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13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Running From Someone 

13 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Running From Someone 

Dreams about running from someone/being chased are one of the most common dreams anyone can have. While it may sound scary and represent fear, it may also mean you’re trying to avoid difficult situations in life or making major moves toward achieving your desired goal.

As we know, dreams are mental images or reflections built by our subconscious minds as they grab the tiniest detail of every activity in the waking world and analyze them in our sleep.

Either way, this article will help you fully understand what these dreams mean and address several scenarios they may play out as.

Common Dreams About Running From Someone And Their Meanings


13 Common Dreams About Running From Someone And Their Meanings

Dream interpretation helps us translate these messages in our dreams and incorporate them into our waking life. Check out different running dream meanings in this section.

1. Running From a Man In Your Dream

If you find yourself running away from a male figure in your dream, then it could mean either of two things.

First, it might mean memories of the past and all the anxieties associated with it have continued to haunt you or a man has stalked you in the past, so this memory is replaying as a nightmare.

Another reason why you see a man chasing you in your dream may be because your problems are running after you, and you’re running away as far as you can even though this doesn’t seem to work as they won’t stop seeking you.

2. Being Chased By People At Work

If you’re running from people at work or school in your dream, it’s not positive, and it indicates the unfulfillment you currently feel in your working environment or pressure from your boss and co-workers. It may feel as if you’re not putting your best.

3. Running Away From a Close Friend or Loved One

If the person you’re running from in your dream is a familiar face like a friend or a loved one, before trying to interpret the dream, you must first ask yourself what notable negative traits and qualities you see in that person.

For example, are they overbearing or suffering from some mental illness? These traits may scare you in your own self, and in waking life, we mostly project our own unpleasant traits onto others.

4. Running Away From Your Shadow

Running Away From Your Shadow


If you find yourself trying so hard to avoid your shadow in your dream, it’s not a positive sign, and it means that you’ll face major problems in your life that are nearly impossible to avoid. Avoiding or attempting to avoid them means they’ll get worse, and the best way to handle this is to face these challenges head-on and solve them swiftly.

Thinking and worrying about them will only add to your stress level and may cause health-related issues.

5. Running From Someone While Naked

Running from someone unclad signifies an incoming betrayal and breach of trust. You’re surrounded by people constantly planning to cause you harm or tarnish your good name everywhere, and that dream warns you to take caution and be observant of your close friend.

Running naked indicates major loss, and you must carefully approach every step to prevent that.

6. Running From Someone In The Dark

Running from someone in the dark indicates that things aren’t going smoothly in your life, and you’re regretting things you’ve done in the past because your current situation is not pleasant to hear about or look at.

7. Being Chased By A Monster In Your Dream

The scary nature you’re running from in your dream doesn’t mean danger. Running from a monster signifies breaking new horizons and leaving old things behind. If you grow the nerves to look at the monster and it disappears from running after you, then you’re bold enough to face your problems.

8. Running From The Police In Your Dream

This dream is a reminder that you’ll face difficulties, but you’ll receive a lot of unexpected help that will help you get out of the situation as some people are willing to help you on the sideline; so far, you’re accepting of this help.

A police officer chasing you in your dream will teach you a golden life lesson and bring you closer to people who will help you fulfill your purpose and pay attention to yourself.

9. Running Away From A Stranger

Running Away From A Stranger


If you’re being chased by someone you don’t know, it may mean you’re feeling threatened but can’t trace the source or understand the reason. Your ignorance represents your anxiety in the waking world which may come up unprovoked.

10. Running Away From A Burglar

Escaping from a thief in your dream means that you care about your physical and mental health and don’t want anybody to invade your space or affect you in any way. If the chaser is being abusive, it translates to anger you’re feeling and we implore you to handle the situation with calmness, as your temper may ruin things.

11. Running From Yourself In Your Dream

This means the guilt you feel about your failures is hunting you. You’re disappointed in yourself and mad at your own irresponsibility. There’s only one way out of this and it’s not beating yourself up or crying over spilled milk.

The chaser is part of you that wants you to resolve these ill feelings and put the bad behind you, so gather yourself together and let the journey of self-discovery begin.

12. Running Away From A Madman In Your Dream

This madman in your dream indicates your extremely violent feelings. Your failure to address your negative feelings like anger, jealousy and rage all come together to appear in your dream and the stronger these feelings are, the more violence the madman will display.

13. What If You See Yourself Running After Someone?

It’s important to address dreams where you’re actually the pursuer. This dream is mostly positive, and it indicates that you have a goal on your mind that you’re working towards in your waking hours, or it can represent that you’re overly attached to someone.

You may also have this dream because you’re strangely attracted to people who don’t have your best interest at heart. You know this, but for some reason, you keep finding your way back to them. It’s important to go on a sober reflection journey if you’ve been having this dream regularly or have had it before.

Biblical Meaning Of Being Chased In A Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Being Chased In A Dream


Christians believe that being chased in a dream means you have serious spiritual warfare on the way or are currently dealing with one and the adversaries appear in the form of the chase in the dream.

These adversaries include fears, unwanted stress, frustration, hardship, spiritual attacks, and confusion and it’s a warning that you should be more prayerful in order to gather the strength to face this battle.

Another meaning of running away from someone in your dream is that a spiritual enemy may try to hurt you. Sometimes you’re not even aware of these problems or incoming battles in your life, so you get warnings through chasing dreams and visions. It’s important to deal with people carefully in the waking world.

How To Stop Dreaming About Running From Someone

There’s a way to stop having these dreams. Once you have the dream’s message totally figured out, you can begin to marry these lessons into your lifestyle to help stop.

According to Leslie Ellis, “To stop having these dreams and to learn something from them, simply turn and face what is chasing you. If you’re able to lucid dream, you can also do it in your actual dream. Imagine yourself back in your dream and go into the dream world using as many of your human senses as possible.”

Lucid dreaming will help you heighten your experiential state, after which you stop running and calmly face your chaser to help stop them in their task. Ask them what they want from you, which can disarm the chaser. While Ellis can’t predict what the image in the dream will say or do, she promises the dream will never be the same.


Anxiety, insecurities, unconscious fears, and concerns that we harbor over situations in the waking world can come back to haunt us in dreams in so many forms, and that includes a fast-paced chase scene.

With this guide, you can decipher these clues and chase dreams accurately.

You can even decode whatever messages the dream image is trying to deliver and incorporate the lessons into your lifestyle.