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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Red Hair

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Red Hair

There are a number of things that a dream of red hair can mean. It’s a color that has numerous symbolic connotations, as does hair itself in dreams. Furthermore, there are various ways that red—or ginger—hair can manifest.

For example, you could dream of red hair on another person. You could dream about your own hair being red. You could have a dream in which your hair turns from its present color to red, or you dye it. Your dream of red hair’s subject matter could even be an animal.

This article will walk you through various dream interpretation possibilities to help you narrow down what your red-headed dream might mean.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Red Hair


What Does it Mean When You Dream of Red Hair?

1. You should trust your great ideas

Red is a color that’s often strongly connected with positive passion and inspiration. Just think about how many times in pop culture we think about redheads being “fiery” and creative. Because hair is located on the head, near where our minds are, the mindset connection is clear.

In other words, a dream of blood-red hair can be your brain’s way of telling you you’re on the right track. Your mind’s been firing on all cylinders recently, coming up with a lot of creative ambitions. And instead of being self-critical, you should be trusting those instincts built on long-term experience.

2. Your newest project will be a successful one

Not only can a dream of red hair mean that your ideas are good but they will bring you success too. Red hair is often symbolically linked to great success, financial and otherwise. This is often directly with regard to projects.

A dream of red hair can indicate that you’re a thoughtful, rational, and smart person—signs of professionalism. So if there’s a project you’ve been thinking about the undertaking, now may be the time to use those skills! Your dream goals might just become realities thanks to your successful ideas.

It can also mean that a project you’ve already been working on for a long time will finally be completed. Thanks to your good intentions and hard work, it will bring you great gain, financially and in terms of satisfaction.

You may be about to receive a financial win of a different sort


3. You may be about to receive a financial win of a different sort

While often a dream of red hair means success based on your own talents, it can come from elsewhere. It sometimes means that the positive changes will be a surprise to you from somewhere else. For example, it could indicate good luck, that you’re about to win a lottery, prize or honor!

It could also be in the form of inheritance—likely from a distant relative or someone you didn’t know well. In some cases, it can be a win with drawbacks, including pain. Under those circumstances, it might be someone closer to you who will die and leave you with money.

4. You’re about to have some conflict with your loved ones

While red often does indicate a positive sort of passion or sensuality, there can be a flip side. Red can also be impulsive, impetuous, and “fiery” in a more negative sense. Just as money in the previous scenario could be due to a sad reason, red hair can also mean a family feud is on the way.

This could actually be due to inheritance going to one person rather than another. It could also simply be the result of emotions or embarrassment that were bottled up for a long time finally exploding.

Either way, it’s important in this sort of situation to try to not add to the extremist drama yourself. A dream of red hair could be warning you to keep a cool head. That if you stay calm, strong, and centered and refuse to stoke the fires further, they will soon blow over.

Conflict in your workplace


5. Conflict in your workplace

The flipside to red hair possibly indicating you’re going to have success at work is there might be conflict too. It might be sending you a strong message of both things at once. You will do well but your success might meet with disapproval from other workers. They might be jealous of your success or want credit for it.

In this sort of situation, the dream of red hair might be giving you the warning to be cautious. You will do very well but be careful about not angering your co-workers. Or at least be mindful of the envy, disgust, and cynicism that might arise and do your best to diffuse the situation.

A dream of red hair can symbolize having a competitive nature, which can be a good thing. It can drive you to accomplish great things. It can also, however, lead to the aforementioned conflict and resentment, so a reminder of that possibility is a good thing.

6. An indication or symbol of good health

Along with passion, the color red is also often associated with health and vitality. Just think about red, rosy cheeks and how we think of them as a sign of good health and vigor. Bright red apples make us think of similar things. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and all that!

Many people also say that there’s a direct connection between the color red and Vitamin C. If you dream of yourself with red hair, your subconscious could be reassuring you about how healthily you’re living your life. You’re getting the right amount of rest and relaxation.

If, however, you dream about your long hair turning red, or you dyeing your hair red, it may mean something else. Your mind might be advising you that it’s time to make major changes to take better care of your health.

Because in this case, your hair is another color rather than being naturally red. And so the symbolic idea is that your dream is indicating you should take on the healthy connotations of red hair.

An indication of a blockage to your mentalspiritual health


7. An indication of a blockage to your mental/spiritual health

In several mystic traditions originating in the East, the color red is associated with the second chakra. This is the chakra related to emotional energy and wholeness. If this chakra is properly aligned, it means that you are spiritually and mentally well.

And so, as with the previous example, if your hair in the dream is red, it could mean spiritual health. But if your hair begins another color and then changes, this might mean you have a spiritual blockage.

The best way to address this is through either guided meditation, therapy, or a combination of the two. Either will help you face frustrations you may have been avoiding or possibly weren’t aware of. They might help you realign your thinking style to something more positive.

Again, in both cases, these dreams of red hair are intended to help you improve your lifestyle. They are attempting to point a way towards mental health, emotional centeredness, and stability for you. Due to this, these dreams are a special gift to be appreciated and cherished.

8. You’re already on the right track

The act of dyeing your hair in a dream of red hair is often directly related to self-image. Just as it is in dreams, so is it in the waking world as well. The whole idea of changing your hair color is about altering how you want to be perceived by the world.

You’re projecting a new you. Or at least a new area of your life or aspect of your personality.

As we’ve already explained, a dream of red hair can symbolize spiritual and physical health. Therefore, if you’re turning your hair red in the dream, it could mean you’ve just recently conquered a blockage.

Sometimes a dream of red hair is a way for your subconscious to give you advice. Other times, they‘re congratulating you on an accomplishment. Reassuring you that you’re on the right path so that you don’t face uncertainty or anxiety, incorrectly worrying you’re a loser.

9. Red-haired animals

All of our previous examples have been about a dream of red hair involving people. But what does it mean if you dream of a red-haired animal? There are a number of different answers.

A red-haired dog can mean someone you’ve known a long time is about to show a new side to you. This can be either positive or negative. Maybe they’re about to reveal a new kindness or their true feelings. Maybe it will deepen your friendship. Maybe they’ll betray you.

Some believe a dream of red hair on a dog means you should stay on your guard and trust no one. But it can also just mean taking special care. Remain open but cautious, to protect yourself.

Interestingly, a dream of red hair on a horse also tends to have a negative connotation. It can mean someone is cheating you or attempting to steer you the wrong way, due to their arrogance.

Meanwhile, for some, a dream of a carrot top cat is an omen of attraction and romance. A dream of red hair on a fox means you’ll get an opportunity soon to show yourself off in high society.

When did you last have a dream of red hair? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Red Hair