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11 Spiritual Meanings When You Sell Your Soul

11 Spiritual Meanings When You Sell Your Soul

You might have heard people say about someone successful that they have sold their soul to the Devil. But what does it mean when you sell your soul? Does it mean that you have signed a contract with Satan and are eternally doomed? Or is there a way to redeem your soul?

In this article, you will find out what it means to sell your soul, what signs are there that someone has sold the soul, and if there is a way to get your soul back.

What is a Soul


What is a Soul?

Let’s start with defining what a soul is. Our soul is the intangible and invisible part of us. It is the part that represents our truest self and also the part that is the most connected to the physical world.

People can refer to the soul as a person’s essence, personality, consciousness, and memories. Your soul is your life force. Without it, you lose your connection to the world and the people in it. So, in the simplest terms, when you lose or sell your soul to the Devil, you cut your connection to others. But there is more to it than just that.

Read on to find out more.

What Does it Mean When You Sell Your Soul?

Most people are familiar with the term “to sell your soul”. For example, you might have heard someone say it about a person who took a job with a big corporation who they perceive as evil. Or that the only way someone could have got all those millions is if they have a pact with the Devil.

Often the term refers to people who are seen as so desperate to get money or fame that they would do anything for it. Even sell their souls.

When you make a deal with the Devil, in exchange for your soul, the Devil gives you something that you desperately desire, such as money, affection, or fame. Let’s find out what happens after a person has sold their soul.

1. You Belong to The Devil

Once you have entered into a contract with the Devil, your life is no longer yours. It belongs to the Devil. When you become the Devil’s property, your soul is no longer guiding you toward the right choices in life.

As you lose your moral compass in the agreement, you won’t feel guilty if you hurt others on your way to the top.

The Devil Grants Your Wishes


2. The Devil Grants Your Wishes

Once you have given up your soul, you will get what you asked for. If you asked for money, you will become rich. If fame was what you were after, you will soon see yourself on the cover of magazines.

But you might soon realize that all the money and fame are not making you happy. You come to understand that you were after the wrong things in life and wish you could turn back time. While it is not possible to turn back time, there may be other ways to redeem your soul. More on that a little later.

3. You Lose The Ability to Love and Make Decisions

When you sell your soul, you lose your connection to others and that means you also lose your ability to love. Your feelings become numb and you no longer care about anything or anyone. That is why it becomes so much easier to act ruthlessly. You no longer have empathy, but neither can you feel happiness or excitement.

Your ability to decide for yourself is also gone. When you harden your soul, you can no longer hear the inner wisdom that would keep you on the right path. You will be easily led by others doing the Devil’s work to make bad decisions since your autonomy is gone.

4. Your Success is Short Lived

You might have got what you wanted, but it is unlikely that you will get to keep it for long. For example, if you traded your soul to win someone’s heart, that person could suddenly be taken away from you in an accident or through an illness. The money you made could all be lost in a bad investment or living a life of luxury.

When you lose it all, you realize that selling your soul was a big mistake and this can lead to depression and other psychological problems.

5. Your Life Will be Short

Many people who have been said to have sold their souls had short lives. For example, Robert Johnson, a musician, who was said to have sold his soul in exchange for his talent died at 27.

There are no good consequences for selling your immortal soul. Yes, you might become a celebrity or make a fortune, but is that worth the loneliness you experience after you have isolated yourself from people who truly loved you? Is it worth losing your soul for eternity?

If you suspect someone has sold their soul, what are the signs you should look for?

They Take Pleasure in Doing Evil Things and in The Pain of Others


6. They Take Pleasure in Doing Evil Things and in The Pain of Others

A person who has sold his or her soul will often boast about the bad things they have done. They will openly tell everyone of their evil deeds and show no remorse. They enjoy causing drama.

When their actions cause pain to others, instead of feeling guilty, they enjoy it. They will talk about someone’s suffering with a glint in their eye. This is because they have no love and no empathy. Their soul is in darkness.

7. Weird Dreams

People who have sold their souls will often have strange dreams. When we sleep, our subconscious mind processes events and feelings from our waking life and sends us messages from the spirit world or our intuition.

A person whose soul belongs to the Devil will no longer receive messages from their spirit guides or inner wisdom. Instead, the way is clear for the Devil to plant immoral thoughts in their mind.

8. They Say They Hear Voices

People whose soul is possessed by the devil will often hear voices in their head. The voices can say things such as “you are mine” or prompt the person to commit evil deeds. These voices can be a sign of an approaching mental breakdown.

9. They Destroy People and Natural Resources to Make Money

Soulless people are willing to step on anyone’s toes to get ahead in life. They often use fear and intimidation to get what they want. For example, they will pay their workers the minimum to make the biggest profit. It’s not their problem if the workers’ children are going hungry. And people won’t dare to complain for fear of losing their jobs.

They couldn’t care less about the environment. They will happily deplete natural resources if it means more money in the bank. If you try to tell them, for example, about global warming, they are likely to tell you it is all nonsense made up by the hippies.

What Happens After Death


10. What Happens After Death?

It is believed that when a person who sold their soul dies, the Devil comes to take their soul to hell for judgment. If the Devil is happy with the condition of the soul, it is said that the person will be tortured in hell for eternity.

However, if the Devil is not happy, the soul will go to heaven. So, how is it possible to win your soul back and avoid an eternity in hell?

11. An Action Plan to Get Your Soul Back

Some people believe you cannot get out of a contract with the Devil. But if you believe everything is part of the same source, then there is nothing to stop a person who truly wants to redeem their soul. Here is what you can do:

  • Show earnest remorse and seek forgiveness from those you have wronged. That way, you can redeem your soul and become your true self again.
  • The way to get back your integrity is to stop searching for answers outside yourself. You need to go within to find your core values. Once you are living by your core values, you will find the fulfillment you are after.
  • Learn to let go. This means letting go of everything that no longer serves you and all the negative feelings you have been harboring.
  • Love yourself. You need to stop looking for external validation and learn to love yourself.


What it means to sell your soul is to give up a life of happiness and love for the sake of money and fame. While you might enjoy the gains for a short time, life on the top is lonely and sad when you have sacrificed everything that was good in your life and everyone who loved you. But it is never too late to get your soul back.

We hope you now have all your questions about selling your soul answered. If there is anything more you would like to know, write your questions in the comments box.

What is a Soul



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