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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Drowning 

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Drowning 

Struggling and gasping for air in a dream while you drown is nobody’s favorite experience. However, dreams like this are quite common and when you do have one of these kinds of dreams getting the meaning of the dream is necessary.

Dreams about drowning suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed, experiencing a rebirth, going through struggles, feeling hopeless, battling negative emotions, and losing yourself。

It helps when you are able to interpret a dream, especially one as gory as drowning, so you can know what you are up against. Read on to discover these hidden meanings behind your drowning dream.

7 General Interpretations About Drowning Dream


7 General Interpretations About Drowning Dream

The idea of a drowning dream revolves around the struggle and the need for rescue. These dreams can have positive or negative meanings and sometimes are a warning for your waking life. Here are some dream interpretations to consider.

1. Feeling Overwhelmed

Dreams about drowning can signify the responsibilities you cannot abandon in your waking life. Unfortunately, the tendency for these responsibilities to lead to stress is quite high, and eventually, you get overwhelmed and your duties can become a burden.

These responsibilities can be from your job, family, and even friendships. Should you feel overwhelmed, you dream about drowning because you feel a lot of pressure in your real life to live up to these expectations.

Thankfully, this dream through your subconscious mind reminds you to take a step backward, relax and make sure you do not lose yourself in the wave of responsibility you are facing.

2. Rebirth

Water is a common representation of rebirth. While you were in your mother’s womb, you floated in the water, waiting to be born and now, water remains a significant part of your existence. Hence, it is only natural that water symbolizes rebirth.

The rebirth dream symbol is a positive interpretation of a drowning dream. This is because it implies transformation, which is usually a step towards a greater life path in your waking life. Therefore, this dream symbol is one of the positives in a drowning dream interpretation.

3. Struggles



During a dream about drowning, the first thing to observe is that it always follows a series of struggles as you try to survive, and this struggle can also relate to your real life. It is almost impossible not to encounter hardship and obstacles in your waking life.

You may struggle with your goals, your financial capability and even accepting yourself for who you are. However, if you panic and let these struggles weigh you down, you will drown in these problems.

This dream represents the burden you feel from these struggles and tries to help you work through them. In addition, you can consider meditation and proper life guidance to help you relax and navigate a clearer life path in the waking world.

4. Hopelessness

The situation you are in your waking life reflects in your dreams. For example, are you experiencing sadness and despair in real life? If this is the case, the best way for your subconscious mind to process is through a symbolic interpretation like a drowning dream.

Hopelessness has a direct relationship with drowning because no matter how hard you struggle and kick to avoid drowning, without any rescue coming your way, you get tired and drown because this situation is out of your control.

This dream tries to help you avoid falling into depression.  Sadly, you may think of causing harm to yourself, which is why you dream about drowning. Consider talking to a psychologist so they can help you through this dark phase in your waking life.

5. Negative Emotions

There is a relationship between dreams about water and your emotional state. A dreamer with negative emotions is bound to have a dream as scary as drowning. This will hit you with waves of anxiety you never thought possible.

Negative emotions can be a burden, especially when it is all you can think about. Pain, struggles, anxiety, sadness, and other negative feelings are a lot for anyone to handle in waking life, which is why a drowning dream serves to reflect these feelings.

If you fail to handle these emotions, they will eventually find a way to your subconscious mind, meaning both your waking life and your dreams will be filled with misery you can’t control.

The best way to handle these negative feelings is to face them head-on while you change your mindset. If you must, consult a psychologist to discuss how you can handle these feelings. You can also consider meditation and hypnotherapy in extreme cases.

6. Losing Yourself

Losing Yourself


You may have changed so much that who you are now is only a reflection of your former self. This occurs due to recent changes in your life, like a new work environment or friend.

These factors can influence who you are so much that you no longer recognize who you are, and it becomes a struggle to balance who you are now with who you used to be. Failure to handle this leads to identity struggles making it feel like you are drowning.

Normally, this feeling seeps into your dream, and you see yourself drowning which is losing yourself in real life. This dream reminds you to be yourself and not allow the new life changes to alter your life path.

7. Emotional Test

This dream is more of a warning to the dreamer. A drowning dream can signal the possibility of an emotional test, which means you are about to face some challenges that will test who you are. Your response to this test determines your emotional state.

Changes in your waking life will test your patience and sanity and it will help a lot if you are mentally prepared to take on these changes. On the other hand, if you are not prepared enough, you can drown due to the pressure involved.

5 Drowning Dream Scenarios and their Interpretations

Specific details in a dream about drowning are a clue to a more specific interpretation of your dream. The body of water where you drown is a major determinant of the interpretation you will get. Here are some of these details below.

1. Drowning in the Ocean

The ocean represents your emotions, and a dream about drowning in a vast ocean can imply loneliness. It means the people around you that you would normally rely on are no longer in your life.

It becomes harder for you to fit in anywhere since the person you would be with normally is no longer around you and because of their absence, you feel like you are drowning because you are all alone.

This often leads to the fear of abandonment and you will find yourself dreaming about drowning in the ocean much more. It would be best to learn to survive without people around you, especially when toxic people surround you.

2. Drowning On a Sinking Boat

A boat in your dreams represents the trajectory of your life and if you dream about this boat sinking, this is not a good sign. On the other hand, you may have made certain risky decisions lately, and this dream helps bring your attention to it so you can take action.

More often, these decisions are regarding your job and your relationship. It would be best if you reconsider these decisions to avoid regrets.

3. Drowning From Natural Disasters

Drowning From Natural Disasters


Dreams about natural disasters can also be specific to the type of natural disaster you experienced in your dream.

The more common natural disaster to dream about drowning in is the tsunami. The tsunami represents hidden emotions trying to force their way out of you in your waking life. If you experience a flood instead, it means your emotions are harder to process.

You need to note that it has to deal with your negative feelings in real life if it is regarding a natural disaster. Therefore, it would be best to learn to keep your emotions in check so they do not drown you.

4. Drowning In a Swimming Pool

It would help if you remembered that, unlike the ocean, a pool is a man-made body of water and this means whatever struggles you may be facing is because of somebody close to you or even yourself.

You may have set very high standards for yourself, and it becomes harder to achieve this goal than you would have hoped. This feeling causes you to dream about struggling and drowning in a pool.

Friends that you would expect complete loyalty from can also be the cause of your struggles. Due to envy and spite, even the closest person to you will betray you and be the source of struggles in your waking life.

5. Drowning in Mud

Mud is a more solid form of water; drowning in one is much harder and requires more struggle than only water. This dream means that you are stuck in your waking life and will require extra effort to avoid drowning.

It also means that your mind is full of darkness. This is a wake-up call to fix your behavior so your negative actions do not catch up with you and as long as you find the root cause of this issue, you can be free.

Final Thoughts

A dream about drowning is a common dream type, and like many other types, you must pay attention to the details in your dream to help you find the right interpretation as it applies to your waking life.

Remember that when you dream about drowning, it shows struggles and the will to survive, classifying it as a nightmare, but this does not mean all dreams about drowning have negative meanings. They can be:

  • A positive meaning
  • A negative meaning
  • A warning
Final Thoughts