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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Stealing From You

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Stealing From You

Having someone steal from you is a nightmare – literally and figuratively. So if this unfortunate dream plagues you every night, I understand why you get all riled up over it.

In fact, you may be asking: what is my subconscious telling me about this dream? And how will this affect my waking life?

Turns out, this dream symbolism can point to a lot of meanings and interpretations. Let’s explore them!

Dream about someone stealing from you 


Dream about someone stealing from you

1. Partner Stealing

If you dream about your girlfriend or boyfriend stealing from you, then it’s a sign of trust issues. You may feel insecurities in your relationship, and they’re invading your dreams.

Likewise, it may be a reflection of the uncertainty you feel about your financial future with them.

But if your dream is clearly about your partner stealing clothes from you, then it’s time for you to take a good hard look at your inner self. This dream, after all, is a sign of an identity crisis.

2. Child Stealing

Did you dream of your child stealing? As a concerned parent, this scenario can stir up a lot of emotions within you. No one wants their precious one to turn out bad, after all!

The good news is this dream shouldn’t worry you at all. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re worrying too much.

It’s understandable though. You have fears about their well-being. Raising a kid requires a lot of money, after all. So if you are constantly bothered by this dream, then make sure to share your thoughts with the people you trust the most.

3. Friend Stealing

If you dreamt that your pal stole your stuff, then this means that you’re longing to reunite with them. Maybe you haven’t seen or talked to them for quite a while now, so your mind is telling you to pick up the phone and schedule a get-together with them!

However, if the friend you dreamt about is always with you, then this is a sign for you to forge a deeper connection with them. Doing so will make your friendship stronger – and better.

While a friend stealing from you often represents the relationship you have with them, it could also allude to the relationship you have with yourself.

This dream may be a symbol of major change, which means you’ll improve your life – both personally and professionally – soon.

Neighbor Stealing


4. Neighbor Stealing

Indeed, it can feel alarming when you dream about your neighbor being a burglar. After all, it’s true that “You can choose your friends, but not your neighbors.”

This dream, however, is not a direct reflection of what you feel about them. If any, it manifests what you feel about your neighborhood. It may be something that’s bringing you undue worries – or anxiety, even!

So if you dream of your neighbor’s theft, then it’s probably time for you to reflect on your current living situation. If you’re no longer happy, then you may want to consider moving to another apartment that makes you feel safe and secure.

5. Stranger Stealing

If you dream about an unknown person stealing from you, know that this isn’t necessarily a ‘stranger danger’ alert. It’s a mere reminder of your vulnerability, which is why you must be careful when disclosing information to others.

Remember: you can’t be sure of other people’s intentions, even if they’re a trusted colleague or a mere acquaintance. If you aren’t careful with what you share, they may end up using this information against you.

6. Thief Stealing in Public

Sadly, a thief stealing from you in public is more or less a bad omen. It may serve as a warning of impending financial crises, especially if you invest blindly or spend extravagantly.

And, if you have committed a financial sin against somebody in the past, this dream is also a reminder for you to own up to your mistakes. Karma is real! So if you want to achieve good fortune, then you should right your wrongs ASAP.

7. Dead Person Stealing

It can be unnerving to see a deceased person in your dream – much more if you see them stealing from you.

More often than not, it is a reflection of all the regrets you feel. And it’s not just about the regrets you feel for this person – it may point to your real life as well.

What you need to realize here is that there’s no point dwelling in the past. You cannot do anything about them.

The best thing you could do, however, is to make improvements in your current life. That way, you can move on with your life with no regrets.

Someone Stealing Your Food


8. Someone Stealing Your Food

Now I know that this can be frustrating, especially if this keeps on happening in your workplace. But if this scenario often comes in your dream, then there’s no need to panic.

It’s actually a good omen, especially when it comes to your personal and/or professional life.

You have a better-than-ever relationship with family and friends, and your once-miserable love life has finally taken off.

You’re being recognized at work, and you’re finally getting the promotion you want.

That being said, you need to be careful with the people around you. Some feel envy towards your success. Unfortunately, these master manipulators can end up doing you wrong – so be careful when dealing with other people!

9. Someone Stealing Your Money

If you dream of someone stealing your purse/wallet full of money, then it’s possible that you owe someone else money. You’re stressed about repaying it, which is why this dream keeps on popping up in your sleep.

Of course, the only way to address this feeling of helplessness is to settle what is due.

10. Someone Stealing Your Gold

The appearance of gold in a dream – even if it’s being stolen – is a sign of good luck.

You’re working hard, and you’re finally getting what you’re due. It’s time for you to keep on going – for good fortune will keep on coming to you!

Again, this dream serves as a warning sign as well. You need to be wary of your surroundings! Some people may look like they mean you well, when in fact they only mean to drag you down.

11. Someone Stealing Your Shoes

This dream can mean a lot of things.

For one, it’s a reflection of your inability (or reluctance) to make hard decisions. As such, you may want to seek the advice of a smart/experienced person before deciding.

Likewise, this dream may represent a pending reunion with an old pal. You may have had misunderstandings in the past, but you’ll reconnect with them along the way.

Last but not the least, this dream may point towards your attempt to find purpose in life. And while this may be frustrating at first, this is a stark reminder for you to keep on pursuing it!

12. Someone Stealing Your Books

Since books symbolize knowledge, dreaming about someone stealing them means that someone appreciates your mind. They’re in awe of your quest for knowledge, and they want to learn from you.

On the other hand, this dream may mean that you’re planning to go back to school soon. I say, don’t let your age or obligations stop you from doing so! I’m sure this education will benefit you in the future.

Someone Stealing Everything


13. Someone Stealing Everything

If all your possessions are stolen in your dream, then you need not panic. If any, you should be glad because this is a sign of luck and fortune.

You may be on the verge of bankruptcy right now, but your finances will become better soon.

You may be passed on in the past in favor of a co-worker, but you’ll get the promotion you’ve worked hard for soon.

Things will turn out for the better, just wait and see!

14. People Planning on Stealing From You

If you dream of people planning to steal from you, then it’s a sign for you to stop and take a breather.

Maybe you’ve been working too hard to reach your grand ambitions. But if you aren’t careful, you may fall sick and become hospitalized.

In the end, your efforts will be all for naught.

You don’t want this to happen, of course. So if you keep on having this dream, then it’s time for you to take care of yourself more!

15. Luggage Being Stolen

It’s a boon to have your luggage stolen. So if this keeps appearing in your dream, then it reflects the burdens you feel over someone sharing the ‘bad’ things they’ve done.

Your conscience is consuming you, and it’s permeating through your dreams.

At the end of the day, it’s what you do that’ll put this dream to rest.


Dreaming of someone stealing from you – or your possessions being stolen – is more of a nightmare, really. Fortunately, most of these dreams symbolize good luck and fortune.

And, for those that don’t, they merely serve as reminders to make amends – before it’s too late!

Have you dreamt about someone stealing/having something stolen from you in a dream? Please share your experience below. I’d like to hear your thoughts!

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Stealing From You


Dianne Dalton

Monday 28th of August 2023

Why do I dream about my deceased husband stealing from me. He was on drugs when he was alive and would steal my money and jewelry l forgave him and told him why he was alive every time that I dream of him he’s in jail are cheating on me are he has stolen something what do you think it’s been 17 years


Saturday 26th of August 2023

I had a dream that my ex girlfriend came to my place to visit me, and then returned back at a later time when I was not there and she stole a PlayStation system. Then in my dream the cops were called by my current girlfriend and I eventually had to speak with them on what happened and in the end of my dream i ended up going to find my PlayStation myself and was successful and I think the ex ended up being arrested.

Ankh Angel Frank Chessar

Thursday 18th of May 2023

Dreamed My Mini Briefcase Was Stolen Holds Valuable Recording Equipment