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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dead Fish

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dead Fish

Dreams are potent messages sent to guide us on the right path. What happens there carries some significant meaning we can learn from and be inspired by.

But sometimes, dreams can make us feel less the opposite. If you dream about dead fish, no doubt, you’ve got mixed emotions. It’s not exactly the nicest of situations to find yourself in.

But we are here to tell you that this dream has several important things to say– if you’re open to it. Below we’ll explore some of the most common meanings of dreaming about dead fish.

12 meanings to dreaming of dead fish


12 meanings to dreaming of dead fish

1. You are going through a period of immense change

Many dreamers get scared when they see death in dreams. They fear the worst; that they, or their loved ones, will soon die. But we’re here to tell you to relax.

The death you see in your dreams often is metaphoric, signaling some part of your life is ending. As such, seeing dead fish in your dream tells you to expect a change in your life.

This change can be something small and minor. But it could also be a considerable transition across work, your love life, and your home. You should be excited about these new opportunities, as they will often positively influence your life.

2. Be wary of missed opportunities

Fish have always been celebrated throughout time for providing sustenance and opportunity. Today, they are one of the most traded food stocks worldwide.

Seeing or catching dead fish in your dreams suggests that you’re squandering some new opportunity that has presented itself. Perhaps you’ve overlooked a project or job offer or haven’t applied yourself fully to a task.

Your subconscious mind is warning you to wake up and seize the day. It may not be too late to revive the fish and benefit from their existence.

3. You should become generous and share what you have

Although dead fish might not seem like much, appearances can be deceiving. That’s because dead fish play a significant part in several world religions, used to teach about sustenance, generosity, and the power of God. For example, in the Bible, Jesus fed crowds of people with three small fish and loaves.

Using this interpretation, seeing dead fish may invite you to share yourself with people. You may not think you have much – but there’s something you have that can make a real difference to someone. This can be physical, like money or objects, but you can also be generous with other things, like your love, time, and ideas.

You may be feeling bad about yourself

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4. You may be feeling bad about yourself

Sometimes, seeing dead fish in dreams symbolizes the negativity in your life. You might be hitting a bump in the road right now, feeling down, and suffering from an identity crisis.

Your dream is a reflection of this feeling of hardship. Perhaps you’ve recently faced grief, regret, or disappointment. You may be battling a bout of depression. Or maybe, the sight of dead fish has come as a surprise to you.

Regardless, feeling sadness at its appearance suggests you must mind yourself. You need fresh perspectives on yourself right now. Surround yourself with positive people who only see and want the best for you to improve this slump in life you’re in.

5. Be careful who you trust right now

Sometimes when you dream of a dead fish, it’s part of a larger prank or joke on you. Someone places this foul-smelling fish to trick and embarrass you.

These kinds of fish dreams signal there’s someone around you who is gunning for you. They suffer from immense jealousy and an inability to let go of past grievances. Take a closer look at your immediate circle of friends, and reach out to anyone who has reason to think badly of you. The rotten fish used in your dream can be a warning for your real-life relationships.

6. You need to stand out from the crowd more

Dead fish can be a potent symbol of conformity, of being the same, not standing out from the crowd, and making your mark in life.

If your dream occurs in a fish market, where one dead fish looks identical to the other, this is a potent symbol that you are currently being overlooked. No one kis ntociing you. You are blending into the background.

Upon waking, your dream challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward for new opportunities and share something no one expects from you. You may even surprise yourself with what you’re capable of doing.

You will become inspired

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7. You will become inspired

Because death in dreams often symbolizes change, and fish are natural symbols of wisdom, seeing dead fish often signifies you will go through a chance of thinking – usually for the better.

Shortly, you will become more inquisitive and learn lots of new things. Don’t squander this gift of wisdom; trust your intuition and apply yourself at work to succeed in ways you haven’t before in your waking life.

8. You will hear good news about a pregnancy

Given their high nutritional content, fish are a potent symbol of fertility and family planning. Each year, fish can lay many eggs and continue to do so until they die. Additionally, dead fish are often used as active ingredients in various fertilizers.

Applying these two scenarios, the dead fish means you will receive good luck and fortune in areas like pregnancy and family planning. Like the fish, you will excel at “growing” your family and succeed at raising your young.

9. You need to make new connections with people

Fish are potent symbols of community, group thinking, and companionship. On a purely biological level, they often shoal together in enormous numbers for protection. Even in fish tanks, your pets will group instinctively.

It’s no wonder many religions use fish to symbolize group identities. Early Christians, for example, used the symbol of fish (ichthys) to communicate in secret. Using these interpretations, witnessing a lot of dead fish in your dream asks you to reach out to your community more.

You haven’t relied on others as much as you could and should. Try to make new friends, and focus on family life. The isolation could be what killed the fish in the first place.

Take better care of yourself

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10. Take better care of yourself

As aquatic animals, fish are closely tied to the element of water. As such, they represent health, cleanliness, clarity, and tranquility. But seeing dead fish can sometimes be seen as a bad omen, especially if they are raw fish.

Perhaps you or someone close to you suffers from health problems. Or, maybe, they aren’t taking as much care of themselves as they should.

This dream reminds you of the importance of self-care. Set time aside for exercise, and improve your diet, and you may be able to turn this dream meaning into a pleasant surprise!

11. You need to focus on the positives in life

Dead fish can be a beacon of possibilities in the dream world, especially if your dream sees you cooking. Some exciting recipes and opportunities can take fold.

Cooking with dead fish is a strong message that you must make the best of bad situations. Perhaps something has happened to you recently that has made you bitter or resentful? Or maybe your pride has taken a knock of confidence after being rejected?

Trust in the message of your dream that with enough determination and concentration, you can change your circumstances and get a fresh perspective. Once dead fish can become nutritious, fried fish satisfies your every need.

12. Be careful what you invest in

Fresh fish are natural symbols of fortune and financial success, and they invite us to take risks and enjoy life. Conversely, dead fish can be a sign of misfortunes, financial loss, and mistakes made.

This dream is especially poignant if you catch dead fish. It teaches you that the idea of something might be better than reality. Be careful of making wrong decisions; don’t act without knowing the full story. Stay within your comfort zone, and don’t act too rashly with your money.


Dreams are powerful, often intricate messages sent by our subconscious. Often, their true meaning is hidden behind some strong symbol we must reflect on to fully understand.

When you dream of dead fish, it’s important to remember that you aren’t going to die in real life. In fact, death often heralds immense change and transformation in your life. See this as a huge opportunity in your life, as dead fish have many, many uses.

That said, dead fish can also signify troubles in your personal life and emotional states. Be kind to yourself, and work on improving areas of your life that will bring you joy.

12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Dead Fish