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13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water Slide

13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water Slide

Water slides are a key part of summertime fun. We’ve all felt the thrill of going down an amusement park slide, only to feel the crash and splash when we hit the bottom. Dreaming of a water slide is a bit unusual, though.

Assuming that you don’t work at a water park, seeing a water slide in a dream can be a bit of a shock. It’s normal to wonder what this could mean, and how it could impact your life. So, let’s take a look at what dream interpreters have to say.

13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Water Slide


What Does It Mean If You Dream Of A Water Slide?

1. Dreams about water slides often mean that you’re living for the exhilaration of life, even if it could potentially be dangerous for you.

Did you know that water parks are the most dangerous type of amusement parks in America? It’s true, and most of us know a little bit about the dangers. After all, drowning is a scary potential problem and so are amoeba infestations.

Unsurprisingly, going down a dream slide can be a sign that you’re gambling with your safety in real life. This is a dream that often pops up when you are developing negative habits and tossing precautions to the wayside.

Yes, the thrill is there. But, is temporary enjoyment worth the long-term emotional stress it could cause? You may want to keep an eye out for matters of addiction, risk-taking, or stupid moves. It’s a slippery slide you’re running down!

2. A big water slide or steep slide can suggest that you need to push your comfort zone

Most people are acquainted with the feeling of mild anxiety that comes with standing at the top of a water slide. This is a feeling that’s fairly similar to the vibe of being a novice at a new job, or even knowing you have to switch careers.

If you dream of a scary mountain slide, it could be that you are worried about the chance of failing if you go  outside your typical realm of comfort. Does this sound like a situation that you’re dealing with? If it does, this could be a dream version of anxiety.

3. Dreams of falling off a water slide means your careless behavior will get the best of you

Falling off a water slide means that negative influences in your life really got the best of you. This is the type of dream you may have when you are doing things like drinking while on the job, or partying until you get kicked out of school.

The same can be said if you are riding a water slide that is remarkably dirty. However, in this case, the dirty slide is more about ethical issues than it is the issue of you not “looking before you leap.”

4. Dreaming of partying at a water park with friends indicates a good social life

Not all dream interpretations have to be wildly convoluted metaphor for what you’re experiencing in real life. Sometimes, a dream about sliding down water slides is just a sign you’re enjoying life with your friends. It can be a simple dream about your friendships.

5. Going down a water slide feet first can indicate that your troublesome times will end without too much issue

Water slides are commonly seen as foreboding signs of instability, but there’s some good news. If you dream of going down a water slide feet first, you can come out of your problems and still proverbially “land on your feet.”

In most cases, the instability will mess up some of your life. It can be a financial “spill,” or it could be something more romantic. This means that you won’t come out completely unscathed.

6. Falling down a water slide can suggest a sudden, difficult loss

What happens if you dream of being pushed or falling into a water slide that you didn’t want to ride in? Well, this tends to be a major sign that your subconscious mind is warning you about something that will happen that’s out of your control.

This type of water slide dream suggests that you will suffer a sudden, swift, and unforeseen loss in your future. Sadly, there’s not much you can do to prevent this. This is a dream that tells you to brace yourself, as you might lose your job or your relationship soon.

7. Pushing someone down a water slide suggests that you want to control someone’s actions

If you aren’t the one falling, but the one pushing someone down a water slide, then the meaning of your dream changes. There are two key ways to interpret this.

If the dream involves you aggressively pushing someone down the slide, then it could mean that you want to “trip them up” or otherwise sabotage then in waking life. It also tends to mean that you may try to gain an upper hand with them to have less-than-ideal ways.

Another interpretation exists for dreams which are a bit more playful in nature. In this case, you might be romantically pursuing someone who isn’t interested. This dream indicates you’re hoping she or he will finally give you a chance.

8. At times, the water slide can also indicate that you’re being unethical

Water slides can also be a sign that you might not be behaving the way you should, and that your behavior will eventually catch up to you. This can be something along the lines of sabotaging work or even hurting someone for fun.

Be honest with yourself. Have you been treating other people poorly? This dream is a warning that karma can be pretty cruel.

9. Going down a water slide on a raft means you will have the results of your bad actions cushioned

Rafts are life-saving devices that are used to help cushion the impact of things like sinking ships, or being downed in an airplane. Water slides often mean that you may face the consequences of foolish decisions.

It comes as common sense, then, that a dream where you are going down a water slide in a raft means you won’t face too harsh a consequence. Perhaps that risk you took isn’t as risky as people would have you believe.

10. Dreaming about a broken water slide is a sign of being stuck

Most water sides are fairly quick-moving, but what happens if you dream of a dry slide or a slide that is broken? It’s simple. You can’t move. In the event that you get stuck in a slide, you end up with a situation where you’re helpless until someone lifts you up.

This is the same thing that a dream about a broken slide can try to tell you. Are you stuck in a situation where you can’t go forward or back? It could be that you feel jammed up, just like a water slide that’s run out of water.

11. In some cases, you might see a water slide dream mean betrayal

People who are afraid of water tend to see water as dangerous. This may be an indication that you sense some hostility in the people around you. Do you feel like you are unable to be safe around the groups of people you’re near?

If you are currently surrounded by people who are acting kind of sketchy, it may be time to take a step back. This is a dream that suggests you may face betrayal, or at least a hostile environment.

12. Water slides can also have the same metaphor as an emotional rollercoaster

Waterslides are rarely ever just a “one slope” ride, unless you have one in your backyard. Water in dreams tends to symbolize your emotions. Unsurprisingly,  this means that many water slide dreams are actually a sign of you dealing with an emotional rollercoaster.

Turbulent waters often betray turbulent emotions in your dreams. Did you go down with a splash? Did you feel anxious, or see a bunch of crazy highs and lows? If so, this is what your dream really is about.

13. Finally, it could just mean that you’re having fun

Water slides are, at their base, inventions that are linked to fun and celebration. If you dream of a water slide and enjoy a good splash, then you shouldn’t be shocked to hear that it’s sometimes just a fun dream.

Water slide dreams are complicated, primarily because it can mean a bunch of different things to a bunch of different people. It’s important to take your own personal situation into account before you make an assumption.

Last words

Did you recently have a strange or quirky water slide dream? Tell us your experience with this unique dream in the comments below!

What Does It Mean If You Dream Of A Water Slide



Sunday 11th of February 2024

Had a dream of going down a river like water ride on a raft with my cat sitting on my chest contentedly. Only one first large drop, then just slightly turbulent but not scary. Just keeping my cat happy, dry and safe.


Monday 11th of December 2023

I realized I was on a water slide (do not recall getting on it). It was open to the sea. It was like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and I was mostly submerged in the water, but not having any trouble with water in my face/mouth. The water was delightfully warm and clear. Perfect, So comfortable, the water felt so nice. It was very long and I was not afraid. Then I saw a small yellow rowboat coming toward me. As it got closer, I realized it was going to hit or go over me, so I just knocked it over the side into the sea. I safely exited the waterslide, but couldn't find my sandals.


Saturday 25th of November 2023

Going facedown a water slide on my stomach with lots of large snakes as some type of spiritual process . Does anyone have insight into this. Also, I’m terrified of snakes.