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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Horse

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Horse

Did you recently have a dream about a horse or horses, which made you wonder about its meaning? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place!

As you probably know, dreams serve as a connection between the conscious and subconscious mind, helping us solidify, analyze, and consolidate memories, knowledge, and, most importantly, our emotions, fears, and goals.

Therefore, dreams can also be a very useful tool to uncover our hidden desires, wishes, suppressed feelings, and traumas.

Talking about the dream of a horse, these animals have very rich symbolism, and human beings have always shared a special connection with these magnificent creatures.

Generally, horses are seen as a positive sign connected with notions such as courage, revelation, freedom, and energy.

Before we jump to the possible meaning of this dream, remember that their symbolism depends on numerous factors, such as type, size, behaviors, and color of the horse.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Horse?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Horse?

1. It Speaks About Your Attitude and Discipline

If you dreamt about participating in or even observing a horse competition, dressage, or riding performance, that might be a clue about your discipline and attitude.

Dreaming about competition reveals how you deal with your professional or personal life. It can mean that you are highly competitive or highly inactive, depending on the context of the dream.

Suppose you see yourself participating in a competition or dressage. In that case, that might be a sign that you are too competitive and that your attitude might disrupt your relationships at work or your personal life.

On the other hand, if you are just an observer, that can be understood as a sign that you are passive and need to take charge of your life.

2. You Possess Inner Strength

Dreaming about brown horses is connected to numerous positive interpretations, such as strength and power, which can be interpreted in many ways.

One of those is that you have endurance, stamina, inner strength, and control over your life and actions. The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung also claimed that horses in our dreams are representative of our union with the animal soul and inner power.

In addition, you are very mentally stable, grounded, and focused, allowing you to reach your potential and form meaningful connections. But, on the other hand, the brown horse, also known as a chestnut in your dream, can be a sign of some events that will change your life.

Generally, the color brown is spiritually related to the earth, given it is an earthy tone and, as such, can be a powerful sign of your attitude toward your surroundings. Still, also it may imply that you need to be ‘grounded.’

3. You Have Sexual Urges

You Have Sexual Urges

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, posited that dreaming about horses and horse symbolism is related to your sexuality, sexual inhibitions, and desires especially if you dream about a red horse.

This interpretation can go both ways, meaning that you have suppressed sexual desires or have trouble controlling them.

If you dream about riding a horse, you cannot control, that reveals serious issues or problems, such as sexual frustration.

Either way, your sexual life, or lack of it, might be frustrating you or making you constricted. Interestingly, sexual frustration can have numerous negative effects on you and result in anxiety, depression, and recklessness.

Another possible interpretation is that you are overly ambitious or out of control, and your subconscious mind is trying to direct your attention to these problems.

If you see a tamed horse in your dream, that can be understood as you overcoming an issue or finally putting things under control.

4. You Yearn For Adventure

Dreaming about wild horses running in the wilderness or even fighting is a clue that you might be yearning for freedom, creativity, and adventure. But, on the other hand, you may be fed up with your current lifestyle, and your life has become a routine devoid of excitement and animation.

If you relate to this sentiment, think about ways to incorporate something new, creative, and engaging in your daily activities, such as taking a new sport or an art class. But, on the other hand, it can also mean that you lack freedom or are constantly restricting yourself.

Maybe you feel that you have potential but no opportunity to show it or you have grand ambitions and aspirations that you try to suppress due to your fear of failing and disappointing others and yourself. This can relate to your professional or personal life.

Do you feel that your partner is ‘weighing you down, your job is not a good fit, or you need a fresh start?

5. Something Good Is Coming Your Way

Something Good Is Coming Your Way

If you have seen a white horse or grey horse in your dream, that is a sign of good fortune, prosperity, purity, wisdom, conquest, or spiritual awakening. It can imply that you will experience some spiritual growth or enlightenment, all the stars will align, and you will see the right path.

On the other hand, it can imply that you will find success in your professional or romantic life. You may finally meet someone who will bring passion back into your life and help you find your inner peace and tranquility.

However, as mentioned, the interpretation is closely connected to your current mental and physical state and recent life events.

Given that dreaming about white horses indicates good connections, it can be a sign of resolution if you recently had a falling out with someone important to you.

Similarly, dreaming about horse manure is a good sign that indicates prosperity, fertility, and success.

6. You Are Keeping Secrets

Well, you probably think: ‘Aren’t we all keeping secrets?’ Yes! That is true; however, dreaming about a black horse is connected to secrecy, mystery, ambition, and dishonesty.

Although horses are generally seen as good omens, that is not always the case with the black horse. The color black has numerous negative connotations and indicates some issues in your life, depression, suppression, frustration, and discontent.

So, seeing a black horse tells you that you may be dishonest and deceiving people around you with a specific goal in mind.

It can also imply that the secrets have been taking a toll on you and preoccupying your mind because you fear someone will let the cat out of the bag. In turn, you might lose something, or people might negatively perceive you.

7. You Will Enter a New Phase

You Will Enter a New Phase

Dreaming about a sick or dying horse is one of the common horse dreams, which usually unnerves people for obvious reasons.

This sort of dream can be interpreted ambiguously: sickness or death in your dream might imply that you have underlying issues or might experience mental or physical problems.

The type of horse plays a vital role, for example, whether it is a mare (female horse), stallion, or foul.

The horse you see in your dream is a symbolic representation of your current life happenings and can be connected to your masculinity, femininity, or childhood dreams and wishes, so try to remember the context of it.

In the spiritual world, death is seen as a transformation or change. So, the end of a phase or some aspect of your life does not have to be seen as an unwanted and unpleasant experience. Instead, it might mean that you will enter a new phase that will bring peace and hope.

Similarly, seeing an injured horse in a dream indicates that you are suffering and that you are not satisfied with the current direction of your life. This dream can be related to your unfulfilled dreams and goals and the feeling that you have let yourself down.

8. Somebody Will Betray You

If you see a horse bite or attack in your dream, that is a sign from your subconscious mind that someone in your close circle might try to harm or betray you.

Interestingly, our subconscious mind picks up clues from our daily life and activities that we are not aware of and then uses that information to send us a message and warn us.

So, although this might seem a bit far-fetched, your subconscious mind has probably picked up some clues that indicate something unpleasant will happen to you.

If a horse kicks you in your dreams, it indicates that someone will reject you professionally or in a romantic sense. Similarly, dreaming about a dirty horse in bad shape indicates disappointment, which usually stems from interpersonal relationships.

9. You Need To Focus On Your Responsibilities

If you dreamt of a cowboy, this dream is connected to your sense of responsibility in life, especially if you dream of being a cowboy or seeing a cowboy riding a horse.

This implies that you have a free spirit, but your overly casual lifestyle is taking a toll on your relationship and overall success. Therefore, you need to reflect and reconsider your choices and your attitude in life.


Dreaming about horses is one of those common dreams that we all experience at some point in life. Horses are generally looked upon as a sign of good luck and a good omen, indicating excellent and joyful life events.

Horses are connected to your inner strength, stamina, fertility, prosperity, success, health, mystery, courage, freedom, and creativity, among many others.

Have you experienced this dream? How did it make you feel? Please, share your experience with us! As always, do not hesitate to ask any questions!