rift that wasn’t there before.

Now would be a good time to weigh your words carefully and watch the behavior of people around you. Not everyone might be as honest with you as they seem.

12. A dream where you’re eating ice cream alone shows your current frame of mind

You may already recall the trope of the newly-single person eating ice cream on a couch while wearing pajamas. It’s used in TV shows, movies, and even in songs. Unsurprisingly, your subconscious mind may have already taken that in as a “thing.”

A dream where you see yourself eating ice cream alone could be your mind playing off that trope. This is a sign that you may feel lonely. How you’re dealing with the ice cream eating is also telling.

If you dream of being alone and upset while you eat ice cream, it could be that your loneliness is a source of despair in your current waking life. Eating it while relaxed or happy, on the other hand, can be a sign that you’re ambivalent about your single life.

13. Dreaming of selling ice cream can be interpreted in two different ways

The most common interpretation of being an ice cream seller is that you are about to enter a transformational phase of your life. You’re going to start seeing a lot of growth. Where you used to take from others, you’ll become the giver. Moreover, you’ll love being a giver.

The other interpretation is a little bit different. In some cases, selling ice cream denotes that you may be losing your sense of self and haven’t been coping well with your emotional upheavals.

Last Words

Ask yourself if you’ve been compromising your needs for the sake of others. Are you okay with that, or are you getting to the point where you don’t see yourself in the mirror anymore?

Ice cream dreams are a little different from most others you’ll have. If you’ve had a dream with an ice cream theme, tell us about it in the comments below.

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Ice Cream