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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Kidnapped

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Kidnapped

You had a dream about being kidnapped, and now you’re worried about what it could mean, right? Why would your mind go there? After all, this is one of the worst dreams to have.

Well, yes. But, as is the case with any dream, it requires a lot of analysis and, more importantly, not taking anything at face value.

That’s why we are here! To help you explore the dark corners of your mind and shine a light on them. Only then will you know what is or are the meanings of this horrible dream.

Dream About Being Kidnapped


Dream About Being Kidnapped

1. Powerlessness Has Taken Over Your Life

Your daily life consists of the same old things – wake up, work, go back home, waste time until sleep, sleep. You are aware of the rut you have fallen into, yet you do not have the strength or energy to change anything.

You don’t even have any problems in your professional or personal life that could justify this situation, but still, you simply don’t understand why you feel so powerless.

You quickly return to your old ways even when you try to do something about it, which really bothers you because it repeatedly results in nightmares in which you are kidnapped.

But something interesting and unexpected happens in those nightmares. You are the victim and the perpetrator at the same time. Could this mean that you have the key to solving your powerlessness problem?

2. You Have Too Many Obligations

Work, school, errands, kids, food, friends, gym, news, social media, games, Netflix, meditation…We could go on and on with this list, but you get the point.

We have at our disposal many of the obligations and duties that occupied our ancestors, but also dozens of modern ways of entertainment that take up our time (but provide fun?).

Whether it’s “real” obligations or those we maybe shouldn’t pay so much attention to, modern humans really have a lot on their plate.

The number of obligations can seem even greater than it actually is if you are a person who lacks discipline or if you do not adhere to a proper schedule. What usually happens next, and what has probably happened to you if you are reading this article, is that those persons start feeling anxious and having dreams about a kidnapping.

Such dreams can mean that you simply have too much to do but can’t manage to for some reason. In the end, you feel like a prisoner of your own tasks and obligations.

3. Are You Losing Control Of Your Life

Are You Losing Control Of Your Life


In certain circumstances, kidnapping dreams mean that you are losing control of your life. What are those circumstances?

For example, if you allow your friends, boss, partner, or family member to do what they want with you sooner or later, this will have negative consequences on your psyche.

The types of people we have listed mostly wish us well, but not all of us are this lucky, so sometimes those people start taking advantage of us. In fact, some of them are so evil and manipulative that they will try to control you throughout your waking life, even when it does not bring them any benefit.

Fortunately for you, your subconsciousness is yours alone, and although they can influence it, they can’t control it. At the moment, it is trying to let you know that you are not in control of your life.

4. Your Lifestyle Is Making You Uncomfortable

The vast majority of people go through a phase of life when they do things whose consequences they don’t really care about.

But, we humans aren’t designed to keep up with this type of lifestyle for a long period of time, which is why worms of doubt begin to appear in our minds that make us question our doings.

Some people will ignore them and continue with careless actions, due to which the part of our brain we can’t control will react. A dream of kidnapping is one common reaction to all of this.

Why kidnapping? Because you feel like a prisoner of your actions but can’t stop doing them at the moment. You know they are wrong and will end up hurting you, but it still seems like the only thing you can do is wait, as is the case in many kidnappings.

5. You Feel Trapped In Your Romantic Relationship

You Feel Trapped In Your Romantic Relationship


Unfortunately, not every romantic relationship we get into can have a happy ending like the ones we see in movies. Before and if we find the right person at all, we go through some good, mediocre, and bad relationships, and one or two that are truly awful.

Sometimes it can happen that in these terrible relationships, we feel as if we are hostages because of the restrictions that our lover places on us, which causes us to see that person not as our partner but as our kidnapper.

People who behave in this controlling way do so because of their insecurities and frustrations, which they do not know how to express in a healthy way.

Of course, this type of behavior has a harmful effect on the other party in the relationship and inevitably results in their starting to dream about being kidnapped. They feel trapped because they can’t escape, which triggers their subconscious mind to give them a warning that they don’t need to suffer this torture anymore.

If you had this dream and are in a relationship that is similar to the one described above, ask yourself if you have had enough.

6. A Traumatic Event Is Still Bothering You

Getting over trauma can take years, regardless of if it’s psychological or psychological and physical trauma. Our brains have a hard time forgetting these types of events because they want to make sure the same doesn’t happen twice.

And while that is great for avoiding the same problem in the future, it can be bad for our mental health since it will not give us peace of mind for a long time.

Maybe you are the person who actually experienced a kidnapping, but it is possible that you also went through some other kind of torture that appears in your dreams in the form of abduction.

In any case, that trauma is something that will bother you for a long time, so don’t be surprised that you had such dreams. Try to work on overcoming it when you are awake because that is the only thing you can do. Unconscious will follow.

7. You Yearn For Fights

You Yearn For Fights


One abduction dream meaning that might surprise you is the one in which this dream represents a good sign because it shows that you, the dreamer, want to be braver, bolder, and stronger.

Yes, kidnapping and dreaming about kidnapping are terrible experiences, but some people come out of them much more powerful. Something like this gives them the opportunity to confront someone who stands in their way and go over any obstacle that bothers them.

Our everyday lives are mostly devoid of dangerous situations. Still, there are people who yearn for them, so it’s no wonder they will dream of kidnapping even if they don’t have any emotional or psychological problems.

These people simply have the desire to fight, and sometimes that fight is against the captor in their dreams.

8. Negative Emotions Are Pent Up Inside You

There are probably very few situations that could make us feel more uncomfortable than being kidnapped. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced it in real life but can relate to it at least a bit as a dreamer of this event and know what kind of feelings it feels you up with.

Sometimes, this dream can mean that you have so many negative emotions in you that your mind can’t process them all while you awake. Anxiety, fear, depression, and insecurity are just some of them.

We don’t know if this is happening to you because of problems at work, school, or home, but what is certain is that the amount of these emotions is too great for you to deal with them, which is why your brain is relegating them to your unconscious state.

Maybe it’s time for you to start working on this problem.


Dreaming about being kidnapped is an experience you certainly don’t want to have. But we can’t control our minds all the time, which is why these types of dreams surprise us every so often. That’s why we shared with you its meanings and interpretations.

To dream about being kidnapped can mean that you feel like a prisoner in your romantic relationship, have too much stuff on your plate, or aren’t in control of your life.

Sometimes this dream may signify that were still dealing with trauma, our actions are making us uncomfortable, or our nonactions are powerless.

Lastly, it may mean we have a lot of negative emotions inside us but also that we yearn for fight and confrontation.

If you have any questions regarding this dream, don’t forget to use the comment section.



Kaylin Beifong

Wednesday 12th of April 2023

So basically Kuvira has kidnapping me in my vivid dreams and she has been doing creepy experiments on me and I don't why they are happening