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19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Don’t Know

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Don’t Know

The subconscious mind analyzes and consolidates memories through dreams. Experts believe it serves as some sort of rehearsal for the events (and obstacles) that occur in our daily lives.

That’s why we dream peculiar scenarios – strangers even.

Below, you’ll find this dream’s core meanings and the interpretations behind its varying scenarios.

Why We Dream About Strangers


Why We Dream About Strangers

If you keep on dreaming about an unknown person in your sleep, then here’s what it possibly means:

1. Someone New Will Arrive

We dream of a stranger because we feel other people’s energies. Even if they’re far away, we can already feel them coming.

So this dream means you’ll meet a new friend – or better yet, a new lover.

There’s no telling who this person would be or when they’d arrive. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled, for they may be just around the corner!

2. Someone is Reaching Out to You

While dreaming about a stranger may mean that someone new will arrive, it could also mean that a person is trying to communicate with you.

As mentioned, we feel other people’s energies. If they cannot talk to us directly, they may end up appearing in our dreams.

Perhaps, someone you don’t know is thinking about you a lot – and they’re channeling their aura through your dreams. Once you open your mind to these thoughts, you’ll eventually recognize this stranger in your vision.

Newsflash: they may not be a true stranger at all!

3. Your Confidence is Down the Drain

Dream analysts believe that the way you see yourself affects your dream. So if you’re in the process of losing your self-esteem (or if you’ve lost it already), then it can manifest as a mysterious stranger in your rapid eye movement/REM sleep.

4. You No Longer Recognize Yourself

A complete stranger symbolizes fear and delving into the unknown. As such, dreaming about a random person may mean you’re turning into someone you barely recognize.

Perhaps you used to be a happy, spontaneous person. But because of an unexpected event, you’ve become someone who’s utterly foreign to you.

Guess what: there is still time to revert to your authentic self!

It's Just a Feeling


5. It’s Just a Feeling

Dreaming about a stranger doesn’t just symbolize your dwindling self-confidence or the possibility of meeting a new person. It could also provide clues about your deep-seated feelings.

Just think: what was this person doing in your dream? How did they make you feel?

For example, a scary dream involving a stranger may mean you’re fearful about something (or someone) in your waking life.

6. You’re Burning With Desire

As mentioned, strangers represent the unknown. And while this may seem negative, it could point to something else: your desire.

Perhaps there was something you wished to achieve, but circumstances (or a particular person) stopped you from doing so.

Well, the stranger in your dream represents this foiled passion project.

On the other hand, dreaming about a stranger romancing you means you desire to feel the same way.

Who knows? You may be in a new romance soon. After all, this dream also means that someone new will enter your life.

What Specific Persons or Situations Mean

Dreams about strangers can feature certain persons – or involve unique situations. Here’s what various scenarios mean:

1. Dream Strangers Asking Questions

Being asked questions feel uncomfortable – especially if it’s a stranger who does it. Expectedly, it’s no surprise if you choose not to answer their queries.

Well, this hesitancy pretty much reflects in your dream.

You may have a traumatizing personal experience that you don’t want to share with others. The stranger in your dream is a reminder that something terrible may happen if you let this secret slip.

2. Unknown Person Giving You Money

It’s great to have someone – even a stranger – give you money. Fortunately, this dream proves just as promising for your real life.

It’s a sign that good things are coming your way. In fact, you’re growing so confident with all your accomplishments. So if an opportunity comes your way, take hold of it. It may seem risky initially, but it’ll bring you the success you’ve always wanted.

3. Random Guy Swimming

Whether you’re male or female, this dream reminds you to be in touch with your masculine side.

And this does not necessarily mean doing manly things (although you can if you want.) If any, this dream is a metaphor for your desire to find stability and determination.

Random People Sleeping in Your Bed


4. Random People Sleeping in Your Bed

It can be terrifying to see a complete stranger lying on your bed. Unsurprisingly, this is a clear sign of the bad things that will happen in your real life. Your plans will go differently than you’ve planned.

This dream is a reminder for you to be ready. Problems will keep popping out, so you need to be equipped with a plan B (or C) for your current situation.

5. Random Person Hugging You

While it feels lovely to have a person – even a stranger – hug you in your dream, you should feel the opposite. Sadly, this means someone new will come into your life – but you won’t like their presence.

That being said, you’ll need to work on your personality traits big time. You’ll be stuck with this individual for quite some time, so you might as well change some of your ways.

6. Unknown Individual Falling in Love With You

According to different people, this dream could mean a lot of things. For one, this may signify that you’ll find love sooner than expected.

On the other hand, this may be a metaphor for what you’re feeling. Perhaps you’re tired of waiting for that one true love. In fact, you’re very excited to find someone with whom you’ll share an intense emotional connection.

While this dream is a good sign for single people, it could dredge many painful feelings in couples. If you’re in a relationship and you keep dreaming of this, it means you’re not happy with your current partner.

You’re probably looking for someone (or something else), and that’s what the stranger in your dream represents.

7. Random Person Burglarizing Your Home

This is a scary scenario – both for your dream and real life. It means something (or someone) precious will be taken away from you, especially if you’re not careful. As such, you need to take good care of important people (and things) in your life.

8. Stranger Dying

While this may seem like a bad dream, it’s actually the opposite. It means that good fortune is about to enter your life!

If a stranger dies in your dream, it alludes to the ‘end’ of the worries you feel right now. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy great strides in your career – even in your current relationship!

9. Unknown Woman Approaching

If you’re a woman and a strange lady approaches you in your dream, you’ll receive upsetting news. Someone may be trying to besmirch your reputation.

That said, make sure to pay close attention to your past and current endeavors. Even a speck of simple dirt can ruin the pristine image you’ve worked on for so long.

Strange Man Approaching


10. Strange Man Approaching

For females, being approached by an unknown man can be pretty scary. But you should feel delighted if this scenario plays out in your dream. After all, this means you’ll enter a new relationship soon.

In fact, your dream guy can tell you about the qualities of your new beau.

For example, meeting an older adult means you’ll find your partner when you least expect it.

If the guy is middle-aged, this means you’ll meet your paramour through mutual friendships.

If the guy is young, however, then it’s a sign that your next lover will be quite a playboy.

11. Holding Hands With an Unknown Guy

Although this seems romantic, this dream actually symbolizes friendship. It means you will find a new friend you’ll love and trust deeply.

12. Marrying a Random Woman

For guys, dreaming about marrying a random woman proves to be literal. Indeed, this means that you may be walking down the aisle soon. Your soulmate is trying to connect with you, so open your mind (and heart) and let her in!

13. Marrying a Strange Guy

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get married – but, depending on your situation, it might!

More often than not, this dream represents a change of pace – and phase – in your life. So if you’re single, this may mean that you’ll find yourself in a relationship soon.


While the saying ‘stranger danger’ holds true in some real-life instances, it’s not always the case for dreams. More often than not, this means someone is reaching out to you.

Better yet, this could mean someone new will come into your life! Now isn’t that nice?

As always, taking note of your dream’s circumstances is essential. Interpretations can change according to the gender of the person – and what they’re doing.

Did you dream of strangers as well? How did you interpret it? Share your experience below!

19 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Don't Know