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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Falling

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Falling

The dream about falling is one of the most common dreams, and everybody has experienced it at some point in their life. It usually starts with you flying or walking, and suddenly, you fall from great heights and panic.

The falling dream can tell you a lot about how you currently handle situations and problems in waking life because dreams generally reflect our recent or even past and suppressed traumas, memories, events, wishes, goals, and fears.

The dream of falling is related to your current mental and emotional state. It is usually connected to negative feelings and reflects your anxiety, fear of losing your job or control, failure, and stress, among others.

What Is A Hypnic Jerk?


What Is A Hypnic Jerk?

Before diving into the numerous interpretations and potential scenarios of this dream, it is vital to familiarize yourself with a term related to the dream of falling. Have you ever heard of Hypnic jerk? You are probably thinking, what is that?

Do you know that unpleasant feeling you experience when falling into your dream? Well, those are hypnic jerks or involuntary muscle contractions, which also occur when we are transitioning from one sleep phase to another, including the light sleep or hypnagogic state.

The Symbolism of Dream About Falling

1. You Are Afraid of Failure

Generally, we all hate failing, and that is a universal perception regarding failure. However, sometimes in life, we become very sensitive or have a lot at stake, so we feel that failure is almost like a shadow lurking and waiting for us.

This is a common interpretation of a falling dream because falling can be symbolically seen as failing. So, for example, maybe you are not satisfied with a specific aspect of your life, whether romantic or professional, and you feel that you have failed yourself with the choices you made.

It is also related to financial issues; maybe you started a new business recently, and you constantly worry whether you will be able to repay your loans and earn money. This fear of failure usually stems from a negative or even traumatic experience.

Maybe at some point in life, you hit rock bottom, or a significant other left you without explanations, and you constantly try to avoid something similar from happening again.

2. Are You Losing Control?

If you have this dream very often, ask yourself whether you feel you are losing control of your life. As mentioned, these dreams have a lot to do with negative feelings such as anxiety, stress, and fear.

You are most likely experiencing this dream because of the loss of control in your real life. You feel that you are losing grip of your own life and its direction.

It can relate to both romantic and professional life; maybe you feel that someone might replace you at your current job position, or you think that your partner might leave for someone else.

This dream signals that you might be experiencing feelings of inferiority and vulnerability. Although you might try to conceal it, your subconscious mind is aware of it and is directing your attention to it.

3. Have You Had a Traumatic Experience?

Have You Had a Traumatic Experience?


Many people who have experienced some trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder tend to have dreams of falling and nightmares. These dreams reflect your everyday stress, anxiety, and past experiences, which affect your current reality.

Keep in mind that there are different scenarios for this dream that depend on your unique life experience and mental and emotional state. For example, some people tend to see themselves on a cliff edge, and they suddenly fall and keep falling.

If you had a climbing accident or you fell from a high-story building and survived, this dream reflects your negative sentiment regarding that whole situation and your fear that it might happen to you again.

4. Are you Under A Lot of Stress?

The sensation of falling is highly unpleasant and makes us unnerved, which might imply that you are currently under a lot of stress and pressure.

Unfortunately, stress is a common part of life that affects your physical and mental health and often has physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, chest pain, and high blood pressure.

Maybe you have recently experienced failure in some areas of your life, which adversely affects your psyche and quality of life. Then, you need to join a relaxation session or seance to try and alleviate your anxiety and negative energy.

5. Are you Depressed?

Since falling dreams can be considered a type of nightmare, especially if they are intense and frequent, they may result from depression or even sleep disorder. If you feel that your dreams have negatively affected your life, you need to consult a doctor.

Nightmares are very exhausting, and they cancel the whole purpose of sleep, which is to rest. It is very hard to rest and relax when you feel your body falling off stairs or high places; there is nothing you can do about it.

Therefore, these dreams may reflect your current despair, sadness, and dissatisfaction with yourself. Maybe you have encountered some setbacks or went through a very rough period, which took a toll on your mental health.

6. Are You Sexually Frustrated?

Are You Sexually Frustrated?


Both Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, and Carl Jung, a Sweden psychoanalyst, posited that dreams carry an important message from the unconscious to the conscious mind, hoping to grab your attention to your actual emotional state.

Sigmund Freud connected the dream of falling with internal conflict and erotic undertones. If you have already read of Freud or heard about him, you might know that his dream interpretations are usually related to sexual experiences and sexuality in general.

For him, the falling dream, if experienced by a woman, can be interpreted as her unconscious wish to change something regarding her sexual life

7. Do You Have An Internal Conflict?

Dreaming about falling may also signal that you have some internal conflicts or that you are feeling disintegrated. Think about your life choices and your current life situation! Is there something that you should have done differently?

You may be experiencing an internal conflict because of some bad choices, and it seems that living with yourself is challenging!

Although it sounds funny, that often happens, especially when people already have a terrible perception of themselves and struggle with insecurities and low self-confidence. It can also be related to decisions in your romantic life.

8. Do You Need Support?

This dream can also be a sign, clue, or even a cry for help from your subconscious mind to your consciousness to take charge and change things in your life. Spiritually falling in your can signal that you are in a bad place and struggle to keep afloat.

Whether those are financial or emotional needs, your subconsciousness is trying to alert you to your suppressed emotions and problems that you avoid. But, on the other hand, you may be overwhelmed and need to blow off some steam.

Try to talk to someone or a psychologist and share your problems, doubts, and fears; it will most likely be beneficial for you. You need to feel noticed and supported, so this is an excellent time to reach out to your friends and bare your soul.

9. Are You Afraid of the Unknown?

Are You Afraid of the Unknown?


The dream about falling from a building or even an airplane may signal that you do not cope well with changes and uncertainties.

Although nobody likes to have the rug pulled under their feet, some people have problems handling major changes or not knowing what will happen next.

This fear of the unknown is constant and is also supported by the fear of breaking a safe and comfortable routine or habit. If you resonate with this, you need to rearrange your mental perception, which is easier said than done.

However, how you perceive events, reactions, and emotions directly affects the quality of your life. You will keep your sense of security by staying in the same place or perpetuating the same habit, but you will never be able to be truly free and in the moment.

10. Has Someone Failed You?

If you had a dream that someone pushed you off a cliff and you fell, that could be interpreted as a warning that someone will betray you or fail you in your dear future. Interestingly, our mind picks up clues unconsciously from real life, which appear in dreams.

You have most likely noticed something in the behavior of someone close to you, but you cannot put your finger on it. It can be interpreted as a warning or consequence of events that have already happened.

Maybe you have someone for your forgiveness, although deep down, you feel they did not deserve it.


Dreaming about falling is generally seen as a bad dream or a nightmare and therefore is connected to mainly negative meanings and interpretations. Typically, when we analyze dreams, it is essential to remember the details, particular scenarios, and feelings.

With these dreams, the feeling is always negative and unpleasant, which explains why the dream of falling can symbolize anxiety, loss of control, depression, vulnerability, fear of the unknown, failure, and internal conflict.

Have you experienced this dream? How did it make you feel? Please, share your experience with us! If you want to comment or have a question, do not hesitate!