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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Scorpion

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Scorpion

Scorpions have long been roaming the Earth, which is why they are present in mythologies such as Hindu, Greek, Egyptian or Celtic mythology or religious scriptures such as the Bible.

Their importance, or perhaps better said, the fascinating effect they have on humans, is noted by the fact that Scorpio is one of the zodiac signs.

But in today’s times, people are not so informed on the subject of scorpion symbolism because we do not often have the opportunity to see them in person.

This lack of encounters is also the reason why many people are surprised when they see them in their dreams, and the surprise becomes even greater due to the aforementioned lack of knowledge on the topic of scorpion symbolism.

But do not worry! We are here to tell you what it means to dream about a scorpion. We promise it will not sting (for the most part)!

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Scorpion


Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Scorpion

1. Someone Is Going To Try To Hurt You

Although scorpions are small, they are dangerous creatures that can defeat much larger opponents thanks to their sting.

But many animals do not know about this quality of theirs, so they attack them thinking that they are easy prey, only to be seriously injured or even killed.

A dream in which you, as a dreamer, experience being stung by a scorpion can mean that some harm will be inflicted on by a person from whom you least expect it, just as the scorpion’s attackers do not expect that the scorpion will prick them with its sting.

That person may be your friend, family member, or colleague you deeply trust. Although we think we know them, we rarely spend 24 hours a day with them, and even if that is the case, what is happening in their brains remains unknown to us.

That is why even our closest can surprise us. But, unfortunately, the surprise is not always a pleasant one.

2. Seize The Opportunity

Although scorpions are known for their stinger, which can even be deadly, when it comes to catching and killing food, most of the work is actually done by the pincers that crush it. Once a scorpion catches its prey, it does not let it go, which is why they symbolize persistence.

So, one of the scorpion dream interpretations is that you, the person who dreams of a scorpion, should do everything in your power to make use of a presented opportunity, i.e., do not miss it because you never know if another one will come your way.

We are all given opportunities that could lead our lives in a better direction if taken advantage of, be it on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. But most of them remain unused. This dream is just about that. Grab that opportunity just like a scorpion would its prey, and do not let it get away.

3. Become Interesting

Become Interesting

Image Credit: piergiorgio_dipompeo

Scorpions are one of the most interestingly looking animals on the planet. Maybe we’re fascinated by them because we don’t see them that often, but you have to admit that they have a lot of intriguing “accessories” – eight legs, a stinger, two pincers, a forward curving segmented tail, etc.

So, why would you dream of this animal out of millions of other animal species in the world? Well, a possible reason is that your mind is trying to remind you that life can be exciting and interesting.

If you have fallen into a rut where all days are the same, you are probably longing for some change and transformation.

The message of this dream is to acquire a new skill or talent or bring back to life your old passion or some habit that made your life enjoyable, and you will see there is a way out of the boredom that has overtaken your current lifestyle.

4. A Nasty Secret Will See The Day Of Light

Dreaming of a scorpion pricking you can mean that you will come to the revelation of some secret that will deeply shake you, just as the sting would be an unpleasant and painful surprise if it were to happen in your waking life.

Everyone is in shock for a while when any secret is revealed, especially if it’s a big secret. However, when it comes to nasty ones, it takes a long time for people to come to terms with what they have learned and to reach the step of acceptance.

The same thing will happen to you, which is why we can only wish you to get over this period as soon as possible.

5. Bad Luck Will Befall You

Bad Luck Will Befall You

Image Credit: scorpions_ms

Throughout the history of humankind, scorpion symbolism has always been more associated with negative stuff since these small animals looked strange and different from the animals that surrounded our ancestors.

And what is strange and different often gets marked and branded as wrong, bad, and evil.

It especially applies to black scorpions, which are not only scorpions but also black – a color that is almost always associated with bad fortune, darkness, and sin.

Combine these two symbolisms, and it is easy to see why getting visited by a black scorpion in your dream is considered a warning that bad luck will befall you in the period ahead.

Bad luck is part of our lives just as much as good luck is, and you know how it goes: You have to take the good with the bad.

6. Scorpion Is Your Spirit Animal

We all have our spirit animal, but some of us are not lucky enough to discover or somehow find out which one is theirs.

However, this is not the case with you since you dreamed of a scorpion, and one of the possible meanings of this dream is that the scorpion is your spirit animal.

People with scorpion spirit animals are rarely at the center of events, but when they find themselves in one, they know how to behave. Even in the most dangerous situations, they will not show distress or anxiety with facial expressions or body movements.

They have a passionate character and a deep sensibility that makes them one of the best and most loyal friends.

However, they can also be a very insidious enemy whose malice will hurt like a scorpion’s sting. Due to excessive sensitivity and pride, they are easily offended and show negative emotions such as resentment, anger, or rage.

7. You Need To Think Higher Of Yourself

You Need To Think Higher Of Yourself

Image Credit: scorpion_m789

Scorpions are not apex predators, but not many animals want to deal with them because, on many occasions, they have seen that scorpions are larger and tougher than they appear.

If you are a person who sees a scorpion in your dreams, you probably have low self-esteem in your real life. You think you are weak, incapable, or uninteresting, but this is not the case.

Unfortunately, your environment has convinced you that you are like this with frequent negative comments about you since you are not a person who likes to stand out or has some impressive physical attributes that others might notice. Now you have started to believe this and are in denial of your capabilities.

But your subconscious mind doesn’t surrender so easily, which is why it sends a scorpion into your dreams. It wants to let you know that you are much more than what you might look like on the outside.

8. Karma Is A Thing

Seeing a scorpion in your dreams can be a sign that your karma will get you; it is just a matter of when and where.

You must have experienced something terrible happen to you without knowing why. You did nothing inappropriate to anyone or anything, and yet you have become a victim of some misfortune or accident. You wonder if you might have been wronged.

In situations like this, we often forget to remember some of our past behavior when we committed something dreadful, such as betrayal, fraud, lying, etc.

Since a lot of time has passed, we have forgotten about these deeds, but our karma catches up with us sooner or later. The scorpion represents exactly this, so do not be surprised and think that you are not guilty of anything.


Although a scorpion is not an animal many people will get excited about, dreams about it are. They, for example, can mean that you need to take advantage of an opportunity in front of you, start thinking higher of yourself, take an interest in an exciting hobby or skill, or that scorpion is your spirit animal.

Alternatively, these dreams can sometimes be a sign that someone wants to hurt you or bad luck is coming your way.

Lastly, scorpion dreams can mean that karma will catch up to us or that we will find out a nasty secret.

If you want to share your scorpion dream experience with us or ask about anything else regarding this topic, know that we are waiting in the comment section!



Jimmy Jones

Tuesday 9th of May 2023

In my dream I was chasing a black scorpion and there was no fear at all it was more like a sense of adventure or just the thrill of the chase and my intentions were not to try and kill the scorpion but just to understand the scorpion more.

So what would be the meaning of this dream?


Thursday 4th of May 2023

I dreamed I found a bright red scorpion with an unrealistically soft, almost gummy like body in a sandbox in my parents’ side yard. Without touching it directly, my mom and I picked it up and transferred it from one vessel to another trying to find one big enough and with a lid that could be punctured to serve as an enclosure so we could study it for a while and then release it again. We weren’t able to find a suitable temporary home for the scorpion and I was worried it would escape but it remained very still throughout the dream, never moving farther than the rim of a cup in which we’d placed it. Because it was so still and almost resembled gummy candy, I even wondered whether it was a) a real scorpion or b) alive. Before we brought it in, I did its legs move briefly, however.


Monday 27th of March 2023

I had a dream that I walked into a room and saw a black scorpion in a tank looking at me. When I got closer it hissed at me with it tail up like he wanted to attack me


Friday 17th of February 2023

I dreamt that i wore a golden like mask and felt very strange. Removed it and i saw a scorpion inside so i poured water inside the mask and the scorpion flew out and started following me. What could it be?