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7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Cooking Fish

7 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Cooking Fish

Fish have always been the cornerstone of food, culture, and mythology. Despite seeing them everywhere, we can become quite surprised when they appear in our dreams.

Cooking fish is particularly important, as it can point to several things in our waking life, including protection, wisdom, sustenance, and fertility.

In this article, we’ll explore just how significant it is to dream about cooking fish. We’ll explore the relevancy of the fish itself and what its type and condition mean to you. We’ll also highlight how you can apply the dream’s meaning to your everyday waking life.

7 meanings of dreaming about cooking fish


7 meanings of dreaming about cooking fish

1. You will receive a blessing of strength and protection

Fish have always been natural spirit animals with stamina, nourishment, and abundance. Eating fish is a vital source of protein and sustains countless people worldwide daily.

The fact that you are dreaming about cooking fish means you will be provided for. Especially if a big fish is on your plate, this positive symbolism means all your needs will be met, and you won’t hunger for anything else. This sense of fulfillment is well-earned, and you should take pride in your accomplishments.

In Christianity, Jesus Christ sustains many people by dividing a seemingly endless supply of fish. In the Bible, fish was a common metaphor used to teach about God’s generosity and ability to provide for his people.

If you are waiting for news on your health – do not worry. Cooking fish can be a good sign that you will pull through any sickness and become stronger than before. Your recovery will be swift.

It’s important to remember that you can also invoke the gift of cooked fish in times of struggle. If you encounter a problem or challenge that takes you by surprise, trust in the symbol of cooked fish; you will weather the storm with more strength than you thought possible.

2. You will receive good luck

Fresh fish has always been a welcomed sight throughout history, foretelling treasure, good fortune, and prosperity. Fishermen would only be too delighted at the sight of a shoal to catch, and they became one of the most traded commodities.

Still to this day, fishing is one of the most commercial industries around the world. Dreaming about cooked fish can channel this good luck into your waking life. But you need to pay close attention to the size of the meal in front of you.

A lot of fish cooked on your plate signifies significant opportunities on your way. Perhaps you’re waiting for news on a job promotion or looking for new opportunities; your dream is telling you to dream big, as you’ll most likely succeed.

But if the cooked fish is tiny, bare, or thin, you may need to be more realistic about your dreams. Sometimes it helps to keep a leveled head when making life-changing decisions. You will still receive good luck, but don’t overextend yourself.

You will receive a blessing of wisdom


3. You will receive a blessing of wisdom

Fish has enjoyed a rich reputation for being symbols of wisdom throughout several cultures. In Celtic mythology, for example, the salmon of knowledge bestowed infinite wisdom on the first person who tasted it.

Channeling this meaning, we can see that your dream of cooked fish can be a boon of knowledge. You may encounter a challenge requiring critical thinking, concentration, and creativity sooner than you think. The presence of cooked fish in your dream should reassure you that you will take the right action.

Additionally, cooked fish can be invoked in times of doubt. In the near future, you may find yourself confused or led astray. Channeling the symbolism of cooked fish can give you all the clarity you need to rectify a situation and make the best move possible.

4. You may need more companionship in your life

Fish are social creatures by nature. They are offered protection, guidance, and a sense of community when shoaling. If you dream of singular fish on your plate, this may pin-point you being isolated and alone.

A single small fish swimming is a dangerous position to be in. Predators may be able to find and capture you easier. This dream may ask you to reach out to loved ones and friends. Pick up the phone. Organize a night out. Reconnect with those you love – only by rejoining your community can you enjoy the fish’s natural safety in numbers.

Certain species of fish congregate with each other to form a close-knitted community. As well as reconnecting, be open to establishing new relationships with people. You may think you’ve got great friends – but expanding your horizons, and making new connections, ensures that the plate in your dream will eventually fill up. And if you’re single, finding the time to work on your love life may be just what you need right now.

That said, a huge fish can represent your ability to thrive independently. Maybe you enjoy your own company? Or want to branch out on your own professionally? Cooking enormous fish in the dream world could invite you to go out and back yourself in new ventures.

You have deep feelings of regret


5. You have deep feelings of regret

If your dream about cooking fish ends in disaster, and the fish remains raw despite all your efforts, this can be a foreboding warning. You are being held back by something in your past that spoils your present and future.

Raw fish carries with it significant diseases and hazards. Eating it is unwise. So when your cooking fails, you’ll no doubt feel frustrated and exposed.

This dream challenges you to reflect on past events, especially things that didn’t go to your liking. Is there any resolution you can make that can close that chapter in your life? Perhaps you need to become more reflective and face difficult emotions head-on. Only then can cooking the fish provide results. Only then can you move on to the next step.

6. You will be blessed during your pregnancy

Because they often lay ample eggs, fish has always been a potent symbol of fertility. And it’s not unusual for them to crop up in your dreams in various ways.

Cooked fish is a sign that your pregnancy will go smoothly. Because the dream has a natural grounding in good fortune and protection, your little one will thrive in the womb. Focus on harmony and relaxation, and destress.

Seeing fish eggs as you’re cooking is a potent sign that there may be more than one child in your future. If you have any worries about your future fertility, lay them to rest.

Even if you’re currently single or have no plans to start a family, dreaming of cooked fish can point towards a new beginning. You may begin a fresh start at work, with friends, or develop a new hobby to fulfill yourself with.

You need to be wary of gossip and backbiting


7. You need to be wary of gossip and backbiting

Traditionally, when you cook fish, the result is a delicious, aromatic dish. So when you dream of cooking a fish that slowly becomes rotten, foul-smelling, and disgusting, it can almost feel nightmarish.

In this scenario, your dream warns you that someone out there is wishing you ill will. It could be a close friend or someone in your workplace –  despite your best efforts, they belittle you.

The rotting fish stands as a warning to you. Despite any self-improvement, you need to address the negativity in your life and snuff it out. Only then can your cooking, i.e., your life, return to its natural trajectory.

Perhaps you can resolve your issues by changing how you deal with the person in question. Like cooking fish, adopting a new method can change the outcome. If you suspect the culprit, killing them with kindness can repair a relationship, remove anxiety, and let both of you get on with your lives.


Fish are such a common sight in our waking life. But when they appear in our dreams, they are often met with amusement, confusion, and suspicion. But as we’ve learned, fish have many interpretations, most heralding good things for your life.

Fish dreams are often a symbol that you will be nourished, protected, and sustained. No doubt you have a good grounding and feel secure and strong.

But there are times when this dream can serve as a warning. Particularly if the seafood is small, alone, or unclean, you may need to surround yourself with family and friends and reestablish your community again.

Ultimately though, the only way to get a sense of what this dream truly means is to stare down at your dishes, examine the quality and quantity of the meal, and see if it satisfies your appetite. That in itself will tell you everything you need to know!

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