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8 Spiritual Meanings Of Yawning During Prayer

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Yawning During Prayer

For many religious people, praying is an absolute necessity. This is a recommended practice where those who believe in God devote time to speak to him. For some religions, such as Islam, the time of prayer comes five times a day with the most devout Muslims making sure they make time for each and everyone regardless of what other plans they have.

It’s important to remain devoted and concentrated during your prayers, however, some distractions can happen. Today, we’re going to look at what it could mean spiritually if you keep noticing that you are yawning during prayers. The symbolism surrounding yawning has been the subject of debate for many years meaning there are many possible meanings behind this act.

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Yawning During Prayer


What Does It Mean When Yawning During Prayer?

1. You are relaxed

The first possible meaning behind yawning during prayer time is that you are completely comfortable in your place of worship and that it puts you in a relaxed state. Most people live busy lives where they need full concentration at all times. By the time they come to pray, they will require relaxation and that is exactly what praying offers them.

The notion of yawning doesn’t always have to signify disinterest and boredom, and instead can simply signify relaxation. While for certain prayers it will be important to be fully concentrated, for personal prayers unrelated to scriptures and texts the level of concentration required is entirely down to the individual.

If you continue to yawn after the prayer is complete then it could be a sign that you are completely satisfied with how the prayer went and that you are now ready to wind down, relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

2. An act of rudeness

On the flip side, yawning during a prayer could be interpreted as a sign of disregard for your religion. Yawning is often associated with boredom and disinterest, so yawning during prayer, it could be seen as a rude gesture in the spiritual presence of God.

It’s common practice to show full devotion and humility towards God during your prayer. Still, by yawning you are essentially saying that your personal feelings of tiredness and fatigue are more important than praying to God.

If you are praying in a place of worship, such as a Church or a Mosque, then if other people see you yawning then they may see you as a distraction to their prayer. While an older person may receive the benefit of the doubt, if you are young then you may end up being asked to leave.

3. You aren’t fully committed to your religion

You aren't fully committed to your religion


Being devoted to your religion isn’t an easy task, especially in a world with so many distractions. If you find that you are yawning regularly when it comes to prayer time then it may well be a spiritual sign that you need to devote more time to God and your religious beliefs.

It could be that recently you have been spending more time with your friends which has resulted in you skipping prayers and/or religious services. Or, it could be that you have been overworked during your day job which has meant less time to devote to your God.

Yawning during your prayers could therefore be a message from God that you need to stop overworking yourself. The longer it goes on, the more likely it is that you are going to end up suffering from increasing tension, stress, and anxiety in your personal life. Take this message on board and start managing your life more efficiently.

4. Someone is distracting you from your devotion

Yawning is a habit that isn’t easily broken and doing it during prayer can be a sign that you are distracted by someone or something. You may have gotten into the habit of allowing others to manipulate you and you aren’t sure of how to break the pattern.

Perhaps you have recently started a new relationship with someone who doesn’t share the same cultural beliefs or religious beliefs as you and they are slowly but surely getting you to turn your back on your religion.

The passion for a new relationship can become all-consuming and it can take you a while until you see through somebody’s true intentions. If your new partner isn’t okay with your religious beliefs then you should consider whether they are compatible with you.

As a yawner during prayers, your body is perhaps telling you that it’s time to decide between your religion and your distractions. Just because someone you love has little interest in religion, doesn’t mean that you have to let go of this important side of you.

5. You aren’t coping well with stresses in your life

For many people, praying is a coping mechanism when times are getting difficult in their day-to-day lives. They will turn to God for guidance and support or simply recite some of their favorite prayers to aid spiritual development and to relax their minds from the stresses of life.

If someone who does typically pray as a coping mechanism notices that they are starting to yawn during their prayers, then it could be a sign that it is no longer working. In other words, the stresses and anxieties in their lives are starting to get on top of them, which is a real worry.

If this is you then take it as a sign to perhaps read the sacred texts of your chosen religion. If you’re a Muslim then perhaps it is Allah reminding you that you can find peace through many passages of the Quran relating to the prophet Muhammad. If you are a Christian then perhaps it is God reminding you to look back at Jesus’ teachings in the Bible.

If this doesn’t work for you, then you must find other ways to combat your stress and anxiety, either by opening up to loved ones or by visiting a mental health professional.

6. You are receiving energy from God

You are receiving energy from God


One of the most spiritual considerations for the act of yawning during prayer is the idea that God is providing you with much-needed energy. The action of yawning involves a huge intake of pure oxygen through the front of the mouth and down your throat and some people see this as God providing the yawner with some of his strength.

Perhaps you’ve got a big event coming up in your personal life such as the start of a new job or an important exam. If you are yawning during a prayer concerning this big event, then consider the possibility that God is trying to tell you that with his strength, you have all you need to succeed.

Use this as a reason to relax ahead of the big day. You cannot fail if you have the power and support of God.

7. You are allowing the devil to infiltrate you

On the other hand, some people interpret the act of yawning as evil spirits attempting to gain access to your body and mind. If you have been struggling to follow the word of God in recent times then Satan will be waiting to push you further toward temptation and sin.

Being disinterested in praying will result in you yawning, allowing the devil the possibility to enter your body and mind. This, at least, is the view of those who have a fear of Satan and those who believe that the rules of religion are rigid.

In reality, God isn’t going to turn his back on anyone, especially those who admit their wrongdoing and seek forgiveness. The key thing here is to remember that and to banish Satan from your life.

8. You are overwhelmed by the power of praying

You are overwhelmed by the power of praying


Praying can be a very powerful experience, especially when you feel like God is answering your prayers. As we’ve seen through our analysis, yawning can be an indication that God is responding to your prayers in one way or the other either by providing you with strength or by sending you an important message.

This can understandably leave you feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to further yawns as you try to keep your heart rate and breathing under control. Try to remain composed, especially if you are in a place of worship as you don’t want to disturb others while they pray to God.

Final Words

Habits such as yawning, sneezing, and coughing all have various spiritual interpretations. On average, we will yawn dozens of times a day but doing it specifically during prayer can be a sign from God.

We hope that by reading through our critical analysis above you will get to the bottom of why you have been yawning during prayers in recent times and use this meaning as inspiration for your life moving forward.

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Yawning During Prayer