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12 Spiritual Meanings When Animals Come To You

12 Spiritual Meanings When Animals Come To You

For animal lovers, being drawn by animals is an amazing feeling. When cute animals such as cats and dogs come near you, you get so excited!

However, did you know that this attraction comes with a spiritual meaning? Did you ever ask yourself why these animals run toward you whenever they see you?

In this article, you will have a deeper insight into what it means when animals are attracted to you.

12 Spiritual Meanings When Animals Come To You


Why Animals Are Attracted to You Explanation

In the animal and natural world, we share a lot of special bonds with animals, especially with our pets. Like how they receive shelter, we, humans, also benefit from these sentient beingsWe share memories with them and these memories and fun adventures help us reduce our anxiety and depression in real life.

However, if you are not interested in animals, there are times when these animals still come near you, and this makes you feel scared and irritable. Sometimes, you even ask yourself why it has to be you who gets to be approached by street animals when you walk with your friends.

Generally, animals navigate to you because they can smell your emotions. They know if you are aggressive or if you are having a bad day. They can also interpret the shift or tone of our voice, our posture, and our facial expressions.

This is the reason why dog pets tend to cuddle you whenever you are in a terrible mood. They try to bring you peace and calmness.

Moreover, remember that pets, especially dogs, can recognize and have keen eyes. Thus, when you repeatedly feed them whenever you see them randomly in the street, they always come near you because your presence is hope for them to alleviate their hunger.

Animals, such as cattle, are also sensitive, thus, they get attracted to sensitive people and they share the same empathy with these people.

Lastly, if a certain animal is your totem or spirit guide, this animal will surely be drawn to you because you share the same wisdom and creative potential.

12 Messages When Animals Come Near You

The type of animal being drawn to you matters when we speak about the spiritual messages these animals bring to you. This means that a dog coming near you may send a different message from a cat that is trying to get your attention.

1. Your father is watching over you

Your father is watching over you


When a cardinal bird comes near you, this animal acts as your spirit guide. Usually, this animal is sending a message from your deceased father that you are guided by him wherever you go.

This is also a reminder for you to keep doing the right things you do, stay confident, and keep moving forward because you are loved, appreciated, and protected by your father.

Apart from cardinal birds, eagles and hummingbirds also offer the same message. When an eagle comes near you, this represents protection and consciousness. 

This means that you are awarded consciousness, thus, you should seek greater things in life without fear and hesitation.

2. Be more creative

When you encounter blue jays coming near you, this is a message from your deceased mother. This is a reminder for you to boost your creativity. You might have been doing creative tasks related to your work and you feel that you are not doing enough.

However, these birds are telling you that you are doing great. 

Additionally, these birds also send a message for you to keep your family united. Pay attention to what your family needs, as you are the only one that can provide for these needs.

3. Pay attention to the people around you

It is kind of rare to encounter a wolf coming near you, but if this happens, take this as a sign to pay attention to your circle. This is also a reminder that your family is your only ally, thus, you should trust no other aside from your family. 

Surround yourself with the people who can help you grow emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Also, as you get help from your family, learn to give back as well.

4. Learn to enjoy life

Learn to enjoy life


When you encounter a fox being attracted to you, this is a message for you to try new things, explore, and go seek new adventures. 

This encounter is an encouragement for you to try new approaches in life. You might be too busy handling life seriously that you already forgot how to live. So, learn to enjoy life and live your life with gratification.

5. Keep going as you are on the right path

When you encounter a dragonfly coming toward you, this is a sign from your guardian angel that you are in the right direction. 

This goes the same when you encounter a lizard. So, focus on your goals and dreams, and keep doing what you do.

If you feel discouraged or you feel that you are losing direction, fill your mind with positivity that you will all get paid for your hard work.

6. Reflect on your spiritual life

If a ladybug flies toward you, this is a sign of good luck. This means that the course you are taking is in favor of you, and by this, you should not forget to give thanks and praise to the One who has blessed you with these gifts. 

7. Learn to let go of the past

Learn to let go of the past


A butterfly being attracted to you is a representation of your grudges. When you encounter one being drawn to you, this is a message for you to let go of the past. 

Like a butterfly, you should know the power of transformation and apply it to get a better version of yourself. You can also do this transformation by moving forward and leaving the burdens behind.

8. Stay connected to the spirit world

If you see that spiders are drawn to you, this is a message for you to keep your spiritual connection at its peak. This means that you should think of your spiritual inspirations whenever you do your tasks.

Additionally, this is also a call for you to go back and feed your soul the spiritual food it needs. This is by going to church services and listening to God’s word.

9. A warning to keep yourself secure

Animals, especially scary or wild animals, tend to give us fear. Just like this ancient idea, when a certain animal that you are scared of is drawn to you, this is a message for you to keep yourself secure.

If you encounter a crow or raven being attracted to you, take this as a bad omen. Generally, these messenger animals do not represent rebirth. Instead, they signify death, either spiritual or physical death.

10. Do not be impulsive

Do not be impulsive


In real life, there are days when you decide too quickly without thinking of the consequences. Unfortunately, this can affect your life flow. 

If you encounter hawks with strong wings being drawn to you, this is a message for you to slow down and think of your actions first before doing them. The effective way to decide is by giving yourself calmness and some time to think.

11. Healing and renewal are bound to happen

When animals are drawn to you, this can also represent your passion in life. When you feel burnout and exhaustion, these animals are trying to tell you that you need to find a place to renew and heal yourself.

Additionally, animal encounters are also a sign for you to find peace in your life. Draw stillness as well so that you can learn how to focus on the important things.

12. Follow your intuition

When animals, such as owls, become attracted to you, take this as a message for you to get rid of your illusion and follow your intuition when finding the right direction in life. 

Always remember that your gut feelings will help you find a way to embrace the truth.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, you may find animals being attracted to you scary but this should not be it. These animals act as messengers and are trying to impart countless signals that you might want to consider as a guide as you do your daily tasks.

These messages may be negative or positive but they will surely help you find a way into a more peaceful, calm, and successful life.

12 Spiritual Meanings When Animals Come To You