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11 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You

11 Spiritual Meanings When Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You

Did you dream of a dead person talking to you? After such a dream, it is natural to want to find out what it means. It is also natural to feel fearful or sad after such dreams, depending on who the person in the dream was and who you felt in the dream.

Death in dreams is often a sign of a new beginning or leaving something in the past. It can mean that we have unresolved issues we need to attend to before we can move towards new opportunities. But what does it mean if a dead person is talking to us in the dream?

Dreaming About A Dead Person Talking To You


Dreaming About A Dead Person Talking To You

If you dreamt that a dead person was talking to you, should you be worried? Is it a negative sign or can the dream have positive interpretations?

What the dream means depends on the dead person, for example, was it a friend or a family member? Is that person dead or still alive in real life? It will also depend on what is going on in the waking life of the dreamer.

Read on to find out more about the meanings of different dream scenarios.

1. General Interpretations

We do not always remember the details of our dream, only that someone dead was talking to us. We might not be able to put a face on the person or remember what they were saying. If the details of your dream are hazy, here are some common interpretations before we look at more specific scenarios.

A dream where a dead person talks to you, but you don’t know who it is, might mean that you are tired of people giving you advice when you haven’t asked for it.

It could be a warning dream, especially if you felt a sense of dread in the dream. It could be an omen of difficulties ahead of you. But try not to worry too much because you can overcome the difficulties.

If you cannot see the dead person in the dream, it can be symbolic of you hiding parts of yourself. The dream is encouraging you to be confident with who you are and to embrace all aspects of yourself.

Since death dreams are associated with new beginnings, the dream could be a sign that you are going through a period of transformation and you are seeking guidance on the next steps.

Now that we know the general meanings of the dream, let’s focus on specific people and scenarios.

2. Dead Mother

If you have a dream of your dead mother talking to you, this can be a sign of you looking forward to becoming a mother. This dream is especially likely for those who have had difficulties conceiving. This dream can be a positive message, encouraging you not to give up the hope of becoming a mother.

A dream where your deceased mother talks to you can also be a sign of happy endings not related to motherhood. If you have been facing many obstacles in life, the dream is a message that you will overcome them.

Dead Father


3. Dead Father

A dream about your dead father talking to you can mean that you miss having a strong male figure in your life like your father was. It doesn’t mean that you are looking for a boyfriend or a husband, but that you miss having the emotional and, even physical support, a father can offer.

The dream can also encourage you to take charge of your own life. If you have been drifting along rather than consciously going for your goals, the dream can be a sign to make the most of every day and every opportunity.

4. Dead Sibling

Are you facing unwanted competition in your waking life? If that resonates with you, and especially if your siblings are still alive, this dream can be a sign that you are spending too much time worrying about the competition. Instead, you need to focus on your own work and do your best.

If the dream is about a dead brother or sister who has passed away in real life, the dream could be a sign of how you still miss them in your waking life. It can also symbolize your need for a close relationship like that with a sibling.

5. Dead Grandparents

A dream where your dead grandparents are talking to you is usually a good sign and can be symbolic of a significant family event. It could be, for example, a wedding or a new baby.

This dream can also be a sign of an improved financial situation. If you have been struggling to make your money last, then a dream of your dead grandfather or grandmother talking to you is good news for you. It might mean that you will get a promotion with a pay rise at work, or that you get an unexpected windfall.

6. Dead Husband

Unfortunately, a dream about a dead husband talking to you is often a bad sign. Ask yourself, how are your finances? Are they as secure as they can be? Dreaming about your late husband could be a sign of a financially dangerous situation.

But don’t lose hope even if the dream seems very negative. Your subconscious mind is preparing you through the dream. If you act on the warning, you will be ready for the harder times.

Dead Relatives 


7. Dead Relatives

The most straightforward dream interpretation for dreams where a deceased relative is talking to you is that you are still going through the grieving process and miss having them in your life. It is a way to relive your memories with them.

If that person is alive in real life, then the meaning is different. It can be a sign that you have neglected your relationships and must cherish them more.

8. Dead Friend

If your friend has passed away in real life, the dream is a manifestation of how much you miss them and wish they were still around.

However, if the friend is alive in real life, there are two interpretations of this dream. First is that your relationship with them is not what it used to be. Perhaps you have been having disagreements. The dream is telling you to approach your friend and fix the problems before it is too late.

The second meaning is that there might be someone in your life who is not your true friend. They will not have your best interest at heart and the dream is telling you to distance yourself from people like that.

9. The deceased person is someone who recently passed away

If the person talking to you is someone who died only recently, then the most common interpretation is that you are still processing their death. While these dreams can fill us with sadness, they are nothing to worry about.

Everyone grieves differently and you need to give yourself time. It is normal to miss them and want to talk to them again, and dreams sometimes allow us to do that.

The person is someone you looked up to


10. The person is someone you looked up to

Being spoken to by a person who you used to trust and look up to, such as a teacher or a spiritual leader, can be a sign that you need advice on an important matter. If you have a decision to make in your waking life, think about what advice the person in your dream would give you if you could talk to them.

You might also have this dream if you are starting something new in your waking life, such as a new job or you are trying to learn a new skill. Your dream can be a sign that you want more support with the new venture. Perhaps it’s time to confide in someone you trust in real life and ask for their help.

11. The Person Died From an Illness

A dream about someone who died from an illness talking to you is a message to take better care of yourself. Maybe you have been so busy lately that you have ignored your well-being. The dream is a reminder to dedicate some time to self-care.

It could also mean that you need to look at your lifestyle. Maybe you have an unhealthy habit you should give up such as smoking, or you need to pick up new healthy habits, such as exercising. And if you have been feeling unwell, it is a sign to see a doctor.


If you dream of a dead person talking to you, it is best not to ignore the dream. When the person in the dream is dead in real life, the dream can be a sign to give your grief and healing process time. However, as we have seen, the dream can carry an important message from the subconscious mind.

We have covered interpretations of the most common scenarios of dreams where a dead person is talking to you and hope they have helped you interpret your dream. If there is anything else you would like to ask about this type of dream, write your question in the comments section.

Dreaming About A Dead Person Talking To You