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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Trees

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Trees

Trees are a major part of our waking life, and we’ve used them as symbols for as far back as we can remember. The most generic symbolism of a tree is vitality, and we often relate them to our lifespan as a whole.

The roots serve as a foundation, while the trunk is our person and the branches are the connections we build throughout our lives. Dreams are rarely straightforward, and different details regarding tree type and anatomy make big differences in the interpretation of the dream.

In this article, we explain the most common meanings behind the trees in your dreams. Whether they symbolize stability or your downfall, you will have a better understanding of what your subconscious hints at.

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Trees


What Does It Mean When You Dream about Trees?

Trees are usually a good sign, as they relate to life and prosperity, but there are negative aspects to consider in any dream interpretation.

Consider your dream in the scope of your experiences, expectations, and critical observations in your life to interpret with accuracy.

1. New Life and Opportunities Are on the Horizon

Trees, especially small ones, indicate that there is new life waiting for you and strong opportunities on the horizon. This type of dream precedes instances of abundance, such as a favorable move or a smart investment.

You may develop a new relationship or run into an opportunity to prove your strength, and therefore your worth, in your occupation. These dreams indicate that your wisdom and prowess is sufficient to build something new in your life.

Fruit trees are common in these types of dreams, as the fruit deepens the symbolism of your reward. Some trees, like a cherry tree, cover a shorter timeline for your success.

2. You Should Have Faith in a New Project, Idea, or Business Venture

You may not be the one with the idea for growth. A dream of a tree can hint at someone else approaching you with a project or idea that requires your nourishment..

New opportunities following a tree dream are worth investing in, especially if the dream has positive energy. You don’t need to plant the seed to benefit from the tree.

This relates to dreams where you can see the tree from above, viewing its fertility and vastness and room for growth. A strong tree trunk deepens the idea of strength, and seeing trees at night prompt you to reflect on what is presented to you.

3. A Situation Has Reached a Point Where You Must Take Action

The more negative the mood, the more negative the interpretation. If you feel pressure in your dream, it may be a bad sign about what’s going on in your life.

A tree’s illness or death hints at weaknesses in your waking life. A falling tree is not a common sight, and it’s an ill omen that once preceded the fall of nations.

If you sense these negative emotions in your dreams, consider your circumstances and plan your next moves carefully. You must take action, but you cannot handle the disappointments that come with rushed decisions.

A tree may be sick for a long time before it shows signs of illness, and an aspect of your life may have been neglected for a while before you respond. With the right course of action, you can bring it back to its strong posture.

4. You Should Evaluate Your Relationships with Others

You Should Evaluate Your Relationships with Others

Credit: ariel_a_k

Tree branches, in particular, relate to your relationships. We see the symbolism in childhood family tree projects, and we relate the intricacy and beauty of the branches to human socialization.

If the branches are bare or dying, you may be treating people unfairly in your waking life. Leaves show how you feel about others, and green leaves are usually a sign of proper, nurturing relationships.

Falling leaves in your dream relates to a sense of adversity or despair, and you may not trust in those around you. You’re feeling left behind, and either need to strengthen yourself or your relationships to move forward.

New growth hints at meeting or forming relationships with new people. You may or may not know them yet, but something is going to change in your life.

5. You Are Cutting Influences from Your Life

Broken branches or dreams that involve cutting branches off show that you’re making decisions regarding relationships and ties in your life.

Cutting up a tree may mean you’re confused by someone in your waking life, and you’re trying to learn their motives. You’re on the path to learning an uncomfortable truth, and you’re building the resilience needed to stand without them.

Sometimes, these dreams tie back to habits or memories we’ve built ourselves on that need to change. You may overcome an addiction you picked up as a teen or realize someone was never what you thought they were.

Damage to your tree hurts for a while, but you grow back stronger from it.

Make sure you’re not chopping too much off or hacking at your trunk or roots; these actions cause more harm and isolation.

6. You Have Security and Refuge

If your dream involves taking refuge in the shade of the tree, you’re comfortable with your position in life. While all the parts of the tree work to bring us stability, this is most obvious with wide reaching branches and dense leaves.

This spiritual meaning speaks wonders about your inner strength. Not only do you feel safe in your environment, but you feel safe in your skin and your ability to make decisions.

This dream can be a breath of fresh air following hard times, and it’s something we love to see. The tree serves as shelter during or even after a storm, and it’s usually there just when we need it.

7. Downfall Is Imminent

Uprooted trees or those with heavily exposed roots are susceptible to damage and illness. This is not only difficult to accomplish, but hard to rectify. Unless someone acts quickly and tirelessly to combat the problem, the tree will succumb to darker things.

This dream precedes life-changing situations, such as an important plan falling apart or broken family ties.

You may also have massive inner turmoil that threatens foundational beliefs, such as a crisis of faith or sudden mental health worries.

You need to connect with others and create an effective plan to move forward. Without careful and intentional action, you’re unlikely to solve the problem. Ignoring it is not an option.

8. You Have Strength Greater than You Know

On the other hand, you may be surprised to encounter a massive tree in your dream. These surprising sights indicate the strength we hold inside, and your mind wants you to realize the full might of what you possess.

The tree symbolizes a balanced strength. Without balanced growth, a tree would not receive what it needs to grow and it would waste energy nurturing the wrong parts.

Strong, healthy trees hold up against anything. Even thinner trees, like palm trees along beaches, have adapters to hold true in their specific environment.

You can handle anything that is thrown at you, and you’re more than capable of facing what lies ahead.

9. You’re Entering a Season of Change

Deciduous trees, such as oak trees or elm trees, lose their leaves in the cold. They may not be the same sight of greenery and vitality, but are sitting in a stagnant period of their long life.

The tree is not lesser for this moment of waiting, and they’re about to burst into color when the weather suits it. Likewise, you’re lying in wait before entering a season of change.

Take this time to evaluate your strengths, and take care to preserve your good habits and mindset. Soon, you will use everything you are for positive transformation.

10. Your Attachment and Connection with Someone Is Strong

A unique dream to witness is two trees that grow together. They maintain separate anatomy, but have branches, roots, and trunks that entangle so greatly they could not be separated.

This type of dream symbolizes a strong connection with another, usually in a healthy relationship. Your relationship is true, and the two of you encourage growth in the other.

Sometimes, these dreams display evident signs of issue, such as clashing branches and decaying roots. These symbolize a strong connection in a toxic relationship.

11. Hints about Your Physical Health

If you suspect the tree symbolizes your life as a whole, look for any issues. Illness on the tree may be your subconscious hinting at medical issues.

If your tree worries you, consider a routine checkup with your physician. You may catch something early on when it’s easier and more effective to treat it.


When you dream about trees, take a moment to evaluate your own sense of life and the relationships you hold. These are the areas most related to these types of dreams.

Beyond this, consider anything that brings forth prosperity, such as your physical health or occupation. These are secondary factors that affect our primary goals on Earth.

Are you dreaming about trees? How does the tree show up in your dream, and how do you think it relates to your waking life?

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Trees