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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Pregnant As A Teenager

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Pregnant As A Teenager

Having a pregnancy dream is often stressful or at least peculiar. And one’s teenage years are always a tumultuous time. Together, these two things can be an extra stressful experience.

Should such a dream bring worries and anxiety to a teenager, however, or is it just a random dream that doesn’t mean anything for your real life? These are pretty common dreams after all, so, surely, they are not necessarily prophetic, and not every young girl that has such a dream is going to become a mom soon, right?

Let’s find out by examining what a dream about being pregnant as a teenager means. Here are 10 possible explanations to consider.

Dream about being pregnant as a teenager and its meaning


Dream about being pregnant as a teenager and its meaning

For teenagers, as for adults, having a pregnancy dream doesn’t mean you’re going to be pregnant soon. In reality, pregnancy is a very common theme for a lot of kids in high school for many different reasons.

The cliff notes, however, are that as the teenage body goes through physical changes and is stirred in a cocktail of hormones, having vivid dreams about “grown-up things” is quite normal. So, let’s go over the most likely meanings of such a dream.

1. You’re feeling confident

A first, and likely surprising for some, possible interpretation is that you are feeling confident in your waking life. Out of all the emotions a teenager can have, confidence is probably not the most intuitive explanation but it’s often the correct one.

That’s because, for many teenagers, the struggle of growing up is often quite thoroughly internalized, especially for late teen girls and young women. And, since pregnancy is a common symbol of womanhood and adulthood, our subconscious minds often express that struggle with a dream of being pregnant.

In other words, when we feel confident and “grown up”, it’s perfectly natural to have dreams that represent that – us as grown-up adults doing grown-up adult things like being pregnant.

2. You want the freedom to express yourself

You want the freedom to express yourself


A likely more intuitive explanation that’s also often correct is that we’ve been feeling like we’re having to fight for our freedom to express ourselves. This is probably one of the most common experiences for most teenagers, regardless of their upbringing but it’s especially prevalent for kids who’ve had to grow up in overly restrictive and conservative homes and environments.

For them, a dream about being pregnant as a teenager can be a frequent dream symbol of their fight against parental control and the constant stifling of their creativity.

This doesn’t mean that the teenager actively wants to get pregnant, of course, nor that their life is necessarily too restrictive – though, it often is. Still, it doesn’t take a professional psychologist to figure out that dreaming of growing life in your womb – something your parent is likely actively working to avoid – can be a very intuitive dream symbol of rebellion.

3. You are feeling beautiful and desired

An even more direct explanation is that your dreams of pregnant women or of being pregnant yourself are an expression of you feeling good in your body, looking for new relationships, and trying to be sexually active.

Again, as above, this doesn’t mean that you’re actively trying to become pregnant or that you’re wondering whether you might be – our subconscious minds can make the connection between physical attraction, relationships, physical activities, or the desire for them, and being pregnant.

4. You are worried you’re moving too fast

A less positive-feeling version of this dream will often have notes of anxiety and stress, as well as a chaotic feeling of being overburdened with things to do, learn, and think about.

In this case, the likely explanation a dream analyst would give is that you’re feeling a bit too swamped with things to do and your subconscious mind is expressing this worry with dreams of pregnancy – the ultimate commitment and time-sink for most women.

Such dreams can include anything from you looking at a pregnancy test or you straight-up walking out of the hospital with a new family member in your arms. Even dreams of you being all grown up and surrounded by kids are not particularly uncommon for many teenage girls.

5. You’ve recently started to realize the weight of adulthood’s responsibilities

You’ve recently started to realize the weight of adulthood’s responsibilities


Some people’s teenage years aren’t so much a time of fun, parties, and exploring the joys of life but, instead, are full of responsibilities, work, and being forced to prematurely deal with the disappointments of adulthood. For different people there can be different reasons for this, be it living with only one or with no parents, financial issues, and more.

If you are one of those unlucky few, having a dream about being pregnant can be not just “normal” but would be as expected as it would be unfortunate.

6. You feel dependent on a certain person

Pregnancy isn’t just associated with new life, it’s also often associated with being a strain and even a chain, tethering you to another person. In that sense, it can be a symbol that the dreamer is feeling dependent on, tied to, or restricted by another person.

This person can be your parent who you’re naturally dependent on, it can be an overly controlling boyfriend, or it can be someone you owe money for something – often, it doesn’t need to have anything to do with pregnancies or physical relations.

7. You’ve been responsible for someone to a very major degree

The opposite can also be true, paradoxically. It’s very common for teenagers to be forced to be responsible for someone to a degree they, as teenagers, ideally shouldn’t be.

The most likely case for that is an older child who has to assume the role of a parent to her younger sibling – something that often happens when there is an absent parent(s) or when something is preventing the parents from fully performing their parental duties.

In these cases, the older child’s subconscious mind can start conjuring up dreams of being a parent, in labor, giving birth, or raising her own kids to express the discontent of already having to be a parent of sorts.

Naturally, this mostly applies to girls but boys who’ve been forced into a position like this can also have dreams of being parents or being constricted by life in other ways (having a credit, a tough job, etc).

8. Your life has been feeling a bit too chaotic as of late

Your life has been feeling a bit too chaotic as of late


Another spiritual meaning of a pregnancy dream is that of a new beginning. A pregnancy is primarily seen as a blessing, after all, and we often dream of blessings when our life feels overburdened or unbearable in some way.

In essence, a dream like that tends to signify the desire for an escape from your current circumstances and into an entirely new situation. Notably, this type of pregnancy dream isn’t common just for overstressed teenagers, it also often happens to adult women who’ve grown tired of whatever work, secrets, or chaos, are bothering them in their real life.

9. You’ve had the desire to be able to manipulate others to do your bidding

A more unhealthy interpretation of a pregnancy dream is that of a pregnancy as a tool of manipulation. Obviously, this isn’t the inherent association most people have with being pregnant but it’s undeniable that, in some cases, it can and has been used by women to tether people to them, to force dependence on them, or to get them to do what they want.

Naturally, this isn’t a great view to hold, whether consciously or subconsciously, but it’s also a view that can be expected in many cases when women and late teens have been forced into tough circumstances and have had to scrape for desperate ideas.

10. You’ve had some health concerns and/or you haven’t been feeling well lately

Lastly, there’s also the interpretation that you have had genuine health concerns as of late, as well as an actual pregnancy scare. All it takes is one morning sickness for us to understandably freak out about potentially being pregnant, hence starting to dream about it.

It could also have nothing to do with pregnancy concerns too – it may be just a health concern of literally any other kind that your mind has nevertheless decided to express with a pregnancy dream.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why the dreaming mind of a young woman or even a girl would come up with a pregnancy dream.

Can it mean that you are actually pregnant and your body is letting you know before you’ve realized it consciously? Technically, it is. It’s also possible that you’ve simply been thinking about being pregnant or you’ve watched or heard something about it that has left an impression on you.

The most likely and common interpretations, however, are that the pregnancy dream is a metaphor your subconscious mind is using to tell you something else about yourself. And with a bit of self-reflection and awareness, you should be able to figure it out relatively easily.

You’ve had some health concerns and/or you haven’t been feeling well lately