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16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pregnancy Test

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests in dreams are more common than you imagine, especially for people tuned in spiritually. It’s a privilege to remember your dreams as they mirror your current reality, so, in a way, it’s a pregnancy test.

The real test, however, is deciphering the meaning behind the dreams, as they’re only sometimes what they seem. What does a negative or positive pregnancy test dream mean for your waking life?

Sometimes the pregnancy test results in the dream are vague, and you can’t tell if it’s positive or negative. Should you worry? How best should you handle that information?

Answers to those questions and more lie within this page. After reading this, you’ll no longer be confused, so let’s dig in.

3 Meanings of a Positive Pregnancy Test in the Dream


3 Meanings of a Positive Pregnancy Test in the Dream

Over a dozen interpretations for seeing a positive pregnancy test result in the dream range from plain – “You’re Pregnant” to in-depth symbolisms. Check out some of the most popular meanings below.

1. You’re Pregnant in Real Life

On the surface, a positive pregnancy test in the dream means you’re indeed pregnant, but there’s more. Firstly, do a test immediately after you wake up to confirm that your guardian angel sent you an early message.

Most times, the body is slow to catch up when women get pregnant hence the numerous news of surprise pregnancies and births. However, if you’re a spiritual person, the universe slips a secret message through your subconscious mind, so you’re not caught unawares.

2. You’re about to Start a New Life Journey

Pregnancy is a sign of new life and pertains to its symbolic meaning. Suppose you’re not eager to have a real-life baby and have no circumstances encouraging the possibility – If you’re a virgin, celibate, or used protection during your last intercourse, read this.

It means you’re overthinking a major decision in your life, and it’s warped your dreamscape. It could also mean that you’re a people pleaser who’s eager to curry favor from others hence “overthinking.”

This journey isn’t necessarily a travel plan but a new beginning in parts of your life – career, friendship, health, or romance. Get ready for change and look for other signs in the waking world, such as an opportunity for promotion or a new neighbor moving in.

3. You’re Entering Into A New Relationship

Dreaming of a pregnancy test kit as a single person means you’re about to enter a new relationship. It could also mean you’re about to evolve in your interpersonal relationship with the people already in your life.

Pay attention to anyone trying to foster your connections in the waking world, from relatives to non-related companions.

5 Interpretations of a Negative Pregnancy Test Result In The Dream

5 Interpretations of a Negative Pregnancy Test Result In The Dream


What if the test is negative? A negative pregnancy test also has multiple meanings, like its counterpart. On the surface, it means you’re not expecting a baby, but when you look in-depth, you’ll realize it’s a weighty message.

1. You Want A Baby In Real Life

Seeing a negative pregnancy test result in the dream can lead to disappointment, especially when you’re trying for a baby in the waking world. It could also be a wake-up call that you’ve focused your energy on the wrong things, and it’s time to have a baby.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and people get sidetracked by other priorities like career, business, and studies. Dreaming about a negative pregnancy result tells you it’s time to rearrange those priorities and consider having a child.

2. You’re Independent And Confident

Pregnant women often have a tribe of family and friends to see them through their new journey, so a negative test in the dream could highlight your independence. This interpretation applies to you if you’re newly single, starting a new journey, or a new job.

It could also be good news, saying you’ve avoided a bad situation or person. So don’t think too hard about it. Embrace your new chapter, and never be afraid to go in a different direction.

3. You’ll find a Solution to Your Problems

Negative test results in the dream could mean you’ll find the solution to a frustrating problem. When you wake up, assess your choices and retrace your steps, you may find something new and unexpected that’ll help you.

4. You’re Scared and Anxious

A negative pregnancy test tells you your fears. It highlights a fear of loss, self-doubt, latent unhappiness, and disappointments. When you’re anticipating a baby in real life, a negative result in your dream crushes your hopes.

As a student anticipating a big test, this dream opens you up to your fear of failure.

5. Negative Test Results Mean Negativity And Bad Luck

The worst interpretation of a negative pregnancy test in the dream is impending bad luck. It could come in any form, like adversity in your professional life. Don’t let career obstacles, rumors, and backbiting about yourself from friends phase you.

Once you have this dream and confirm this interpretation applies to you, reevaluate your friendships and weed out deceptive people from your circle.

This dream interpretation is often peculiar to Muslims who believe pregnancy dreams are a bad omen. Read more about it below.

Religious Meanings of Being Pregnant in the Dream

Religious Meaning of Being Pregnant in the dream?


Different religions have peculiar rules and tenets that guide their devotees, so you must consider them.

1. Pregnancy in the Dream for Christians

Seeing a positive pregnancy in the dream is good news for a Christian because children are a gift from God. The Bible, the Holy Book of the Christians, tells you that Pregnancy is a blessing.

It often means a positive change is coming into your life and an evolution of sorts. It could also be a sign of past unfulfilled desires. It’s also a sign of new healing and a connection to the most-high God.

Pregnancy tests in the dream, especially when positive, also signify abundance in all aspects of your life.

2. Pregnancy in the Dream for Muslims

As a Muslim, Pregnancy in the dream is a bad omen, especially for an unmarried girl. It means she’ll lose her virginity outside wedlock or marry the wrong person. For married women hoping for children, it’s a sign of bad harvest years.

My Islamic Dream says that seeing a pregnant woman in the dream could also be a good sign and indicate wealth, prosperity, and good fortune, but if it’s a man, it means days of negativity are ahead.

Specific Interpretations Of Pregnancy Test Dreams

Are you still confused about the meaning of your pregnancy dream because of its unique details? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered and hope this next bit answers all your questions.

“Who bought the test?” “Who took the test?” “Did you see the results clearly?” and more.

Dreams about pregnancy tests come with unique symbolism, and it’s important to decipher them right to avoid missing the message. Here are some common recurrent dreams and their meaning to the waking world.

1. Pregnancy Dreams For Men

Pregnancy test dreams aren’t gender-specific, and anyone can have them.

Firstly, such dreams are normal, so you can stop freaking out. Yes, men also have pregnancy dreams about women in their personal lives. If you dream of your wife or romantic partner’s pregnancy test, it indicates a desire to have children as a couple.

However, if you’ve ruled that out as a couple (there’s nothing wrong with that), it could be a precursor for new beginnings. Pregnancy signifies new life, creation, growth, optimism, and drastic change, so the dream could be a symptom of similar things.

The pregnancy test in the dream for men signifies that you have high hopes and expectations of your life and surroundings.

2. Pregnancy Test In Dream Without A Clear Result

Pregnancy Test In Dream Without A Clear Result


Uncertainty. When you dream about a pregnancy test but can’t see its result, you’re unsure about many things in your life. It could relate to wanting a child in real-life or opening you up to your mixed feelings about someone or something in your life.

Blurry pregnancy test results in the dream often mean you’re in denial about a major change in your life, like a breakup, career promotion/demotion, or health result. Once you wake up, it’s best to face the truth and hone your emotions instead of avoiding them.

3. When your Husband Buys the Pregnancy Test Strip

Seeing your husband buying the pregnancy test could mean you’re suspicious of him. An open, honest dialog would solve this problem, but if it doesn’t, you need to reevaluate your life choices.

4. Getting Multiple Pregnancy Tests In The Dream

Multiple pregnancy tests in the dream are worse than not seeing a result, as it spells out uncertainty and fears and warns you that you’re not ready for change. There are two ways to deal with this – stay in your comfort zone until you’re ready or prepare yourself.

5. Hiding A Pregnancy Test In The Dream

You’re the suspicious one hiding something from an important person in your life. It could also mean your relationship with the said person is on a shaky foundation, and you need to repair it immediately.

6. Crying Over A Pregnancy Test Result In The Dream

Tears could mean joy or sadness, but often in the dream, it’s a sign of confusion, despair, and frustration in your waking reality. Dig deep into your life and assess the situations that make you anxious, especially major life changes.

In your career, is your business experiencing downsizing? Are you expecting a new boss, a promotion, or a demotion? Then that’s what your dream is telling you about.

Did you take a health test whose result would change your life? There’s another source of fear. Ultimately, sadness in the dream over a pregnancy test exposes your latent anxiety and also tells you you’re on the wrong part with the new decision you’re about to make.

Pause. Restructure your plans and start over.


The life of the dreamer is a cheat code to surviving this dynamic world. However, unique situations require unique interpretations. If you remember your dreams, count yourself lucky as the universe guides you through life, unlike many people with no spirituality.

Once you’ve interpreted your dream and deciphered all the symbolisms, it’s best to act in the waking world to save the opportunity given to you by your subconscious. Take good care of your waking life, and you’ll see the effects in the dream.