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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Protecting Someone

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Protecting Someone

A dream of protecting someone can appear as a good sign and often is indeed just that. However, the meaning of dreams such as that can also be very multi-faceted and full of nuance, not to mention that some details can easily turn the symbolism of any dream on its head.

In other words, the exact interpretation of your dream of protecting someone will depend on some of the details in it as well as on your current real-life circumstances and state of mind.

Only you can know those things but we can give you the 9 common interpretations of a dream of protecting someone and the specifics behind each of them so you can figure out which applies to your situation.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Protecting Someone


What does a dream of protecting someone mean?

To pinpoint the correct interpretation of your dream of protecting someone, you’d need to remember as many specifics about the dream as possible. For example, what were the behaviors of the people in your dream, what were you protecting them, were the people kids, family members, or was it a puppy or another pet? Questions like these and their answers lead to the 9 different interpretations we’ll list below:

1. You are afraid of someone’s well-being and want to keep them safe

The most direct and obvious interpretation of a dream of protecting someone is that you are afraid of their well-being and either want to protect them or begrudgingly feel like you have to. Such dreams are common with people you’re in a personal relationship with or with some close friendships you may have.

The person you’re dreaming about doesn’t necessarily have to be in danger either – you may just have a general fear or anxiety that they are in trouble, that things aren’t going too well for them, and that they’d need assistance with something.

2. There is an area of your life you want to see develop further

Funnily enough, often a dream of protecting someone has nothing to do neither with that person nor with protecting them. Often, it reflects your intense care for a particular area in your life and your strong desire – even if it’s just subconscious – to nurture that area and to develop yourself or your life in it.

There is an area of your life you want to see develop further


There can be a connection between said area and the person in your dream – maybe you want to become a better parent and you’re dreaming about your kids, maybe you want to do better at work and the person is a colleague, etc. Or, maybe you’re gathering the motivation to work on an aspect of your personality and you’re dreaming of someone you associate with that aspect in some way.

3. You have a protective mindset and impulses in general

A dream of you protecting someone can also be a simple portent that you are just overly protective in general and that protective impulse is always on your mind. That’s something you usually do with good intentions but you’re always aware that you might be doing it a little too much – sometimes to people who don’t want or don’t need protecting too.

It’s also likely that someone has pointed that out recently by either praising or criticizing your overly protective nature. Something like that can further get this aspect of your personality into focus, hence why your subconscious mind is thinking about it.

4. Something bad has happened to someone you know

Another very common case in which such a dream can occur is moments of major distress, usually, right after someone you know has encountered some problems. It could be a physical accident, some emotional trauma, or something else. In essence, if your subconscious mind notices that someone you love or know has been hurt, your protective impulses very well may activate.

This doesn’t mean that you actually can or should try to help that person in your real life. Very often, there isn’t much to do at all. So, rather than an omen or a hint as to what you should do, this dream simply symbolizes your internal drive and instinct to help those who’ve been hurt.

5. You have feelings for someone

A simple and sincere love toward someone is often all you need for your subconscious mind to start manifesting dreams of you protecting them. This is especially common for people who are of the opinion that loving someone and being in a relationship equals protecting them in any possible way.

You have feelings for someone


Such dreams are to be expected in newer relationships or even in people who are not in a relationship yet but are just strongly enamored with someone they wish to be in a relationship with. And, because you want such a relationship and because you associate being in a relationship with protecting your loved one – such dreams start appearing. Unsurprisingly, a dream like that is especially common for young men.

6. You feel like you need protection too

The reverse of most of the above interpretations is that you yourself feel vulnerable and you subconsciously wish someone would come and assist you in your state of constant helplessness by erecting a barrier around you and protecting you from the many dangers in your life.

The reason you’re dreaming of yourself as the protector rather than the other way around is just that your subconscious mind isn’t always all that good with specifics.

Naturally, such a feeling of deep helplessness may or may not be justified – that we can’t know for you. However, even if you’re not in any particular and overly significant danger at the moment, the fact that you’re dreaming such a thing indicates that your emotional state needs some assistance. It’s not uncommon for people with such dreams to suffer from severe depression without even realizing it.

7. You have trouble delegating responsibilities and want to do something yourself

A dream of protecting someone can also be common for people who have the need to always hog the responsibility for everything they are involved in. Those are usually the workaholic types or folks who plan and organize all family activities.

In essence, if you can’t delegate responsibility and find reassurance in doing everything yourself, you can subconsciously view yourself as everyone’s protector. This usually isn’t the healthiest way to approach your work, family life, and friendships as it essentially means that you have very low expectations of others and abnormally high ambitions for yourself.

In that sense, such a dream can be a reminder that you live in a society and you don’t always need to save others and do their job for them. Such impulses often raise an emotional wall around us and prevent us from having adequate relationships or benefiting from others’ help when we need it.

8. You’re worried you might have gotten someone in trouble

You’re worried you might have gotten someone in troubleYou’re worried you might have gotten someone in trouble


Guilt or shame about something you’ve done can also trigger dreams of you helping others. That’s often the emotional response of our subconscious mind trying to compensate for our “sin” by protecting the one who we have (or we think we have) hurt.

This doesn’t mean that we’ve really hurt someone, of course – just that we have guilt for something. In fact, the person we dream of protecting can often be unfamiliar to us as they simply symbolize the hypothetical “others” we think our actions might have affected.

Depending on how much you tend to feel guilty over stuff, such a response can be triggered by even the smallest things such as throwing litter on the ground.

9. You feel someone around you has been making a lot of mistakes recently or may have even caused some intentional harm

If you’ve recently observed someone’s betrayal toward you or toward someone else, or you’ve just noticed someone’s mistake, your subconscious mind may manifest a dream of you protecting someone as a response. Essentially, the symbolism here is that you’ve witnessed “a wrong” and you feel the impulse to fix it or to at least shield people from the issue.

In conclusion – what does a dream of protection someone mean?

The symbolism of dreams about protecting people is usually pretty clear – you feel like someone needs protecting and you want to or feel like you have to provide that service. There are exceptions to such dreams, however, as they can mean different things even if they feel straightforward at first.

Sometimes, a dream of protecting someone can indicate some personal drama between you or a peculiarity about your own personality. Other times, such a dream can indicate guilt, feelings of insecurity, or the subconscious need for personal growth in a specific area.

Figuring out the exact meaning of such a dream can be quite helpful in any of the above cases although it isn’t usually as urgent as some of the other dreams we often talk about here.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Protecting Someone