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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Suicide

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Suicide

The concept of suicide does not leave anyone indifferent and causes difficult emotions in everyone. It is especially challenging if we know the person who committed suicide. Since suicide is usually committed out of desperation, it is not hard to see the state of mental health of the person who committed it.

When it seems to someone that there is no way out of the situation they are in, that the mistakes they have made are too great, and that the burden of life is enormous, they decide to take this step without being aware that there is always a solution.

People who have experienced or seen suicide in their dreams feel similar emotions, although not on the same scale.

However, it is crucial not to overreact but extract the messages from the dream about suicide and all these feelings that overwhelm us during sleep and after we wake up, which is what we will precisely do in this article.

Dream About Suicide


Dream About Suicide

1. You Do Not Think You Have Achieved Enough

With the boom of social media in the last ten years or so, it has become almost impossible not to see what other people are doing in their lives on a daily basis.

And we’re not just talking about your friends or acquaintances – you can know what a person is doing at almost every moment of their life, even if you have no idea who they are and they live thousands of miles away.

When you see how happy they seem to be, how they have achieved a lot of things and apparently have everything they want, you will inevitably start comparing yourself to them and noticing how much you don’t have. You might even think that you actually have nothing.

This type of behavior leads to disappointment, resentment, and seeing yourself as a failed person. Things like this are hard for you to bear, ultimately making you feel like you would rather kill yourself than live another day.

But do you really know what their lives are like? More importantly, do you know how to evaluate your life realistically? And should you even compare yourself to those people?

2. Hard Times Are Ahead Of You

Dreams tell us not only about our present and past but also about our future. People often rely on their intuition, which, from time to time, manifests itself in their dreams. It is especially true if you have some premonitions for a long time, as they will inevitably “visit” you in your dreams.

If you commit suicide in a dream, it is a sign that your intuition is warning you that a difficult period in which misfortunes will befall you will follow.

During this period, you probably won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which will make you moody and unhappy. Not seeing a way out often leads to self-destruction, which can be seen clearly in this dream.

Also, in these times, you will not look forward to anyone or anything, which is why it would be best if you had someone with whom you could talk about everything that bothers you. Yes, at first, you will not feel like talking with anyone, but just verbally relieving yourself of the pain you feel can sometimes do wonders.

3. You Need To Make A Hard Decision

You Need To Make A Hard Decision


Are you at a point in your life where you need to make a big and hard decision, but you just can not seem to go through with it?

No matter how long you think about it, you do not dare to take the last step. You tell yourself it is a huge decision and use this as an excuse to postpone the inevitable even though you know that sooner or later, you will have to pull the trigger.

But despite this, something is holding you back and is doing so in such a way that it seems you would rather kill yourself than deal with this. In the end, your conscious mind can’t handle all this overthinking and delaying and lets the unconscious do its thing.

And our unconscious almost never speaks directly and clearly, which is why you dream of suicide instead of that decision.

4. An Aspect Of Your Life Needs To Change

Many interpretations of dreams which involve committing suicide are negative and terrible. But not all of them are like that because this dream can also suggest that you need to say goodbye to some aspect of yourself and not your entire life.

If you were to succeed in changing that aspect, you would begin your personal transformation, which would lead to entering a new phase in your life and, in a way, to your rebirth.

And what is that aspect? Well, the one with which you have problems, the one you can’t come to terms with, or simply wish it didn’t exist. Let’s be honest, who among us does not have at least one thing they would not like to change about themselves?

It’s hard to find someone who thinks they are perfect and does not have a single negative side.

5. You Are Worried About Someone

You Are Worried About Someone


Of course, all our dreams have to do something to do with us, but we are not always the stars in them.

Sometimes that happens to be another person, so you should not be surprised if you dream about a suicide or suicide attempt by someone else. It can be a family member, lover, colleague, or someone else close to you.
This dream may mean that you, as a dreamer, are very worried about the person you saw during sleep.

Perhaps you perceive them as sensitive and mentally fragile, so you fear they will not be able to cope with life’s problems. Use this dream as an opportunity to talk to them because they might really need your help.

6. Negative Emotions Are Trying To Push You Over The Edge

To dream of suicide can mean that you are oppressed by heavy, gloomy, and negative emotions in your waking life. Feelings of guilt, remorse and depression will suck the life energy even from the happiest person in the world.

If you can’t successfully fight this negativity, suicide will seem like the only or the best solution, and that’s what your subconscious mind is trying to suggest with dreams like this one. When you wake up from such a dream, you may even think it is a sign that you really need to go through with it.

But dreams should almost never be taken literally. Maybe it would be convenient if we received messages in our dreams about how to live our lives, but then life would not be fun. Everyone, sooner or later, gets bored of something when they “earn” it without much or any effort.

Because of all this, you need to remind yourself that these types of dreams are just dreams, after all. In this situation, you need to think about the feelings that brought you here and how you can return to normal, i.e. when these thoughts were not a part of your everyday life.

7. You Need Human Communication

You Need Human Communication


The feeling of loneliness in modern times is familiar to most people. We all have so many obligations that it seems we can not manage to do everything we want and should do, which leads to us having to choose between certain actions.

Very often, things or activities we decide are not our priority is contact and communication with people, even if they are close to us.

If you are someone with whom people have not been in touch recently, you may start to feel lonely, which will sometimes result in you dreaming of suicide. This dream symbolizes your desire for human connection and proximity.

8. You Are Resentful Of The People Around You

The last interpretation of the suicide dream is that you are resentful and angry at the people around you because of their misunderstanding of your personality.

But this resentment and anger reach such a height that you start to think something is really wrong with you. You start feeling that your personality or some of your characteristics need to change, and this need for change appears in your dreams in the form of suicide.

You simply want that part to disappear so that people start treating you normally and see that you are a regular person.

But ask yourself, is there a need to change? Remember the resentment you felt towards those people who just misunderstood you. If you go back to that part of the past, you will see that this dream has more to do with them than with you.


To conclude, dreaming about suicide is quite a hard thing to experience. But someone has to do it. And that someone better know the interpretations of this dream.

It can mean that negative emotions are overflowing you, you feel resentment towards people around you, or you have not achieved enough. This dream might also be a sign that hard times are ahead of you or that you need a human touch or change yourself.

Lastly, it can result from worrying about someone or having trouble making a hard decision.

If you have any questions regarding this dream or its meaning, shoot us a question in the comments!



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