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6 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Animals

6 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Animals

Do you see animals in your dreams? Sometimes, it can be scary, especially if you see a ferocious beast chasing or trying to devour you. However, it is not all bad news because some animals represent good signs.

The type and size of the animal in your dream are vital to getting the correct interpretation. And what you do in the dream determines what happens in your waking life. You may feel alone or desire to connect to nature. There are many meanings to your specific animal dream.

It is crucial that you remember every detail of your dream of animals to make sense of it. If you have never dreamt of an animal, it can be overwhelming. But this article will help you learn some qualities of particular animal dreams and correctly interpret them.

Animal Dreams and Spiritual Meanings


Animal Dreams and Spiritual Meanings

The following are different animals you can see in your dreams and the interpretations of seeing them in various scenarios:

1. Seeing an Elephant in a Dream

Elephants are kind and friendly. So, seeing them in your animal dreams may represent your friendly nature. It may also mean you must discover your friendly and kind side because of your usual penchant for keeping people out of your space.

These animals are patient, stable, and wise. Your dream about elephants may indicate you have a patient and wise side you are unaware of but need to nurture. You provide stability for people around you, which does not necessarily have to do with size. You just know what people need.

On the other hand, seeing an elephant in your dream may mean you feel overwhelmed with what you are currently facing. The animal’s size is usually intimidating, and if you are afraid of it in the dream, it means you have an issue you are unwilling to confront.

If the dream shows you as an elephant, check how vocal you are about your feelings and opinions. You may need to voice them more instead of bottling things up. But it may also mean you have conservative views representing your affiliation, especially to a political party.

2. Seeing a Cat in a Dream

Seeing a Cat in a Dream

Image Credit: meow_al519

A lot is attached to dreaming about a cat, and it all depends on what you or the cat are doing. And because of the intriguing nature of cats, it may take a lot to interpret a dream about a cat correctly. The most obvious symbolism of a cat is femininity, power, creativity, independent spirit, or feminine sexuality.

So, a dream about a cat may indicate a need to discover your feminine side and take charge of it. Realize your power as an individual or a creative and tap into it. Do not sell yourself short because you are unsure of your power or what other people will say.

The dream may also show that you have an independent and fearless spirit. That means you are not afraid to tackle anything, making you a force of nature. You may be unaware of this side of you, but the universe may tell you to release it and make the most of it.

Other Interpretations

  • Dreaming of a cat may portray deceit and treachery. Check the people around you, even your family and friends, and be careful of new people you let into your life or circle because someone means you harm.
  • If you see a cat in your dream, you may be on the path to bad luck and misfortune. You may be on a new project, career path, or relationship, and it is the universe’s way of telling you it does not bode well for you. It pays to heed this warning and try other things.
  • Seeing a black cat in your dream represents your unwillingness to use your intuition and psychic abilities. And if the black cat bites or scratches you, it means you must let loose your psychic abilities and intuition and stop denying it. Seeing a white cat means you are heading toward difficult times.
  • Hearing or seeing a cat being killed means you do not have any control over specific areas of your life. You need autonomy or independence, and you are desperate to take it. On the flip side, the dream may be about your unwillingness to recognize and use your feminine power.

3. Seeing a Bear in a Dream

Most people do not know that bears are awkward creatures. They may pose a lot of danger when encountering them, but they are usually awkward in their movements and mannerisms. And this is vital in how you interpret a dream about a bear.

The dream may represent how the dreamer feels in their heart. You may have trouble expressing your feelings, so it is usually easier to keep them to yourself. The same applies when you have too many things worrying you; you do not voice them but awkwardly move around them.

Seeing a polar bear in your dream may represent a reawakening in different areas of your life. You may have neglected areas or felt stunted, but seeing the bear signifies that you are on the verge of rebirth or reawakening.

Getting attacked or pursued by a bear in your animal dream typically means aggression or rage. You see no outlet for your emotions, or the situations around you trigger the anger. So, your subconscious mind is venting the pent-up anger, using the dream as an outlet.

4. Seeing a Unicorn in a Dream

Seeing a Unicorn in a Dream


Unicorns are not real animals, but many of us have seen pictures that different animals, such as a rhinoceros, may influence. So, it is not strange to see one in your dream, especially if you are fascinated with the animal of fantasies.

Seeing a unicorn in your dream may indicate a season of regeneration and purity. This is a good sign that shows you are on the right path. Your mind and views are pure, and you usually mean well to the people around you. You may also be about to renew different aspects of your life.

If you are navigating a new territory or find yourself in a difficult situation, a unicorn dream means you have hope and high ideals for the outcome. It may also be an opportunity to show how powerful you are by your gentleness. However, the dream may also signify your unpopular views.

5. Seeing a Snake in a Dream

Dreaming of a snake can be ambiguous. The typical representation of a snake dream is danger, evil, deceit, cunning, and temptation. Most people think about the Bible story of Eve and the serpent and how the animal deceived her.

However, it is not all bad news when you dream of a snake. It may also be about fertility, happiness in your life, or good fortune on the way. If you are a woman, you may be about to give birth. You may also be about to enter into a happy phase of life.

Other Interpretations

  • As a businessperson, your dream of a snake means your projects and contracts will yield positive results. Good fortune and promotions await you, and you should not hesitate to venture into new fields.
  • A dream of a headless snake or one without eyes portrays your refusal to see the danger ahead of you. It may even mean you are blindsided. But if you watch the snake getting beheaded, the problem may be your refusal to acknowledge your fears. This may be a dangerous path to tread because the emotions may eventually overflow and hurt other people.
  • A dream of a snake with a head on both ends means your tussle with making a decision. You may feel pulled in two directions, and you feel overwhelmed. The issue may even be with your relationship, and you are in the middle of a messy triangle.
  • You have tried many things to help you make an informed decision, but nothing seems to work. It may be difficult to resolve this issue but not impossible. A two-headed snake represents teamwork in your projects or relationship, and snakeskin portrays protection from sicknesses.

6. Seeing a Dog in a Dream

A dog represents many things and is primarily a symbol of loyalty. Other possible interpretations are excellent intuition, fidelity, protection, and generosity. This dream is loaded and may portray your strong values in real life.

These values may not even be yours but someone else’s. It may be a close friend or colleague who has your best interests at heart. However, you must remember the details of this dream to interpret it correctly. For example, if the dog bites you, it shows disloyalty.

And if the dog is black-colored, it indicates a shady aspect of your life or that of your close friend. Their seeming loyalty may mask their deception, and the dream is a warning to be wary of them.


Dreaming about animals can connote comfort or turmoil, depending on the animal or circumstance surrounding the events in the dream. Because there are so many animals you can see in a dream, the dream’s meaning can be very vast.

However, note that animals in your dream are usually a good sign. So, you have nothing to worry about unless there are issues in your life that require resolutions. Then, you must face them and stop suppressing your feelings.

6 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Animals