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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Going To Jail 

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Going To Jail 

Going to jail is something we all dread and want to avoid. So, having this dream is definitely not a positive experience and will most likely have you wondering about its meaning!

In addition, you might ask yourself whether there is something you have done wrong, and now your subconscious mind is dealing with it through this dream. Just like the negative experience of going to jail, this dream generally is considered a bad omen, with few exceptions.

Interestingly, fear of prison is a real issue, and many people who have not been in jail can suffer. Therefore, if you dreamt of going to jail, it is a strong signal about your emotional and mental state.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Going To Jail 


General Meaning Of Dream About Going To Jail

In order to interpret the dream correctly, you need to take into account the details of the dream and how it made you feel.

You should also be aware of the fact that your dream is a result of your experiences, current happenings in your real life, emotions, wishes, goals, and fears. Therefore, it can have several different dream scenarios.

1. You Are Stuck

People who often have jail dreams are going through a rough period in their life, and their subconscious mind reacts to the distress and tension through this unpleasant dream. This can relate to your professional life or personal life.

Maybe you have been working under pressure lately and feel stuck in a rut, unable to leave it and move forward. Unfortunately, as long as you stay in that situation, your dissatisfaction will only grow, affecting other aspects of your life.

If you resonate with this, you must develop a strategy and change your perspective to get unstuck. Try identifying what you really want in life, moving your body, and focusing on self-care.

2. You Are Suppressing Your True-self

If you have experienced this dream, there is a possibility that you are restricted and suppressed by others or yourself. You may be either suppressing your feelings, goals, or ideas, and that is making you feel like a prisoner of your mind.

Emotional expression is essential because it helps us see the problem and our emotions in a different light and reduces anxiety. Similarly, it would help if you display your ideas and insight, and feeling like you are being overlooked can lead to distress and sadness.

So, if you have this dream, take it as a good sign instead of stressing about it! At least now you know what is bothering you, and you can start working on the solution. If your colleagues or close relatives are making you feel left out, try talking to them about it.

On the other hand, you can take a few steps to ensure you are being heard by building your confidence, permitting yourself to share your thoughts without prejudice, and exposing yourself to different environments.

3. You Are Reliving Your Nightmare

You Are Reliving Your Nightmare


This usually goes for people that have already been to jail. For example, if you led a way of criminality and, at some point, you were arrested and sent to prison, this dream might occur to you. Why?

Nobody likes being confined to a jail cell for a day, let alone years. According to several studies, this experience is highly stressful and negative and can exacerbate existing mental issues and lead to anxiety, depression, avoidance, and a sense of powerlessness.

So, if you have already been through jail, you dread the possibility of getting back to prison, and your fear manifests through this dream. Maybe you engaged in illicit or illegal activity, and your mind is warning you about it!

4. You Need To Be More Careful

Dreams of being arrested are mostly seen as a warning signal about your current life. Even though you have not been to jail, this dream can be a sign of being more careful about your current endeavors. It does not have to be something illegal necessarily; it can be immoral.

When you think about it, every evil-doer will eventually face his punishment, one way or the other. So, when we engage in something against the law or felonious, our mind considers the consequences of these actions.

Instead of worrying about the dream, consider it a blessing! Your mind is telling you to stay on track or to stop engaging in those activities that make you feel bad.

5. You Have Commitment Issues

If dreams of jail happen very often, you might be afraid of commitment. However, most people adjust well to the notion of relationships and the prospect of having a life-long romantic partner.

However, some tend to avoid romantic relations for various reasons: fear of commitment. That is because they feel that their relationship is a sort of imprisonment and place of confinement, just like jail.

On the other hand, this does not have to relate only to romantic life; it can be connected to your professional life. For example, maybe you choose seasonal jobs or jobs with fewer obligations in order to avoid responsibility and show engagement.

Whatever the reason, you need to think about the cause of your commitment issues, usually fear of some sort, and how to fix it.

6. You Are Easily Affected

Another common interpretation of this dream is that it signifies your fragile emotional and mental state. Your subconscious mind is averting your attention to the environment, which indicates that external factors often control you.

While some people know what they want in life and which path to take, others are not so certain about their goals and wishes, which change from time to time. So they are often coursed by their family’s expectations and traditions.

Chasing other people’s goals to satisfy the crowd is never a good idea, and dreaming of going to jail is a warning sign. You are too easily affected by the opinions and thoughts of others. Instead of worrying about what others will say or do, start focusing on your ideas and actions

Even though the following someone is much easier than being a leader, sometimes that is the right way to discover new things about yourself and see your true potential.

7. You Feel Isolated

You Feel Isolated


The spiritual meaning of the dream of going to jail relates to the sense of isolation and restriction. Therefore, when interpreting this dream, think about what prison represents for you. It is usually a metaphor for something present in your waking life.

Being incarcerated means being isolated from your community, friends, and relatives. So, maybe you are having this dream because, deep down, you feel alone and disconnected from others. For human beings, a sense of belonging is highly crucial.

On the other hand, this can be a clue that you fear abandonment, mainly if you dream about being in jail with someone else. It shows your inability to be alone or to face your consequences alone without having someone to sugarcoat them or fix it.

8. You Need Freedom

Even though it sounds unlikely that a dream about being in prison can have a positive interpretation – it is possible. If you have this dream and you are an artistic soul, well, the reason for the dream is that you need liberation. This can be a sign of your creative block.

Maybe you have been feeling restricted lately like you have much more to offer, but you lack to means and the opportunity to do so. You think this is weighing you down and causing discomfort and unease.

Having freedom is one of the most fundamental rights, and having that freedom in other aspects of life, such as choosing your life path or a life partner, can determine the quality of your life.

9. You Are Busted!

Sometimes people who have secrets dream about being arrested and sent to jail. This comes from that feeling that anyone who has done something (it does not have to be a criminal necessarily) should see some punishment.

On that note, you experience guilt and shame because you either know something very important or have caused someone harm. Your mind copes with that particular secret or wrongdoing through this dream.

Dreaming of going to prison can signify that you feel your secret might be known very soon, so your subconscious mind is directing your attention to this stressor. It would be best to let the cat out of the bad and calm your soul; otherwise, you will continue pondering different scenarios and consequences.


It is common knowledge that everyone wants to avoid prison. But, unfortunately, you cannot tell your subconscious mind what to dream so you can dream something nicer than prison.

But, you can interpret it and use it to your advantage to better understand yourself and what motivates you. Generally speaking, dreaming about being in prison represents feelings of isolation, imprisonment, obstacles, powerlessness, refusal, and guilt.

It indicates some restrictions and feelings of confinement, which can be connected to any aspect of your life. If you experience this dream, do not stress about it, but rather try to see what your unconsciousness is telling you.

Have you ever had this dream? Please share your dream with us and tell us how it made you feel! As always, feel free to ask any questions.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream Of Going To Jail