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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Owls

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Owls

Owls are fascinating animals not only because of their appearance and behavior but also because of the various symbolism associated with them since ancient times.

These birds of prey with heart-shaped faces have come to represent many things over time, and you will discover the same in this article which will tell you all about what it means when you dream about owls.

But before we start with that, it is essential to note that although today we have many owl species, such as barn owl, barred owl, and the great horned owl, the color of the owl is much more important for the analysis of dreams about them.

Therefore, expect to get different interpretations depending on whether you dreamed of a brown, black, red, or white snowy owl.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Owls


Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Owls

1. Success Is Close

Seeing a flying owl in your dreams means that good luck will follow you. In the period ahead of you, you will achieve a lot of success, which will not only bring a lot of positivity into your life but will also bring respect from other people who will admire your achievements.

Of course, you need to believe in your abilities because luck will not stay around you for a long time if you are not brave, determined, and relentless enough. Fortune favors the brave, as they say!

2. Something Will Shock You

Dreaming of a brown owl can be a sign that you are in for a surprise in the near future. Some secret might come to light, or some mystery you have forgotten about for a long time might finally be revealed, which will make the surprise even greater. You will ask yourself, how could I forget about something like this?

There is a saying that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans, and that is perhaps the best description of this interpretation of dreams about owls.

You can start preparing for this as much as you want, but it will happen when you least expect it, so enjoy it while you can; the thing that will be revealed will be earth-shattering.

3. A Bad Event Is About To Occur

A black owl in a dream is a symbol of illness and loss. You or someone close to you may struggle with a sickness in the coming period. Of course, no one wants this to happen, but illness is an indispensable part of life that awaits us all; the only questions are when and how serious it will be.

The loss part of the dream can refer to the loss of health or the appearance of an illness, as we have already explained, but it can also refer to the loss of money, work, or the departure of some people from your life due to hostile relations.

You will have to learn to deal with one or the other, but don’t despair too much. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; it is important not to give up on the way to that light.

4. You Have A Pure Soul

You Have A Pure Soul

Image Credit: owllovers_clubs

Snowy white owl dream meaning interpretation is one of the most interesting ones since it represents innocence and purity.

People with such dreams are virtuous and uncorrupted; they always think the best not only for themselves but also for others, and they don’t know how to hurt others even when they want to. Evil and negative emotions are unknown to them.

There are probably few people in the world who will be like, “Oh that sounds like me!” but dreaming about owls is not one of the common dreams, so owls appear only to people with a unique spirituality and character.

5. Maybe You Should Do Something?

Does it seem to you that nothing is happening in your life? Unfortunately, many who answer affirmatively to this question often forget to look in the mirror when searching for the culprit of this situation.

It’s always someone else’s fault – boss, job, significant other, family, state, economy, president, etc. Since these people believe that they are not to blame and that they can’t control the actions of others, they accept the status quo and continue through life without any change.

If you are one of the people who fit the above description, don’t be angry with us for telling you this, but actually consider yourself lucky.

You dreamed of owls, animals that are, among other things, a symbol of transformation and change, which means that your subconscious mind is sending you a reminder that you should do something about the routine and uneventfulness that have taken over your waking life.

6. Rely On Your Intuition

Owls have been a symbol of intuition and insight since ancient times, which is why it will not surprise you when we tell you that dreams of owls can mean that you should rely on your intuition throughout life.

You are actually one of the fortunate ones because your intuition is strong and accurate, which is not the case with many people. Often people give in to their intuition only to be deceived, misled, or cheated.

But you don’t have such problems. Your intuition has helped you many times, both in some mundane situations and in very delicate cases, which is why you should never doubt it, and this dream is just another confirmation of that.

7. It Might Get Ugly

It Might Get Ugly

Image Credit: wonderleevinci

Many people believe that the red owl dream is one of the dreams with a negative meaning and a bad omen because it hints that literal or figurative bloodshed may soon occur.

However, this dream carries one of the most important messages, as it represents a warning that something awful could happen to you. But, of course, this dream does not mean that it will definitely happen.

In the coming period, you need to increase your caution in terms of relationships, both with acquaintances and strangers, because you could put yourself in a bad situation where a conflict is likely to break out.

So, navigate interpersonal conflict with this in mind to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen or that the clash passes with as few scratches and wounds as possible.

8. Justice Is Slow, But Sure

Seeing a dead owl in dreams will make anyone sweat for two reasons. Firstly most of us are not used to seeing dead animals, even if we eat them all the time. Secondly, owls are a symbol of death, so we wonder what a dream about a dead owl could have in store for us.

An animal that symbolizes death appearing dead? That can only mean bad things. Unfortunately, it is true because this dream means that in the future, you will receive punishment for some of your evil deeds from the past that you have forgotten about.

You wronged someone in a situation where there was no need for it, and nothing happened for so long that you began to think that deed would go unpunished. You forgot about one thing, though. Justice is slow, but sure, and it will catch you soon.

9. You Possess True Wisdom

You Possess True Wisdom

Image Credit: owlmeme.4u

You probably know that Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare from Greek mythology, would always be portrayed with an owl on her shoulder, which is just one of the reasons why owls are still considered wise animals.

But it is not only the owls who are wise; you, the dreamer, possess intelligence and sagacity since the owl in your dreams is a symbol of inner wisdom.

When you have to make a difficult decision, you never rush but look at it from all possible angles and points of view and only then take a step.

You successfully overcome any conflict thanks to your wisdom, which enables you to understand the opposite side and clearly explain your position and thinking. All this makes people like to be in your company because they know they can learn a lot from you.

10. Watch Your Back

Owls are mostly solitary animals that live in this style for most of the year. Precisely because of this, owls are always on the alert and watch out for attacks by other owls and predators, which makes it difficult to surprise them.

Therefore, one of the meanings of the dream about owls is that you, the person they visited in the dreams, should start looking around and especially behind you because danger lurks nearby. In fact, it might come from the people and places you least expect it.

Perhaps it would be convenient if you, too, started to lead more of a solitary life, which would give you the opportunity to see better which people are your real friends and which are only pretending to be such.


Dreaming of an owl or multiple owls can mean a lot of things, both positive and negative.

For example, this dream can mean that you are wise, intuitive, or pure. It can also indicate you should look out for an ugly confrontation with someone, betrayal from someone close, or a bad event in general.

Sometimes it means good luck and success. On the other hand, if you’ve done bad things in the past, know that justice will catch up to you.

Finally, if you feel bored and dream about owls, look inward and try to change your situation.




Monday 4th of September 2023

Thanks a lot,..I had a dream of owl coming on top of the roofs I kept throwing stones at it , kept coming many times I was really fighting with it

Danielle Swan

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Thank you very much,very helpful.