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13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Divorce

13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Divorce

Our dreams reflect our feelings, worries, hopes, and events from our daily lives. They can take us on wonderful adventures or reveal our deepest fears. In that context, what does it mean if you dream about a divorce? Does it mean that you will soon divorce or break up with your partner in real life?

While you might have a divorce dream if have divorced or you and your partner are going through a challenging time, dreams are often more metaphorical. There may be several layers of meaning depending on the dreamer’s current circumstances, the dream scenario, and the dreamer’s experiences with divorce.

Read on to find out what a dream about divorce might mean for you.

General Divorce Dream Interpretations


General Divorce Dream Interpretations

While there are meanings related to specific divorce dream scenarios, not all dreams will include a specific moment, such as asking for a divorce. Sometimes you wake up with just a general recollection that you dreamt about a divorce.

You will find the meanings of specific dream scenarios later in the article. First, the general interpretations.

1. You Are Still Processing a Real Life Divorce

If you have recently divorced, the dream is a sign that you are still processing the real divorce or a breakup and how your life has changed since then. It is natural to have such dreams after a big transition.

However, the dream could be a sign that you are not dealing with all the feelings resulting from the divorce and may be repressing some of them, for example, your anger or pain. It is ok to feel pain or anger after a divorce. Allowing yourself to go through all the different emotions will help with your healing.

2. You Feel Angry Towards Your Spouse

A dream of divorce can reflect how you feel about your ex or your current partner depending on your life situation. If the divorce is in the past, try to let go of your resentment as the person you will hurt the most by holding on to these negative feelings is yourself.

However, if you are still married, you need to ask yourself what is causing the anger and if can you get over it. Perhaps your husband has done something you are struggling to forgive such as lying or cheating. You will know in your heart if the marriage has a chance of recovering or if irreparable damage has been done.

3. Pay More Attention to The Issues in Your Relationship

Your dream about divorce can be a warning dream if there are issues in your relationship that you and your partner are not addressing. Perhaps the spark has gone out of your love life or you find it hard to agree on anything.

Unless you are both willing to address the marriage issues, your marriage or relationship could be at risk of falling apart. You should not overlook the issues because they can snowball into irreconcilable differences and drive you two apart. Find ways to reconnect with your partner if you are both willing to salvage your relationship.

You Fear Abandonment


4. You Fear Abandonment

When you have a dream about a divorce, it can reflect your insecurity in your relationship. You fear your partner will leave you. Is there a real cause for your fear? Has your partner shown signs they want out?

If not, then your fear is probably rooted in your childhood, possibly in your parents’ divorce, if that is part of your history. You need to address the root cause of your fear otherwise you could end up driving your partner away with your insecurities.

5. There is a Lack of Trust

A divorce dream can be a sign that there is a lack of trust between you and your partner. You need to figure out why. Is there a real cause to suspect your current partner? Or do your trust issues stem from a previous relationship where you had an untrustworthy partner? Do not tarnish your current partner with the same brush.

6. You Need to Get Away From Negativity

Sometimes a divorce dream meaning has nothing to do with your romantic relationship. It can also reflect certain situations or friendships. You may need to consider if all your friendships are healthy or do some friends affect you negatively. Perhaps you have friends who enjoy stirring up trouble and negativity. Distance yourself from such people.

Common Themes in Divorce Dreams

Common Themes in Divorce Dreams


When divorce dreams include a specific action, this can affect how to interpret the dream. Here are some common divorce dream scenarios.

1. You Ask For a Divorce

A dream where you ask for a divorce can be symbolic of your need to get rid of old habits that are not good for you. This could mean a physical habit such as smoking, or it can mean a habit of negative thinking.

It could also reflect your desire to make major life changes, for example, a new job, a new career, or even moving to a new place. The dream is a sign that you can make positive changes and create a new beginning for yourself.

2. You Are Served Divorce Papers

This dream symbolizes something that you are resisting in your life. Perhaps you have been avoiding a confrontation with your partner, a friend, or a colleague. The dream is telling you that you cannot keep avoiding the issues in your life. It is best to deal with them sooner rather than later.

3. Dream About Divorced Parents

When parents divorce, kids often feel like they need to take sides. Therefore, this dream can symbolize how you feel pulled in several directions in your real life. There may be people asking different things from you or you have to make a decision that could determine the direction your life takes.

If you are facing too many demands from other people, you need to learn to say no. If your conflict is over a major decision, focus on what your gut feeling is telling you.

4. Dream About a Friend Divorcing

A dream about a friend’s divorce can reflect your feelings about your friend’s partner. Perhaps you feel they are not good enough for your friend, you think they are not a good match, or perhaps you have suspicions about the partner’s honesty.

Alternatively, you might have such a dream if your friend has confided in you about his or her marriage.

A Sibling Divorcing


5. A Sibling Divorcing

Interestingly, a dream about your sibling divorcing might have nothing to do with your siblings. Instead, it is asking you to reflect on your own marriage or relationship and how you feel about your partner. Are you still happy together?

Before you go in different directions, you need to ask if it is what you want. Have you reached the point when you see no other way except to end your relationship? Be honest about your feelings, both of you, and if there is still love, work together, maybe with the help of a marriage counselor, to improve things.

6. Relatives Divorcing

A dream about your relatives divorcing can reflect disagreements at home or between extended family members, for example, over inheritance or another sensitive issue. The dream can be a prompt to stay calm and become a mediator so you can find a solution that works for everyone.

7. Legal Proceedings

A dream where you are in divorce court signals you are under a lot of stress in your waking life. You can overcome the obstacles, but you may need to make some changes first.

A dream about a divorce lawyer means that your life has stalled. The universe is sending you a sign that you need to shake things up. Be on the lookout for new opportunities that come your way. You will never regret things you tried, but you will regret not trying.


Dreams are a gateway between our subconscious and conscious minds, and we can receive essential messages in dreams. While the dream meaning of divorce may relate to unhappy marriages, this is not always the case.

You need to consider the different interpretations in relation to your current situation in real life and take action. It is important to understand the true meaning of your dream as it can make a significant difference for you and lead to meaningful changes.

if you have questions about the interpretation of dreams about divorce, you can write your questions in the comments box.

13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Divorce