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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Lost Purse

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Lost Purse

Losing a wallet is very frustrating, especially when this purse contains the money which you will use for certain things. Usually, after you dream about it, you will try to find this purse to reduce your worries.

However, did you know that there are dream meanings associated with a lost purse? In this article, we will discuss the messages and representations of lost purse dreams in waking life.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Lost Purse


9 Messages When You Dream About A Lost Purse

For many people, a wallet is more than just a fashion accessory. Some use the same purse for years because of superstitions, others use them because money is easier, and others value them because of their cost.

When you lose a purse in your dream, it talks about many aspects of your life such as your inner weakness, vulnerability, and recklessness.

1. You lost a valuable person or thing

When you dream of a purse that is lost, and this purse contains your belongings and valuables such as your credit cards, the dream interpretation is that you are filled with sadness in real life.

Generally, your dreams are processed by your subconscious mind and these dreams arise from your emotions. This means that you might have lost someone or literally, an expensive purse, and you cannot control your emotions. 

However, you have to understand that you cannot stay in this feeling of loss forever. You should also learn how to move forward and the first step is by accepting the things you can no longer change. 

If the reason for your sadness is because of a person who left you, you have to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Always keep in mind that this is the only way for you to progress.

If you have lost some precious things, for example, coins that you collect, or even your driver’s license, try to find a way to get another one. If this is not possible, divert your ideas and passion to other things.

Always remember that there will always be a solution for everything and you just have to find this solution, sometimes, in a harder way.

2. You are spending too much

You are spending too much


A dream about losing a purse can also mean losing money in real life because of your bad spending habits. 

In the United States, a high-class lifestyle makes it hard for Americans to save money, and when you experience this kind of dream, this is a warning sign that you are spending too much. 

So, what do you need to do? First, you have to gather your thoughts and reflect on your goals. Then ask yourself, are you spending your money to achieve these goals?

If not, you have to create a budget. If you know for yourself that you are not financially literate, you can consider going to seminars to better understand the proper way of budgeting. 

Remember, doing this is very beneficial, especially when you are running a business or when you want to manage your personal possessions well.

Furthermore, if in your dream, you lost a purse with a pocketbook, this is a sign that you should start worrying about where to place your fortune. If you are a parent and you know that you will hand your wealth to your children, you are encouraged to plan for it already.

For businessmen, this dream is a message for you to safe keep your wealth, either in a bank or invest it to generate more income. As much as possible, do not hold these valuables where you can use them anytime you think of spending.

3. Insecure people are trying to damage your reputation

If in your dream, you lost your purse because someone stole it, this theft can represent the person who wants to damage your reputation in waking life. 

Generally, you are a powerful and influential person and someone insecure about your winnings is trying to stain your name. 

Additionally, this can also mean the unhealthy things you have done in the past. Someone who knows about these deeds is trying to use them against you. Unfortunately, this can make you lose your credibility.

Likewise, this type of dream also represents your anxiety, confusion, and fears. Remember, dreams represent your peace of mind in real life.

If there are times when you are also insecure, you have to take note of your sense of self and perspective, especially when you know that you are already affecting your mental health.

4. You are being betrayed

You are being betrayed


Your intuitions also speak to you through your dreams. A dream of a coin purse that is lost is also associated with betrayal and affairs. This is a sign for the dreamer to watch out for toxic friends, family members, and partners. 

Some of the people in your circle are showing their disloyalty so you have to know the people you should only trust. As much as possible, do not open your purse to the people who want to use your struggles against you.

As much as you can, try to live privately as this will also let you live in peace.

5. Do not be overconfident

If you dream about losing a purse, and this one is new, this can represent your impulsiveness and overconfidence. You tend to make decisions without properly thinking about the consequences. 

Unfortunately, this loss of control can negatively affect your finances. 

For example, you landed a well-paying job or you got a promotion. Instead of taking this chance to save money, you tend to spend more because you know that you already earn more. 

When you dream of such an event, you are encouraged to take the opportunities with care. Use them as your resources to teach your ambitions. Lastly, do not take them for granted because you will not know until when you will have them.

6. A reminder when something is lost, a new one will surely come

When you dream about losing a purse, and when you find it, this is now an empty purse but everything inside is clean, this can represent your worries in life. 

However, you should also take it as a positive reminder that when something is lost, there will always be a better one that will come.

In real life, we become worried about the future, especially regarding our finances because we want to make sure that we can provide for our families. But, when we stick to these negative feelings, nothing will happen!

So, when you dream of such an event, this is a message for you to take action. When you lose something, for example, you get laid off, go search for something bigger. 

Remember, change will come into your life only if you know the next step you should do. If you stay in the same place, you will experience drastic events. But, if you seek opportunities, you are attracting pleasant surprises that can support you and your family. 

7. Learn to be independent

Learn to be independent


In real life, we have many obligations and duties. If we are not mentally and financially prepared, we will lose our life battles. Additionally, these battles will be even harder when we are bringing someone or something that is causing us burdens.

So, when you dream of a lost purse, this is a message for you to let go of the people who do not help you grow as a person. Always remember that you are capable of soul-searching and you can be an independent person if you will try to be one.

8. You are experiencing emotional detachments

When you dream about losing a purse, this can represent your emotions and ego. If it is a black purse, this can signify your desires and goals and what holds you back to achieve them. 

If in your dreams, you encounter a lost handbag or red purse, this represents your need for companionship. If it is a leather purse, this represents your need for genuine love.

Moreover, if it is a golden purse, this can represent your lack of knowledge about your financial resources. You are at risk of losing them, so when you dream about this, you are encouraged to keep your wealth and possessions safe.

9. You are losing your self-identity

In the United States, around 23 million individuals are reported to be a victim of identity theft. When you dream about losing a purse, you are also at risk of losing your own identity and revealing your secrets.

However, this theft of your identification is not about other people stealing your personality, but it is about yourself, being unaware of your self-worth. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, losing a purse is kind of difficult to deal with. When you dream about it, this may signify not just your wealth, possessions, or belongings but also your perceptions in life.

This dream of losing a purse is a message for you to take care of yourself as well. As for how you keep your money, you are also encouraged to keep yourself secured physically and emotionally. 

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Lost Purse