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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Vomiting Blood

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Vomiting Blood

Blood is a complex symbol in our lives. It can mean several positive and negative things, from life and health, love and passion, to injury, sickness, and death. It is as comforting and reassuring as it is scary and dangerous.

In the waking world, the sudden appearance of blood often means injury and sickness. We are alarmed and panicked into action. But in the spiritual world, blood can have several other interpretations, especially if it appears in the form of vomit.

Its appearance in your dreams is no mere coincidence and points to improving different areas of your life to achieve happiness, including passion, love, and recovery.

Today, we’ll explore the immense significance of dreaming about vomiting blood and what meaning you can apply to your everyday life.

8 meanings to dreaming about vomiting blood


8 Meanings to Dreaming about Vomiting Blood

1. You need to get rid of something in your life

When you dream of vomiting blood, you’re being sent a powerful message to eliminate and expel something troublesome from your life.

Vomiting blood, in particular, suggests that your problems in life are incredibly personal and close to home. Although the vomiting can often feel upsetting, it is a necessary reaction – our body cannot take this anymore and needs to exorcize the toxicity.

Think long and hard about the relationships in your life right now. A deep red color, in particular, indicates you have a rocky relationship with close relatives or your partner. A clear or translucence blood means someone outside your family, perhaps at work or a friend of a friend, is the source of the problem.

Only by reflecting on a toxic relationship, thinking of ways to remedy the situation, and cleaning yourself from this problem can you address the core meaning of this dream.

2. You will overcome illness

Our health and well-being are some of our main worries in life. We always want to be at the pinnacle of good health. The sight of blood, especially when vomited, can strike panic in anyone’s mind – are you sick? Dying?

In the dream world, vomiting blood is often a positive sign that your vitality is returning. Your body is getting rid of a pathogen, mucus, or malignancy causing you pain.

Sometimes, we feel good after throwing up. And if you get a sense of relief in your dream, this is a clear sign that your body is fighting off an illness – and succeeding. Of course, your body will need time to pull through after the blood loss. Take heed of this dream and learn to relax, look after yourself and allow enough time to recover from your loss.

You need to be more kind to yourself


3. You need to be more kind to yourself

Potentially, this dream means you’re wasting your potential. You are giving your gifts away and robbing yourself of your own resources. Perhaps you’re putting too much effort into a relationship that’s ultimately one-sided. Or, maybe you’re going unnoticed at work despite all the effort you put in.

It’s time for you to stop sharing yourself so selflessly. Instead, it would help if you channel your creativity and energy into your own life. Don’t give your gifts away so recklessly.

It’s important to remember that this dream is not asking you to be selfish – on the contrary. You’ve been neglecting yourself for so long that it took drastic action in your dream to make you realize you’re being too selfless – and it’s hurting you.

4. You need to become more passionate in life

Blood has been a potent symbol of passion, energy, love, richness, and prosperity throughout history. But losing this blood can symbolize you’re losing this zest for life or in danger of becoming complacent.

Losing blood by vomiting demands change in our lives. We’re slowly losing our vitality, our richness, the warm color in our skin. Are you feeling stuck and stale right now? Perhaps your work isn’t challenging or fulfilling anymore.

Pay close to the amount of blood you’ve lost, as this can point to the size of change needed. If the amount of blood in your dream is small, you only need to make simple changes to create a more harmonious life.

If you lose a sizeable amount of blood, you may need to take drastic action now. Like your dream, perhaps you need to shed your old ways, expel your “old ways,” to reignite the passion back into your life. Put yourself out there, take up a new hobby, change your work or friends, and inject some color and vigor into your waking life.

You’re longing for intimate relationships


5. You’re longing for intimate relationships

A dreamer can lose blood in many different ways, most commonly as nosebleeds and from a wound. A blood dream involving vomiting is unusual, alarming, and commands our attention.

If your dream has taken you entirely by surprise, and you are currently single, this indicates you have a longing for romance. There is something you are leaving unsaid to a significant other, afraid of the consequences.

But your dream is urging you to act on this love – now. The appearance of blood in your vomit shows that you are hurting yourself by remaining silent.

Blood has always represented romance, lust, passion, and our innermost desires. When it appears in dreams, no matter the context, you must apply it. Make the first move. Ask that all-important question. Put your heart on the line, and who knows, you may finally get that happy ending you’re longing for.

6. For women, it can mean anxiety over pregnancy

Blood is a potent symbol for women, often representing feminity, passion, pregnancy, and fertility.

Pregnant women often dream about vomiting blood instead of the typical morning sickness they experience. This can be pretty alarming to experience and points toward your worries and anxieties over your future role as a mother.

Will you be able to manage? Are you afraid of miscarriage? Complications? While these are genuine concerns to have, pregnancy is a journey. And we aren’t alone.

This dream is asking you to address your anxieties by asking for help. Draw on the strength of family and friends, and share your symptoms. People may think you’re handling yourself well, but you know better.

You need to de-stress from life - now!


7. You need to de-stress from life – now!

Blood can be a potent symbol that draws our immediate attention. At the very sight of it, we are called into action, checking ourselves for injury, a wound, or something wrong with our health.

Dreaming that you’re vomiting blood can be a critical sign of letting life’s everyday challenges get the better of you. You might not have an apparent physical wound bleeding, but you are suffering in your waking life.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you will continue to suffer. You may be going through a difficult time, but you haven’t realized the toll this is taking on your body. In this instance, the dream is a  warning sign to de-stress yourself, lest you continue to suffer.

8. Watching someone else vomit represents your relationships

If you dream of someone else vomiting blood, this can represent the condition of your relationship. If the person you know is a close family member or friend, your dream symbolizes your caring nature towards them. No doubt you’ll spring into action to care for them.

But sometimes, we dream of someone with whom we aren’t on the best of terms, getting sick and vomiting blood. This can be a direct symbol of your deteriorating relationship, and you’ll feel conflicted about how to act. Do you help them or not?

Ultimately, your actions dictate the future of your relationship. If you stand there and watch, you are not ready for them to re-enter your life. You might fear their sickness is contagious and keep your distance. Your dream warns you they are still a negative influence in your life.

But if your dream sees you stepping in, helping, and cleaning vomit off them, it may signify you are ready to reconnect and remedy your relationship. They have changed their ways. They have expelled their negativity. You are both on an equal footing now.


Blood has always been a profoundly symbolic thing in life, representing love, passion, and life itself.

And although vomiting blood is often met with massive concern in the waking world, in our dreams, it signifies something completely different in the spiritual world.

It is a sign your body (and spirit) is actively fighting against hidden obstacles in life. By throwing up blood, your dreams reject certain negativity in your life, bring their existence to your attention, and ask you to take decisive action.

But if you are utterly repulsed and worried by this dream, this can also signify you’re at risk of losing your flare and passion in life. Your loss of blood is draining you of your life essence.

Only by changing your ways, prioritizing your needs, and putting yourself out there can your zest for life return. The blood in your vomit is coming from some wounded source in your body – it’s time to mend the wound and start the path of recovery.

8 meanings to dreaming about vomiting blood