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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Arguing With Mom

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Arguing With Mom

Arguing with your parents is a part of everyone’s life, and no matter how good your relationship with your mom is, a little quarrel is inevitable. But this dream means something different for every individual, depending on your relationship with your family.

It can bring back feeling from childhood when you felt misunderstood or controlled, and make you angry or sad. No matter how you feel, it is a sign of things in your life that need some sorting out, so pay attention to any feelings or emotions introduced by the dream that cause confusion or concern.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Arguing With Mom


What does the dream of arguing with your mom possibly signify in your life

1. Fear of powerlessness

This dream could mean you are afraid of being powerless, and you may be trying to avoid situations in which you feel like that. You don’t trust people easily, and when someone tries to control you, you easily become defensive.

You like to have the last word and hate when people try to tell you what to do. You might want to take a look at why this is the case and try to find new ways of thinking or handling your problems.

Learn how to trust people more and turn down that volume of resistance.

2. Address unresolved problems

In a dream, arguing with a family member means you have unresolved issues with that person and you need to check them. Alternatively, the argument may be a way for you to express your anger about something else.

Dreams are a way for the mind to resolve these issues and store that information for future use. Our brain may use dreams to process these feelings and resolve problems by simulating arguments with our mothers.

Try to see what the argument was about and try to bring those points out to your mother, but without causing a fight. Most likely, she will understand your view if you know how to communicate efficiently.

A warning to stay safe


3. A warning to stay safe

This arguing dream can be a representation of how you feel about your relationship, or how others are treating you. Your argumentative dream may contain hidden clues that reflect your struggles in life.

Maybe there is someone in your life that wants to harm you, but you aren’t sure about their intentions. This is a message from your subconscious mind to pay more attention and be more careful around the caus your intuition isn’t wrong.

Take your distance, but don’t let the other person know their intentions, as it may anger them. Try to talk to other people and find new friends and interests away from the danger.

4. You feel guilty about something

It’s fairly usual for dreams involving disagreements with your mother to represent your shame and anguish if you’ve committed a thing you’re not happy with.

Fighting with your mom takes you back to those memories when, as a child, you were being told off by your parents. You feel guilty because you know what you have done is wrong in real life, but you are too proud to accept it or try to apologize. You may want to say sorry and make amends if you want to feel better and bring your relationships closer.

5. You are under a lot of pressure

We all know how cranky we can be when under a lot of stress. The negative emotions make us start random fights even if the subject isn’t severe enough and then feel bad afterward. This dream might be a reflection of that if you know that your relationship with your mother is usually good.

If you lose your temper in your dream, then it could be symbolic of underlying frustration that’s ready to come out and your inability to handle it.

You are under a lot of pressure


You might not realize it, but you are becoming very irritable and moody. This has been getting worse in recent days. Or maybe you are in the midst of some change and it’s hard to know where to start. If you don’t try and get away from all of the stress, it could affect your life in ways that could have lasting consequences.

6. You don’t have the best relationship with your mom

This dream might confuse you as you don’t fight with your mother, but you may also not have a good relationship with her. You keep your distance from one another, and while this can be helpful in the short run, you need to sort it out one day.

You may still feel resentment toward her for something from your childhood that she may not even be aware of, so the best thing to do is have a mature conversation. The dream interpretation may also help you recognize conflicts or disputes in your waking life that you could prevent.

7. You don’t feel loved

Maybe you don’t have a partner right now, your parents don’t care about you or you don’t feel popular enough, even though you would like more friends.

A mother-children argument in your dreams indicates that you don’t feel accepted and can be seen as an attempt to get attention. You get the idea that those around you are blind to your efforts and skills. You must consistently demonstrate your reliability.

A freud with your mother in your dream suggests that you need more guidance and assistance from people close to you. Instead of challenging your judgments, you would rather that they assist and encourage you. In contrast to your dream, make an effort to handle this with composure and show acceptance towards your mother figure.

8. You will accomplish great success professionally

You will accomplish great success professionally


If you have been struggling to accomplish a big project at your job for your business, know that you are near the finish line. Dreaming of fighting with your own mother can, in some cases, mean good luck and great creativity. The adrenaline from this awareness is linked to the fight in your dream.

This dream is encouraging and suggests that you will create a plan that will make you very popular among your coworkers on a professional level. Finally, you will be respected for who you are.

Having arguments with our mothers in our dreams may also represent development, acceptance, and maturity. We can’t always agree with our mums on everything. Growing up means learning to defend ourselves and voice our own thoughts without being scared of them.

What Does A Certain Dream Mean?

For the most accurate interpretation of the significance of dreams involving arguments with our mothers, take into account all of the specific details and scenarios of the dream.

1. Dream of Arguing With Dead Mother Meaning

Even while arguing with your deceased mother could make you feel horrible the dream might have a deeper meaning.

This dream may be a sign that you fear you will soon lose something.  Your fear of experiencing that anguish again after losing a parent might make you feel terrified, and this dream seems to be how your soul deals with these feelings.

Arguing with your mother brings to light this feeling of concern. Even if these feelings are scary, this is a reminder that all can change at any moment, so you need to be ready to face it.

2. Dreaming Of Your Mother Yelling At You

Dreaming Of Your Mother Yelling At You


Dreaming of your mom being angry and yelling at you while you can’t say anything can cause frustration and agony and means your soul feels controlled in your day-to-day life. You feel like people always take you for granted and never appreciate you enough, even when you try your hardest.

This dream can also be an indication that you’re holding back your own rage and negative feelings. Maybe you’re furious about someone or something in your daily life, but you’re hesitant to say it out loud.

Living like this can put an extreme burden on your emotional health and sooner than later, you are going to break. This isn’t a sacrifice you need to make and such dreams show you it’s never going to end well.

3. Fighting with your mom in a public space

Arguing over a public space, where everyone is looking at you, can be an embarrassing situation. This dream might be telling you that you feel embarrassed by your mother’s actions and you have been fighting because of this in real life.

This might also be a warning that you are the one who might embarrass you. You think about doing something weird, but you are not sure about it. Maybe you should trust your gut instinct and tone down your actions in public.


We never enjoy arguing with the one person who should love us unconditionally. But at the end of the day, we are humans, and this is part of our journey towards maturity. Dreaming about this scenario is a great warning that something in your life might be a little wrong. It can be your confidence, job, or relationship.

No matter what, your emotional health can be at risk, and this is something you should never ignore. So take a step back and try to understand what this dream might be telling you, to heal your relationship with your mother and with yourself.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Arguing With Mom