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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Worms

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Worms

Did you just wake up from a dream about worms? These wiggly crawlers are not the most pleasant creatures to dream about, and they can leave you feeling icky and disgusted. However, worms are also an integral part of our ecosystem.

So, this leads one to ponder. Why did you dream about worms? Was it a good sign or a bad sign? Or is there a far deeper meaning behind your dream than you think?

Let’s unpack the many interpretations of worm dreams!

Worms in Dreams - General Interpretations


Worms in Dreams – General Interpretations

Around many cultures across the globe and among dream enthusiasts, worms are a bad omen and symbol of negativity. They are known to be warning signals so one can take precautions for the upcoming problems in their life.

In literature, like Homer’s Iliad, it is often used as a symbol of mortality and the deceased due to its parasitic nature. Here are a few general meanings behind the appearance of worms in a dream.

  • Deceit: If you dreamt about worms, then it can indicate that someone in your life isn’t being honest with you. Now, this could be someone close to you, a friend, or even your family members. In either case, their intentions are false, and you need to be on the lookout to avoid any sort of loss or betrayal. In retrospect, it is possible that perhaps, it is you who is not being true to yourself and simultaneously causing your downfall.
  • Health Issues: Seeing worms in your dreams can hint at an underlying illness or disease which requires immediate medical attention. The stakes of this meaning coming true are high if you saw the worm on a specific body part like your leg or the eye.
  • Shame or Guilt: Worms also appear in dreams if you are guilty of committing a horrible deed in the past. These kinds of dreams indicate that you are seeking repentance and want to get over the shame.
  • Jealousy: If you dreamt about worms, then this indicates you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy. The people around you or within your close circle are festering envious feelings for you, most of them befriending you only to become a hindrance to your success. This is a karmic alert, and you must take immediate action to protect yourself.
  • Inferiority Complex: Dreaming about worms also reflects your low self-esteem. It shows that recently there has been a decline in your sense of self, and you perceive your position in everyone’s life as close to nothing.

Biblical Meaning of Worms

In the bible, worms are associated with death and rebirth. They are a sign of decay, and transfer of energy to a new state or body. This meaning reflects that you could be living an insignificant and valueless life.

So, in order to rebirth the value of life, you need to break out of your comfort zone, let go of your fears, and start enjoying all aspects of your limited time on earth.

Worms in Hinduism

In the Hindu religion, worms are a symbol of trouble and a reversal in fortune. Similarly, if you are undergoing a crisis, you will receive divine help soon.

This association stems from the concept of reincarnation, where the departed soul experiences karma and returns to a new physical form on the basis of its previous deeds. If the deeds are exceptional with no signs of sin, the soul returns to a less tormented version of its previous physical self and vice versa.

7 Types of Worms in a Dream and their Meanings

7 Types of Worms in a Dream and their Meanings


The type of worm and its color can also influence the meaning behind the dream of worms. Here are 7 types of worms that can appear in your dreams:

1. Silkworms

Despite the fact that worms are supposed to be a bad sign in dreams, seeing silkworms is actually a good omen. This means good luck heading your way.

However, you should be careful, as your bad habits and insecurities may get in the way of your success. Your anxiety might become your weakness in this case. It is best to meditate and let go of negative feelings.

2. Black Worms

Seeing black worms in your dream is an indication of a bad omen. It means recently, you have been dealing with negative thoughts and engaging in self-destructive behavior.

The struggle of dealing with things and all the worries have become too much. So, under such circumstances, your final resort is self-sabotage. These negative emotions are definitely taking a toll on you, hence, the dream.

You need to understand that life is not as simple and wonderful as it is advertised on TV or social media. You need to take account of these bad times, work on growing towards stability, and improve your lifestyle.

3. Earthworms

Earthworms are a symbol of fertility, deep thinking, and possibilities. If you saw earthworms in your dream, it means you are about to develop a good relationship with a friend, a family member, or with someone you have just met.

Whomever this person is in your life, you both hold high regard for each other. And you both might even become business partners in the future or go on a life-changing trip.

However, you may also feel as if this relationship is taking a toll on your mental state and draining you out emotionally.

4. Yellow Worms

Yellow Worms


Dreaming about yellow worms indicates that you are materialistic and only care about money. Although working on financial abundance is a great goal, neglecting your friends or family in the process will only damage you.

Your soul is warning you about the lonely days ahead because money can not buy the value of sincere relations.

Moreover, if you see fat yellow worms, then such dreams can indicate that you are about to have a lot of profit in your business.

5. Red Worms

If you dreamt of red worms, it means you have surpassed the barriers and obstacles in your life. This dream appears to tell you that you are in the right direction in your life.

6. White Worms

The meaning of your dream of white worms depends on what sort of worm it was. So, you might want to recall your dream for this interpretation.

If you saw maggots in your dream, your life is quite literally falling apart or regressing.

If you saw a butterfly larva in your dream, then you are about to observe a decent change in your life. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and renewal.

If there were little white worms in your dream, then your subconscious mind’s sending a strong signal about the deceit harboring around you in real life. The size of the worm is vital here. Since they are small in size, it means this phase is in its initial stages.

You have to take action before the problem grows, and you are left with nothing but regrets.

7. Green Worms

Dreaming about green worms is a bad sign as it means someone is about to disappoint you, or you may experience a financial loss.

Some Specific Scenarios in Dreams about Worms

Some Specific Scenarios in Dreams about Worms


Worm dreams are the most common dreams among dreamers. To further narrow down the meaning, you should analyze the scenario of your dream, as it can add a different meaning to the situation you are in currently.

A Worm Used as Fishing Bait

Dreaming about using worms as fishing bait has basically two sides to it; A positive side and a negative side.

The positive meaning of this type of dream is that your hard work is about to pay off. There is probably a project or a side hustle you have been working on for days. And now all the efforts are about to bear fruit leading to success.

On a negative note, this dream can also mean that you are way too caught up in your routine life. This issue is preventing you from growing in other areas of life.

Perhaps you need to reconsider your 9-5 job, which is not letting you work on your passion projects or keeping you from having a social life.

Worms Coming Out from Your Body Parts

In this case, the meaning relies upon where exactly the worms are emerging from.

If the worm is coming out of your eyes, then you hold a lot of anxiety, and lately, you have been consumed by stress. This type of dream can also indicate that you might have an underlying eye disease that requires an immediate diagnosis.

If the worm is emerging from the inside of your nose, mouth, and ears, this means you have been engaging in negative thoughts. You have become very cynical toward life. It is necessary for you to loosen up and de-stress, as this mindset is leading you toward severe depression.

Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed the many meanings of seeing a worm in a dream. If you had a rare and unusual dream that isn’t mentioned above, let us know in the comments below. Our dream experts would love to help you understand them!

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Worms


John Bello

Thursday 1st of February 2024

In A Vision I Saw A Small White Worms On The Wall. What Does It Mean


Thursday 1st of February 2024

I dreamt about black wooly worms on the floor inside a house and they were moving. lots of them and I was scared


Friday 12th of January 2024

I dreamt my dog had hookworms

Kim Jagus

Thursday 11th of January 2024

I dream of earthworms, the 2 other earthworms eat the others until they became too fats. I just enjoy looking at them and at the same time bothered.what does it mean?


Wednesday 27th of December 2023

I saw a short/little green worm in my dream. Curious, as I have never seen one like that before in my waking life, I suddenly had a small transparent container placed in it's path. It crawled into it and I covered the container.