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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dad Dying

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dad Dying

The death of parents or family members, in general, is a very traumatic, impactful, and sorrowful chapter in life, and most people struggle to cope with it. So, dreaming about it is not any less scary and traumatic, and this dream is usually fraught with negative emotions.

Seeing your father die or his coffin in your dream evokes strong feelings because a father represents a very crucial figure in your life that teaches you some of the fundamental values and instills behaviors, ideas, and habits.

Therefore, this dream can provide you with a plethora of deep meanings, which might be beneficial for you to understand better your emotional state and why this dream is happening to you.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dad Dying


What Does it Mean To Dream About Dad Dying?

Dreaming of your parent’s death is usually an indicator of some impending changes, your attitude in life, your spirituality, or betrayal.

However, to get a better interpretation, try to remember the particular scenario of your dream and details that stood out to you or seemed pronounced in your dream-they can point to some area of your life or an issue you need to deal with.

1. Foul Play

The dream of a dead father is related to betrayal and some foul play that will be exported on you. Many dream experts believe that your subconscious mind alerts you to clues in your environment or circle of friends that you overlook.

If you had this dream, think about your friends or partner and whether their behavior had changed without you consciously realizing it.

Interestingly, the brain can predict outcomes and consequences because it constantly collects data and processes your previous experiences.  So, your subconscious mind actually picks up these subtle clues from your real life and situations and incorporates them into a dream. Maybe consider finding new friends with better intentions or try to discover why they have this negative attitude toward you.

2. Major Changes Are On The Way

Father’s death is an unfortunate event that shakes you to the core and paralyzes you. Most people have issues moving on with their lives, but sooner or later, one has to accept death and its consequences.

Therefore, spiritually the dream of a parent dying denotes the meaning of significant changes that will come your way. Your life will probably turn upside down, and you will enter a new chapter of life.

Even though we do not want to see our parents die, it is inevitable. So, take this dream as a predicament of some transformation and shift, which can include both negative and positive changes depending on the dream scenario and how it made you feel.

3. Devil On Your Shoulder

Dreaming about your deceased father is also an indicator that someone in your circle or the family negatively influences you. Going through life, we often stumble upon people with different goals, attitudes, and ideas in life.

However, as we spend more time with them, we take over some of their opinions and change their behavior, which can be positive and negative. Therefore, this dream is a sign that someone is having a bad influence on you.

It might be fun for now, but in the long run, it can have long-term consequences, including material loss or emotional distress. Therefore, try to spend time with people with reasonable goals and aspirations.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is one of the first steps to becoming positive and happy.

4. You Have Worries

You Have Worries


In real life, the death of your mom or dad is marked by sorrow, grief, and regret, but also worries, frustrations, and suspicions. When your parent passes away, you feel alone, distraught, and betrayed, but also worried because now you do not know how to carry on and what to do with your life.

The dream of a dead parent is a sign that you have doubts over certain aspects of your life, your choices, and in general, the direction your life is currently taking. It can relate to your professional, spiritual and romantic life.

Reflect on your recent actions or try to find what is bothering you and making you doubt your life. For example, maybe you are not financially secure and worry about being able to afford a living space and have an everyday life.

On the other hand, you might have doubts about your boyfriend or girlfriend– you either do not know where the relationship is headed, or you fear that they might abandon you, causing you great distress and anxiety.

5. You Are Disappointed

Having dreams of your father dying can hint that you have experienced some significant disappointments. That can reflect your dissatisfaction with your life choices and the direction your life is currently taking.

You may feel that your parents, namely your father, would not have approved of your actions and would be greatly disappointed with you, so you experience this dream because your subconscious mind is stressing this emotion.

Deep down, you feel that you could achieve more and have potential, but over time you have made some wrong choices and are now stuck in your life that you want to escape.

You may have this dream because you feel that you did not treat your parents the way you should have, and now you are filled with regret and sorrow.

6. Material Gain

Although it sounds unlikely, dreaming about your dead parents can indicate some positive events in your life, such as future material gain. It usually manifests in the form of various possessions, such as jewelry, a car, and clothes.

There is a saying: ‘For every loss, there is a hidden gain,’ and this dream reflects this. So even though you have lost your father in your dream, it denotes that there will be some gain. This is the universal law of the universe; balance and moderation.

Interestingly, when you lose someone, such as your relative or parent, you are rewarded with material gain, which usually means nothing because possessions and money will not bring your relative or parent back.

It serves as a potent reminder to cherish your parents and value spiritual and emotional qualities.

7. Good News and Celebration

Good News and Celebration


Some people dream about their father’s funeral or seeing their coffin. What does that mean? Well, this dream has various scenarios which have different meanings. However, there are some clues to decipher whether you should be worried or not.

If the funeral takes place in a beautiful place such as a green meadow with flowers on a sunny day, that implies that you will be surprised with some good news in the future or you will have a celebration, which can be a wedding or a graduation.

On the other hand, if you see your father dying or his funeral on a gloomy and rainy day, that might indicate that something terrible will happen to you, such as some sickness or bad news regarding your job or business venture.

8. You Miss Your Dad

Often people think about their dead mother or father, especially if they get in a situation that reminds them of their parents or they found a trigger that made them remember something about them.

Our subconscious mind picks up on these seemingly minor feelings and memories, and then we see our parents in our dream later. So if you dream of your late father, mainly speaking with him, that is a sign that you miss him and need his guidance.

Parents are the most important people in our lives; even though they pass away, they still remain with us in spirit. Everything we are reminds us of them, and it is perfectly normal to have the desire to see them or speak with them again.

9. Your Spiritual Rebirth

As mentioned, death is a significant event that affects us in numerous ways. Maybe you have witnessed it yourself- a person that lost a parent and completely changed their attitude, behavior, and goals in life.

So, having this dream can indicate that you might encounter a change-particularly a spiritual rebirth. You may turn to higher forces for guidance and instructions. It also means that you will align your wishes with your potential.

It represents a personal transformation; you will turn a new leaf and start a new life where you are focused on spiritual qualities rather than physical life. Your dad’s death made you realize what matters, and now you apply what you have learned to other aspects of your life.


Dreaming about a dad dying is usually considered a bad dream and an omen because it is linked to death, sadness, sorrow, grief, disappointment, illness, frustration, worries, negative influence, and internal problems.

However, before you jump the gun and start worrying that it is a predicament of your father’s death, it can have a positive interpretation, which depends on the scenario. Therefore, it can signify positive and significant changes, a new beginning, material gain, and good health.

Have you had this dream? How did it make you feel? Please, share it with us!




Tuesday 30th of January 2024

I saw horrible dream that known people ask me to do all the funeral part, I was not knowing why they ask me to do all the things which normally do when anyone from home died and we have to do last work then suddenly I saw my father dead body and was crying continuously then I realise my father died. The rain was going on and I woke up with crying at 3.45 a.m in night