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9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Devil

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Devil

We all dream. Not every single night, but even as infrequently as once a week, each and every one of us lays our head to rest and experiences the world of dreams.

Dreams, as most of us know, are highly symbolic. They contain imagery that frequently serves as precursors or metaphors for the events, people, or problems currently occupying our waking life.

Dreams give you the opportunity to access your subconscious mind if certain aspects of the vision are understood. However, it can be hard to dissect if you’re not sure what the dream represents, and you’ll end up questioning what it means when you dream of the devil.

Dreams about the devil are an unpleasant experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at the varied symbolism this creature from hell represents and what it means for you.

9 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About The Devil


Demon Dreams: Symbolism

For many, dreams about the devil is a horrifying experience usually involving a visit to hell. But not all dream encounters with Satan fit the nightmare mold. There is also a range of interesting and complex ideas about the devil in dreams.

To better understand such a powerful symbol from your subconscious mind, you must first understand its history and varied symbolism in different religions.


In 1923, Sigmund Freud—a dream psychologist—studied a patient named Frank who claimed to be possessed by the devil. When Frank dreamed about the devil, he only became more convinced that he was possessed.

Freud concluded that Frank’s nightmares were caused by his own feelings of stress and fear.


The devil is often associated with evil and negativity, but it doesn’t indicate that something terrible will happen in your life.

Carl Jung believed that you manifest the devil in a dream because you’re scared of being caught for your misdeeds. However, it’s essential to understand that dreams about devils don’t necessarily foretell evil tidings. In fact, many psychologists believe that dreams about devils can be beneficial, as they warn against negative energies or past mistakes.

Religious Beliefs

Devil mythology has been a part of religion for centuries, and each faith has its own interpretation.

Demons are a common feature of the Bible, appearing in both the Old and New Testaments. Demons are evil spirits that cause temptation in devout Christians to sin or tempt them to worship other gods. Jesus is considered a symbol of hope for Bible’s followers and says they should be careful of the devil’s deceit.

Islam has a similar take on the devil and commands its followers to walk away from the wrong path, or they’ll be ridden with a moral burden for the remainder of their lives.

The devil also made an appearance in Buddha’s life, asking him to abandon his journey towards enlightenment.

Demon Dream Meaning: Interpretations

Nightmares about demons may be a bad experience, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that evil spirits possess you or that you’re going to go crazy. The meaning of your demon dream depends on what the demon represents in your life.

In many cultures, demons are thought to be fallen angels. They are not necessarily evil but rather the result of humanity’s free will to choose how we use our powers.

By paying close attention to the details of your dream, you’ll be able to develop a close relationship with your subconsciousness and better your waking life.

Let’s take a look at the various types of devil dreams and the potential meaning they may hold in your everyday life.

1. Child’s Form

If the devil pays you a visit in the form of a child in your dream, it signifies that you feel great remorse towards a kid. You may have caused them harm and are now experiencing feelings of guilt.

The dream may indicate that you have suffered a great loss if you’re a parent. Maybe you had a miscarriage, stillbirth or your beloved child took their own life.

While it’s hard to move ahead, these dreams are considered a positive sign of good luck.

2. Human Form

The Devil is known for its cunningness and may appear in front of you as a beloved person from your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean the devil is trying to trick you, but he may make it harder for you to understand the dream’s true meaning.

These types of dreams signify that you may have hurt someone and are now suffering from a sense of guilt. If you want the devil to stop chasing you, you must seek out the person you hurt and apologize to them.

3. Woman Form

The female devil symbolizes that your personal life is ridden with guilt. It’s not because you caused harm to someone but because you simply believe you do not deserve the life you have built for yourself.

These dreams aren’t a bad sign but a message from your subconscious to take your mental health seriously.

4. Black Devil

Black Devil


The black devil is a symbol of evil, and if you see one in your dream, it means that your heart is filled with hatred, jealousy, and envy.

Aramaic religions say that seeing a black devil in your dream represents your dark side. It’s a reflection of your true desires, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an evil person.

Old folklore and legends say that those who tend to use their power for evil are paid a visit by the black devil himself from the underworld.

You may have been misusing your power without even knowing that you’re doing so. It’s time you reflect on the decisions you have made so far and think critically if they have caused harm to anyone.

5. Red Devil

Seeing a red devil in your dream indicates that you are passionate about something, but this passion has taken control of your life. It has come in the way of your relationships and is now affecting your mental health.

If you’ve been working overtime at your current job or pulling all-nighters to ace the upcoming university exam, it is time you take some days off to focus on what really matters: you and your loved ones.

6. Talking To The Devil

This dream can be interpreted to mean that you’re trying to control your own destiny. You may feel that you’re in a situation where you have no control over what happens to you, and it could be your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that even though things seem bad, they will get better.

Dreams, where we are talking to the devil or Satan, can symbolize our inner struggle with our own negative thoughts and feelings. It may also represent our battle with temptation and desire for something we know is wrong. If you have this dream, it could indicate an issue inside yourself that needs to be addressed immediately.

7. Getting Attacked By The Devil

The devil, a negative force in your life, is attacking you in your dreams. This dream might be a warning that something terrible is going to happen. It could also mean that there is some evil influence in your life.

This dream is usually linked to feelings of guilt or shame about something you have done or are doing. You may also feel attacked by someone else’s anger and negativity towards you.

8. Being Watched By The Devil

Being Watched By The Devil


The devil in dreams is often associated with evil and temptation. When you dream about the devil watching you, perhaps someone is trying to deceive you or mislead you into taking a certain path. It’s also possible that this dream warns against doing something that will lead to your downfall or destruction.

The devil in dreams can take many forms — he can appear as an old man or woman, an animal, or even a monster. He may also appear as an attractive person who tempts you with promises of riches and fame when in reality, they’re working toward your downfall.

9. Marrying The Devil

A dream about marrying the devil could symbolize your fears or worries. This is because, in the dream, you are marrying Satan, who is viewed as the embodiment of evil.

The devil can also represent an aspect of yourself that you feel is evil or immoral. For example, if you have been cheating on your spouse and feel guilty about it, then marrying the devil in your dream represents this aspect of yourself.

In some cases, a dream about marrying the devil is a symbol of someone else’s negative personality traits. This can happen when you are close to someone with these personality problems but don’t want to admit them because they are similar to yours.

Final Thoughts

Dreams of the devil can be interpreted in numerous ways. Some believe that dreams of evil spirits refer to the thoughts and feelings inside our own minds, while others believe that demons are actually attacking us in our sleep.

Is it possible to understand what a dream image of Satan means? The honest answer is that we don’t know. How could we, since the Scriptures are silent on this?

What’s your take on seeing the devil in a dream? Let us know in the comments below.

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