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24 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Murdering Someone Else

24 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Murdering Someone Else

Did you wake up terrified of a dream about murder and are thinking about the incident repeating itself in real life? While it is unlikely that you’ll encounter a similar incident in your waking life, murder dreams are connected with incidents occurring in real life.

Sometimes, these dreams are a collective of mental images taken from your waking life by your unconscious mind. Other times, dreams might carry a message, a warning, or portray your suppressed feelings.

Reading about different murder dream interpretations will help better understand the reality behind such dreams.

Reasons You See Murder Dreams


Reasons You See Murder Dreams

  • Suppressing anger in your heart when dealing with difficult situations.
  • Having difficulty controlling your rage and aggressive behavior.
  • Your mind tells you that old things are ending, and you must prepare for new beginnings.
  • Fostering the fear of failure, being hopeless and disappointed about the future.
  • Being jealous of someone in your family, workplace, or social circle.

Different Murder Dream Plots and Their Interpretations

Seeing a dream about murdering someone carries two meanings. Either you are ending your old habits as these are not helping in real life, or you are highly aggressive in real life and need to control your negative emotions.

1. Being Murdered by Someone

This dream depicts you being detached from your inner self. You might be adapting to negative feelings and bad habits, like an addiction that takes a toll on your mind, triggering the creation of dreams where you are being murdered.

2. Dream About Someone You Know Being Murdered

There are two possible interpretations of this dream plot. Firstly, you don’t get along with the person you saw being murdered in your dream and don’t want them around. The second interpretation can be that you are uncomfortable with the person’s habits or specific personality traits.

3. Dream About Someone Murdering Someone Else

This dream plot portrays your opinions, inner thoughts, and hidden talents. The person you see being murdered represents these thoughts and talents, while the murderer depicts yourself.

The subconscious mind here stresses recognizing your qualities and using them well. The scenario also shows your low self-confidence in your capabilities.

4. Killing People in a Dream

Individuals who often see dreams of killing others don’t get along well with people in real life and have a poor social circle. This exclusion from society triggers anger and agitation, making them see these dreams.

5. Family Members Getting Murdered in a Dream

Family Members Getting Murdered in a Dream


The interpretation of this dream is related to your marital life. You may fear that your life after marriage won’t be secure and stable and that conflicts could occur because of misunderstandings. Be ready to make sacrifices and compromises to keep your married life intact.

6. Seeing Yourself Getting Killed Violently

Getting killed in your dream shows your inner fears in real life. The reason for the fear can be a person or a situation you are running from. Identifying the reasons behind your fear and resolving these issues is crucial.

7. Your Ex-Boyfriend Murdering His Mom and Girlfriend

Women have reported seeing this dream. The dream represents the mistreatment you or someone close to you is going through in real life. It’s your wish to stop this mistreatment, and it is the reason why you are seeing this dream.

8. Getting Murdered by a Serial Killer

While the dream scenario is uncommon, it represents substantial implications for your waking life. The dream highlights that you are being backstabbed by someone close to you. The message in the dream is to keep your secrets limited to yourself and not to trust anyone with your plans.

9. Murdering People in a Desert

The interpretation of this dream scenario refers to you being unsatisfied with certain life aspects, resulting in depression. Things need to be working out the way you want them to be. The dream conveys that you wish to end your worries and bring back the lost joy in life.

10. Dream About an Assassin

Dream About an Assassin


Observing an assassin murder someone is associated with sadness due to the deception of people close to you. A dishonorable experience might be waiting for you if you are a hitman. Lastly, when you see yourself committing suicide, you should improve your self-control and find peace in your waking life.

11. A Man Killing a Woman

When you see yourself as a man trying to murder a woman, it illustrates your will to suppress the feminine attributes of your personality.

12. Feeling Anxiety After Seeing a Murder in a Dream

If you’re feeling anxious and stressed after witnessing a murder, you have the willpower to get rid of your conscience as well as toxic habits and behaviors. On the contrary, if the dream of murder keeps repeating, it means your life is filled with toxic news and events in most areas of your life.

13. Helping a Friend to Commit Murder

Symbolically, taking part in an act where someone gets murdered or is affected negatively shows you did or are thinking of doing something unacceptable and horrible. The thought of helping someone with ill intentions makes you feel guilty.

14. Murdering Someone Using Superpowers

The dream where you have a superpower and are using it to kill people shows your ego and toxic behavior. You most likely treat people in real life rudely and turn them down if someone comes for help. The superpower here represents your expertise in a skill.

15. Getting Locked by a Murderer

A dream where you’re locked up in a room and cannot break free shows your dissatisfaction with your career, relationship, or life decision. The urge to break free represents your desire to make changes in your waking life and change the situation you’re currently going through.

16. Witnessing a Murder at the Hospital

It’s a bad sign if you witness a murder, especially when your life partner is with you. The dream scenario implies that you are unaware of the real-life situation and don’t know much about your significant other. Most dream interpreters suggest knowing your partner better and understanding their personality for a better relationship.

Dream of Killing Somebody Using Weapons

1. Killing Someone Using a Gun

If you see yourself using a gun to murder someone while dreaming, you want to break free from your routine and wish for a change. Defending yourself from a gun attack represents your desire to forgive someone, while not being able to pull the trigger shows you are exhausted and need a break.

In psychological terms, the gun is a phallic symbol associated with power and control.

2. Using a Knife to Murder Someone

Using a Knife to Murder Someone


The knife in this dream is linked with the dreamer’s frustrations, emotions, and suppressed goals because of a worry or fear of a person. The act of stabbing indicates the struggle you have put in to be assertive in different aspects of your life.

3. Someone Trying to Hang You

The act of hanging in this dream plot illustrates you are in a confusing relationship with someone in your life. Seeing yourself getting turned symbolizes that you must back off from a relationship or a situation and make intelligent decisions.

4. Seeing a Strangulation Dream

Getting strangled represents your desire to grow and truly understand your potential. It also means you wish to keep your desires a secret from people involved in your life.

5. Using Explosives to Murder Someone

Blowing up buildings and killing people with explosions in a dream is interpreted as a message from your subconscious to stay alert. It’s possible to come across a problematic situation in the future.

6. Getting Killed Using Fire

If you witness yourself getting murdered using fire, there is confusion surrounding your life. The fire you see represents the problems and obstacles you are most likely to face in real life. These problems come in the way of your progress, slowing it down and resulting in frustration.

7. Dream of Killing Someone With an Injection

If you had a dream about using a lethal injection to kill someone, it shows you want to discover your inner self and feel disturbed by the actions of people surrounding you.

How to Interpret Murder Dreams

To get a correct interpretation, there are several questions you should ask yourself. These include:

  • What could be the possible reason behind murdering or getting murdered in the dream?
  • Did you struggle to save yourself, or did the other person resist to protect themselves?
  • Your feelings after waking up from the dream. Were you terrified, angry, sad, nervous, calm, or had no feelings?
  • Did you feel guilty in the dream when killing the person?
  • Who was the person you killed in the dream?
  • Identifying the murder place and the murder weapon.

Bottom Line

Answering these queries can aid in understanding the correct interpretation of the dream. Still, remember that most dreams related to murder highlight the sacrifices and transformations you need to make in your life. Therefore, don’t hesitate to explore your inner self, habits, and life issues to identify what these dreams represent.

How to Interpret Murder Dreams