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22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Black Horse

22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Black Horse

The black horse represents courage, confidence, and desire, among many other different things.

Although your dream may allude to this black horse symbolism, it could also mean something else. It could reveal something more profound, the likes of which you’ll find out below.

What does it mean when you dream about a black horse?


What does it mean when you dream about a black horse?

1. Seeing a Black Horse

According to Dream Dictionaries, this scenario means you’re feeling dubious about the flow of life. You are second-guessing your choices, and you’re unsure if you’re making the right ones.

What’s important here is you listen to your inner self. What do your heart and mind tell you? If you feel at peacemaking decision A rather than decision B, then it means that you’re on the right path.

2. Black Race Horse

According to this black horse meaning, you’re in so much hurry. And while you’re going through things fast, the outcome is often subpar.

More often than not, quality is still preferred over quantity.

Apart from drawing disapproval from your peers, this tendency to rush things can also lead to a feeling of burnout. If you don’t want this to happen, then take some time to stop and smell the roses!

3. Untamed Black Horse

Dreaming of wild horses means you desire to be independent. Someone has always offered you guidance, and you’re hoping to escape their clutches finally. You want to forge your own adventure, after all!

Perhaps your parent or guardian thinks that you, the dreamer, are not mature enough to make your own decisions. As such, you must prove to them that you’re capable and responsible.

3. Out-of-Control Black Horse

Like the uncontrollable black horse, you’re dealing with a stubborn loved one. They refuse to change their mind, no matter how hard you try to persuade them.

In the meantime, try to accept their decision. If they’re wrong, they’ll realize their fault eventually.

4. Raging Black Horse

While a fuming horse is scary, dreaming about one is a good sign.

You have great faith in your characteristics and skills. You’re a hardy person, and your toughness has helped you get through every problematic aspect of your life. Sooner or later, your hurdles will come to an end. Just have faith!

5. Meek Black Horse

Dreaming of an obedient black horse means you’ll achieve the peace you’ve always wanted.

But, to attain this, you need to focus on your spirituality. You may find yourself astray from time to time. However, what’s important is that you redirect yourself back to the right path.

6. Neighing Black Horse

This dream brings good luck in your professional life. In fact, it’s a sign that you’ll receive great news soon.

They’re impressed with your performance and instincts and are determined to promote you to a higher position. Although this will entail additional responsibilities, you have what it takes to accomplish them.

7. Galloping Black Horse

You’re carrying a lot of burdens, and you’re feeling very stressed. Sadly, this is happening because you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

While it’s good to be zealous with everything you do, you need some R&R too. You deserve to slow down and take some time off from your tasks.

And, the next time you get back to this project, make sure to plan your activities better. That way, you don’t end up overwhelming yourself with work.

8. Talking Black Horse

If a stallion is talking to you in your dream, then it’s time for you to improve your real-life communication skills. You often speak tactlessly, which means you end up hurting some people around you.

As such, you need to think before you speak, for words can hurt (a lot.)

9. Flying Black Horse

Simply put, this dream means you have a wild imagination. In fact, this creativity has helped you solve a lot of problems.

So whenever you’re met with obstacles, just remember to tap into your imaginative mind. It’ll help you get through these hurdles – and then some.

10. Wounded Black Horse

Your subconscious mind is telling you that you’re the horse with a crippling illness. You’re bone-tired and weary. You no longer have the stamina to push forth with your tasks.

Ultimately, the meaning of a horse dream is that you’re close to burnout. Unless you take a breather, your physical and mental health will suffer in the long run.

11. Dying Black Horse

Unfortunately, this dream brings bad luck. It means that someone important to you will walk out of your life. Perhaps you took them for granted, or maybe you were just too busy that you forgot all about them.

You can try to win them back, but if they don’t budge, then take this as a lesson learned. You need to pay attention to your loved ones if you don’t want them to leave you high and dry.

12. Dead Black Horse

A dead black horse means that you’re in bad shape.

Although your health is taking a turn for the worse, there’s something you can do about it. Get diagnosed and treated by a health professional right away.

13. Riding a Black Horse

Unfortunately, this signifies that your ego has grown to massive proportions. You only think about yourself, and you barely care about the people around you.

This dream of horses is a reminder for you to pay attention to your loved ones. Remember: no man is an island!

14. Somebody Riding a Black Horse

This dream is a warning sign. It’s telling you to be more careful when dealing with the people around you.

They may seem friendly, but they’re really filled with dark intentions. They wish to manipulate and control you, so your successes eventually become theirs.

And while they may prevail if you’re not careful, they can never steal your individuality away from you.

15. Petting a Black Horse

Petting a black horse means that things will go smoothly from here.

You used to be disheartened by the hurdles of your waking life. But now, you’ve learned new things that allow you to look at things in a different light. This renewed perspective will eventually make everything else seem more effortless.

16. Pacifying a Black Horse

Like taming a horse, you’ll soon be able to subdue your raging emotions. You’ve always had difficulty managing them, but now, you’ve managed to become calm and stable.

This dream also means that you’re a very perseverant person. Although there are a lot of obstacles along the way, you’re determined to overcome them.

17. Releasing a Black Horse

If the black horse escapes after you release it to the wild, then it means you need to free yourself as well. You’ve imposed a lot of limitations on yourself, and they’re taking a toll on your well-being.

The black horse, being a spirit animal, can symbolize your spirituality as well. In this case, it’s telling you to work on your beliefs, for they will significantly affect your daily life.

18. Escaping a Black Horse

If a black horse is pursuing you in your dream, it means you’re pining to be free. Perhaps you’re trapped by secrets and past experiences that stop you from making life-changing decisions.

Even though this negativity is weighing you down, you can still break from its shackles once and for all. It’s a matter of releasing yourself from the pain you feel.

Killing a Black Horse

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19. Killing a Black Horse

It’s time for you to act more responsibly. Don’t let your objectives blind you or stop you from doing what’s right. Remember: these careless acts can significantly hurt your image.

20. Being a Black Horse

This dream is a good omen, for it means you understand what’s happening around you. You are actively searching for your purpose in this world, and you’re slowly unfolding the mysteries in your life.

Although there will be a barrier or two along the way, what’s essential is you face them head-on.

21. Black Horse With a Wagon

Horses are positive symbols. So if you dream of one tugging a carriage, this means that you’re a very responsible person.

You take your work and duties seriously. And, as expected, this passion has led you to achieve many things.

If any, this dream is a reminder for you to keep doing what you’re doing. Sooner or later, you’re going to be rewarded.

22. Black Horse Inside Your House

This black horse dream meaning is primarily related to your family. Your household is in disarray, so you must take the lead if you want to fix things.

Just keep in mind the horse’s symbolic traits, which are inner strength, power, and endurance. You will need to channel this – together with the resources you have – to enact a cycle of change.


A black horse can appear differently in your dream. It may be tame or wild – or even talking to you. So to correctly interpret your dream, you need to take note of these circumstances immediately.

And, with the help of the above interpretations, your recurring black horse dream will no longer be a great mystery.

Do you often dream about black horses as well? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

22 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Black Horse