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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Being Pregnant

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Being Pregnant

The world of dreams is governed by no rules and there are no limits to what can happen in there. So, there are times when people have quite bold or surprising dreams that often leave them flabbergasted. While there is no dearth of weird dreams, an interesting and surprising dream is to see someone else pregnant.

Now, seeing “yourself” pregnant in your dream can have some obvious and straightforward interpretive significance. But it simply gives your mind a good jog to comprehend what would a dream about someone else being pregnant mean for you. So, let’s cut to the chase and get to the bottom of this weirdly surprising dream right away.

Dreaming of Another Person’s Pregnancy


Dreaming of Another Person’s Pregnancy

When you see someone else being pregnant in your dreams, it is quite natural to wonder why you would see that person. Does that individual relate to you somehow? If you have a close relationship, for instance, if you have dreamt about your sister’s pregnancy, it may start to make some sense.

No matter how appalled you may feel, the general and dominating theme around this type of dream is quite positive. Spiritually, it may even extrapolate to your desire of getting pregnant and could mean that you’ll be hearing the good news soon. On a more figurative and deeper level of interpretation, this dream may be a manifestation of ‘progress’.

Similar to any other dream, trying to derive meanings from seeing someone pregnant in your dream, will also involve considering different related aspects. The most strange feeling is when you find out that the person you have been dreaming of as ‘pregnant’ is in reality not at all pregnant.

According to some interpretations, these dreams may stand for a creative flow or a birth of creative energy because giving birth to a human being is certainly a dynamic and creative experience. Interestingly, such a dream may also be an indication of some untold stories or something related to your life that must be uncovered at some point.

Other meanings associated with this dream include the development of an absolutely new thought pattern or a new perspective. It may be linked to an aspect in your life that has been showing some increase or where you need to bring in some optimization. It goes without saying that the general rule of keeping an eye out for the overall context and your current real-life scenario makes a lot of difference.

Themes About Dreaming Someone Being Pregnant


Themes About Dreaming Someone Being Pregnant

Below are some of the prominent themes that emerge when interpreting having a dream about somebody else getting pregnant. These themes cannot be all applied at once, so you will have to use your intuitive insight to select something that speaks more about your specific situation, dream context, or issue at hand.

1. Harboring Feelings of Jealousy

Having feelings of jealousy against someone in your life isn’t something anomalous because we all have felt this way at one or multiple points in our lives. It is only human to experience this emotion. Often it may appear that these individuals happen to have all the good luck and nothing seems to ever go wrong for them. Seeing this person as pregnant in your dreams is a representation of how lucky you perceive them to be.

Although it is a human emotion, it is quite worthwhile to take some time to introspect and sort through these tangled emotions because this certainly isn’t a positive emotion. It is solely for your own benefit that you should part ways with it.

2. Feeling Concerned About That Person

This theme is especially relevant if you are having such a dream on a regular basis. So, if your dream revolves around another person who is pregnant and in the dream, that person appears to be exhausted or suffering, it may indicate that you feel concerned about that person.

There is nothing wrong with worrying about your loved ones and having dreams revolving around this concern. One way to soothe your subconscious anxiety for that person is to directly talk to them and get to know what is really going on in their lives.

Feeling Concerned About That Person


3. Feeling Unworthy to Get Pregnant Yourself

Seeing someone else in your dreams has quite a strange feeling to it because even though pregnancy is an overall positive experience, this dream may not have an equivalent interpretation for you. Sometimes, people dream of others getting pregnant because they are sensing a void in their lives as a parent but do not feel worthy enough to conceive.

Perhaps you have been fighting a battle to have a baby and the path is marred with challenges. All of this can come together in your dream and you end up seeing someone else as pregnant because you feel as if this experience cannot be your blessing.

If you relate to this interpretation, you must keep holding onto the ray of hope tighter because despite what it seems like, this dream is not an omen for your worthiness of conceiving a child. Sometimes dreams merely serve as an outlet for our pent-up feelings and conflicts to be released. On the contrary, it may also be simply a manifestation of an inner readiness to start your family now!

4. Expecting Some Newness in Your Life!

Think about it, what does the experience of ‘pregnancy’ denote in real life? Well, it does stand for a positive change in anyone’s life. So, having a dream of another person being pregnant in your dream is often linked with a “newness” heading your way. It could be anything from starting a new project or thought to going in a new direction in your career or making changes to your life. It may also be an indication of entirely new beginnings for you!

However, these dreams may also have negative connotations sometimes. To be able to assess whether it has a positive or a negative meaning, you have to pay attention to your emotions during the dream phase. If you feel that this dream evokes negative emotions in you, then it may be an indication of a “newer” batch of problems or challenges heading your way.

You can take it as an omen and try to brace yourself up. It may be a way of your subconscious to alert you of the lurking issues and it gives you an opportunity to evaluate everything and take some action to steer things toward betterment.

Expecting Positive News of Growth


5. Expecting Positive News of Growth

Sometimes this dream is an indication of your anticipation about receiving possible good news! Perhaps it is a long-awaited and well-deserved promotion at work or a promising business deal that you have been working so hard to win. In simple words, such a dream can stand as a symbol of hope for positive news. Although, it may not always be about you because you’re seeing someone else as pregnant so it could also represent that you have been anticipating good news for that person.


The above enlisted are merely a few themes that can be linked to someone being pregnant in your dreams. Although dreams seldom have straightforward meanings, it is quite possible that after having one such dream, you soon hear the news of “that” person actually getting pregnant. In general, this type of dream has strongly positive connotations and is often indicative of exciting things coming your way.


1. What is the meaning of dreaming about a crush pregnant with someone else?

Since dreams are a manifestation of what stays under our subconscious, it gives you useful insight into the interaction between your life and emotions. If you have been dreaming about your crush being pregnant with another person, it is definitely a strange dream.

Usually, this type of dream would stir negative emotions in any person and would indicate a held-back attitude in your life. This means that you have to brace up for the tough reality around you and bring some major changes in your overall attitude towards life. It may also indicate that you have been keeping your feeling repressed about a possible mistake you committed and sometimes it denotes feeling abandoned as well.

2. What does it mean to dream about being pregnant with twins?

It all comes down to your true feelings regarding this dream. So, let’s say you were filled with positive emotions when you had this dream and it represents that you’re looking towards having something new added to your life. However, if you woke up sweating or feeling anxious or have an uncomfortable gut feeling, then this type of dream may indicate some conflict or contradiction in your life.

3. What does it mean if I dream I’m pregnant?

It is quite a different feeling when you see yourself as pregnant in your dreams. Usually, dreaming about pregnancy has positive connotations related to the themes of development, progress, and growth. It may also indicate richness in other areas of your life (e.g. career). Alternatively, it may be a call for action to help you see the need to bring about a change in your life situations or reach a decision that you have been procrastinating on for quite some time.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone Being Pregnant



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