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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Kissing You

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Kissing You

You may have dreamt about someone kissing you at some point in life. A dream about kissing represents love, affection, harmony, and contentment.

Since there are different types of kisses, including the French kiss, and more, you can interpret the dreams based on the dream’s context, the kiss’s nature, your reaction, and the gender of the person kissing you.

Your subjective feelings all contribute to interpreting the dreamer’s kissing experience.

What does it mean when you dream about someone kissing you


What does it mean when you dream about someone kissing you?

According to Sigmund Freud, a dream specialist in the 1920s, a kissing dream is part of your life force. Read on to discover possible interpretations of a dream about someone kissing you.

1. You’re Willing To Clear Up Misunderstandings With A Person

If you dream about someone kissing you, it’s a sign that you’re willing to clear up misunderstandings with that person. You may have recently been in a relationship with them or look forward to starting one. Kissing you could show you feel at ease around this person and don’t need any awkwardness to get in the way of your connection.

The kisses are not necessarily sexual; they could be friendly pecks on the cheek. This dream is not necessarily pointing to a romantic partner, although it could be if you have been thinking or hoping that this current partner will become more intimate with you.

The dream could also mean that your friendship with this person is close enough to allow you to become vulnerable, letting them see your softer side without worrying about being judged.

2. You Feel Safe and Protected Around Someone

Perhaps you are dreaming about someone you know kissing you in a place that feels unfamiliar to your waking self, such as a gym or a public park. The dream is a sign that you feel safe and protected around the person of your dreams.

If the dream setting seems unfamiliar, it could also indicate that the situation you find yourself in is out of the ordinary and outside your comfort zone.

If the person kissing you in the dream is someone with whom you aren’t currently involved, this could also mean that you feel comfortable expressing physical affection around them.

3. Breaking Boundaries

Kissing-related dreams may be indicative of problems with personal boundaries. The dream indicates that you struggle to set clear boundaries with someone in your life.

On a personal level, you might appreciate and admire this individual. However, they could be seeking more from you; the person could desire to have a romantic relationship even if you reject their approaches.

You may find it hard to set boundaries because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or ruining your relationship. However, setting boundaries doesn’t mean you are punitive or cruel; it’s about respecting yourself and protecting your feelings and well-being.

Past Memories


4. Past Memories

Have you ever had a dream where you kissed someone on the lips, especially someone who is no longer in your life? Such dreaming may indicate you have yet to come to full terms with the end of your relationship, either with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. In real life, you reflect on your breakup and revisit old memories.

For instance, dreaming about your ex-lover kissing you might not always signify that you miss them. Symbolically, this dream could tell you that you have not yet accepted or forgiven yourself for some part of your history.

In addition, if your former lover kisses you in a dream, it’s a sign that you long for the affection and attention of a loving partner. You may be lacking a loving partner since your last breakup.

The dream also implies that you feel undervalued at the moment; that’s why your psyche provides you with the feeling of being adored.

Keeping unhealthy ties to the past is possible. This dream may be trying to tell you to stop dwelling on history and start living in the present.

5. Deceit and Betrayal

If you ever dreamt that someone is kissing and sucking your neck passionately, approach this dream with caution. This dream may be trying to tell you that someone is about to betray you.

Your neck contains a life-giving jugular vein. In popular culture, scenes of someone kissing around your neck have come to represent death and betrayal.

In your everyday life, someone who acts like your best friend is instead plotting your demise and working behind the scenes to make it happen. The message of this dream is that you need to be more watchful and be on the lookout for friends and family who have the behavior of speaking one thing but meaning another.

The Bible commonly associates kissing with betrayal. Thus, depending on the specifics and your actual circumstances, the act of kissing someone could indicate the person you trusted has disappointed you.

In addition, this dream may also signify that you’ll betray someone close to you. The betrayal could happen in a romantic relationship, with money, or in the workplace. And the dream may tell you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, regardless of your decision.

6. You Want Recognition

If you dream that a celebrity is kissing you, it’s a sign that you’re concerned about gaining recognition in real life.

You’d like to make a name for yourself as a singer or actor in the entertainment industry. In your waking life, you devote a great deal of time and energy to developing your “art” with the expectation that it will one day bring you fame and recognition.

There is also the possibility that the dream has practical significance. Dreaming about a famous person suggests they are your crush and would love to meet, hug, or perhaps show affection to them.

This dream may imply that you crave professional recognition at your workplace. You are preoccupied with moving up the career ladder or getting a promotion.

Generally, the dream means you are yearning for recognition or praise for what you do.

Lack of Satisfaction in Life


7. Lack of Satisfaction in Life

If someone passionately kisses you in your dream, it could mean you want passion, push, and encouragement.

Things may be boring, and you may feel like you need to live your best life. Everyone can experience this.

You could have been contemplating how to infuse more energy and fire into your life, and perhaps you thought falling in love would give your life purpose and change.

It would help if you began by going within yourself to identify your purpose. There are more effective plans for personal happiness than turning to others for motivation and significance in your life.

8. The Need to Work on Yourself

You may be kissing yourself if you dream of someone kissing you and cannot recognize the person. The aspect of kissing yourself means you should create time to work on yourself. You may be too busy at work to find time for yourself.

If you usually don’t rest enough, your brain may be trying to tell you that you need to take better care of yourself by giving yourself time off during the day or even throughout the entire week.

Some people find it helpful to set aside time in their daily schedule specifically for resting so that they can permit themselves to do something good for themselves, their health, and their well-being, even if it doesn’t seem productive.

In addition, you can work on yourself by speaking positive things about your life. This can help you to let go of your negative thoughts and set a better tone for the day. It can also help you express gratitude for what you already have instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

9. Prosperity at Work

Dreams about prosperity may involve people like your boss. The dream may not seem pleasant if you ever dreamt about your boss kissing you, but it can indicate great success soon.

If you’re a woman, such a dream could mean that you’ll become the head of a large corporation or take on an important leadership role.

If you’re a man, it could mean that you’ll land an executive position or start working for a new company that’s even more successful than your current one.

The reason behind this dream is that your subconscious is trying to tell you that your hard work and dedication will soon receive a reward. You’ve probably been working long hours at work and showing off your stuff. So when you dream about getting love from your boss for all of it, it means they have taken notice and are ready to reward you for being so wonderful.

New Possibilities of Life


10. New Possibilities of Life

Have you ever dreamt about a child kissing you on the forehead? Such a dream predicts favors in the near future because children are innocent and full of childlike joy. The child may be someone you know or meeting for the first time and may manifest your subconscious telling you to pay attention to something.

A child can also represent emotions and instincts, which you might have repressed and need to express more openly. You could say these thoughts through art or music or speak with someone you trust about what’s on your mind.

Kissing your siblings in a dream is another indication of good times ahead.

11. A Symbol of Impending Danger

Dreams suggesting impending danger involve a stranger kissing you in the dark. Such dreams may indicate danger ahead because darkness symbolizes mystery and the unknown.

When you dream about kissing in the dark, you are often drawn into something you don’t entirely understand or know how to handle. There may be an element of deception that could lead you astray or cause you to feel as though you are doing something wrong.

Sometimes, a dream of kissing in the dark can mean that your intuition is telling you to pay close attention to what’s happening around you and your life.

12. An Indication of a Happy Relationship

Have you ever dreamt about your spouse kissing you on the tongue? It indicates a beautiful marriage full of mutual respect, love, and happiness.

For those in a committed relationship who are content with their partner, dreaming about them kissing you may reflect a more profound overall feeling of satisfaction, appreciation, and security.

You probably feel lucky to have found such a loving person who cares for and respects you and your needs. This is a sign that your relationship is moving forward in a positive direction and that you are working towards building something beautiful together.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the context of the kissing dream, you may come up with different interpretations of the dream concerning someone kissing you. Such dreams may indicate a happy relationship, breaking boundaries, memories, warning of danger ahead, dissatisfactions in life, a strong bond, romance, admiration, hidden secret, and more.

Finding out what a dream means and applying that information to your life can be beneficial.

Have you ever dreamt about someone kissing you? If you have, please tell us about it in the comment section below. We appreciate your comment.

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Kissing You



Saturday 13th of January 2024

I am a married woman but in this dream, I dreamt of an old casual friend of mine coming for my hand in marriage. He sents me money n gift n also asked me to give his brother a certain amount which when he came to collect it I noticed that his brother was an actor in the movie industry. So after, this my old friend came to visit me, he looked so cute n admirable on his suit n shoes. Infact I could not recognize him, he was too handsome to behold. He immediately came to me n while knelling down with a bouquet on his hands he said baby traffic was much n kissed me. I reciprocated immediately with a tender lips. I opened my eyes n it was morning. I felt so happy, It looked so real that I didn't know it was a dream.


Friday 9th of June 2023

I had a dream about a close friend of mine kissing me..., It was like an unknown place and i was kinda feeling sleepy and calling mom and papa who aren't my real life parent, this guy arrived and held me like a side hug and covered me by his hands from both side and put his lips just beside my lips and gradually started moving towards my lips and started kissing me softly.... And idk why i was ok with this and just because I was feeling sleepy, i asked him in a sleepy voice that what are you doing?( Pointing that we were standing on the road and like you started being romantic here) , He smiled and continued and then I was comfortable standing him his circled embrace. After that it ended and I woke up hence it was a morning dream

Sharmaine Cook

Tuesday 24th of January 2023

I had a dream that my boss, a man, and I were kissing. It felt real. It was romantic, genuine, filled with passion, and something that was ok with the both of us. We looked at one each as we pecked on each other lips and I remember saying something to the effect of never disrespecting him as my boss as he looked at me like I meant the world to him.