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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pigs

15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pigs

While having a dream about pigs may seem random, they actually hold a lot of meaning and significance regarding your characteristics and personality traits.

These dreams are often the universe’s way of letting you know there are things you need to change or your subconscious bringing things to light for your conscious mind to understand. So, what do dreams about pigs mean? Keep reading to find out.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Pigs


What Does It Mean To Dream About Pigs?

There are many possible pig dream meanings, so it is important for you to remember the surroundings of the dream and certain details that may help uncover hidden meanings.

While most people assume dreams about pigs are always negative, this is a misconception. Although there are quite a few negative interpretations, there are also positive interpretations and signs of good things to come. Here are 15 common meanings of dreams about pigs.

1. A Symbol Of Fertility

Dreaming about a pig could be directly related to fertility. If you want kids, now is likely an ideal time to try.

This could also mean it is time to put your career second and focus on finding someone to settle down with so you can fulfill your desire for a family.

2. You Are Selfish

If you dream about a wild boar, this is a sign of selfishness. You may have been a very selfless and giving person before, but something has hardened your heart and led you to only care about yourself and what you want.

You need to let go of whatever it is that has hurt you so you can begin to care about others’ needs and start putting other people’s needs above your own. The people that care about you love you, but you will start losing the people close to you if you continue being so selfish.

3. A Sign Of Greed

Pig dreams are often a symbol of greediness. You are being too greedy with your wealth, and you refuse to share it with people who need a little help.

Maybe you are holding onto it so tightly because you are afraid to lose it, or maybe you just have negative feelings surrounding those that find themselves in hard spots.

While it is not ok to let people take advantage of you, you need to learn to give more and help people out in times of need.

This dream could be a sign from the universe that if you don’t stop holding on so tightly to your money, you will lose all of it and be left with nothing.

4. You Need To Change Your Behavior

You Need To Change Your Behavior

Image Credit: m_crouton

To dream about a pig chasing you could mean that you need to change your behavior. You have been acting childish lately and making reckless decisions that will hurt not only you but also the people you love.

The universe likes to give us signs when we start on a bad road, and this is your sign to make some big changes before it is too late.

5. You Are Stubborn

Dreams of a white pig are usually a sign of stubbornness. You may be stuck in your old ways and refuse to see other ways of doing things.

This dream could also mean you refuse to see someone else point of view on a matter, and you won’t give up fighting them relentlessly.

This is a sign it is time to make room for change. Try new ways of doing things before you judge the new ways so harshly, and try to respect someone else’s opinion and try to see things from their point of view.

6. A Sign Of Disrespect

If you have a dream of a pig covered in mud, this could symbolize your feelings of being disrespected. Maybe you feel like your partner is not being respectful of your feelings, or your family is being very disrespectful toward you by not respecting your personal space.

If you have a dream of a skinny pig, this is a sign of a misunderstanding with people in your life. Your colleagues in the workplace may feel disrespected by actions you have done or something you said recently.

7. You Will Have an Abundance

If you dream of a healthy pig, this is likely a sign of abundance coming your way in all things. You will be abundant in joy and happiness, as well as love and passion.

This could also signify an abundance in wealth, either through money or material possessions.

8. You Are Disappointed

You Are Disappointed

Image Credit: floppythepig

Pig dreams are often known to be a symbol of disappointment. Maybe someone you trusted and relied on let you down recently. You had a lot of faith in this person, and they turned out to be the opposite of what you thought they were.

It is also possible this dream is referring to you feeling disappointed in yourself. Maybe you are not where you want to be in life and are disappointed that you are not yet successful.

It is important at this time to have grace, either with the person who disappointed you or with yourself.

9. A Symbol Of Gluttony

If you dream of a sick pig, this could symbolize gluttony. You may have a problem with overindulgence, and it’s having a negative impact on your health. Learn to practice moderation and self-control. If you continue to struggle, consider seeking help from a professional.

This dream is an indication that if you continue down this path for much longer, you may find yourself too far gone to turn back.

10. You Are Carrying Shame

Dreaming about many pigs could be a sign of guilt. You are carrying shame for a decision you made in the past, and you can’t seem to forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes, and you can’t let your bad decisions seep into your future. Look at every day as an opportunity to make good choices and know you are no longer the person you used to be.

11. A Sign Of Success

If you dream about a pig’s head, this is a sign of prosperity and success. This likely means you will have good fortune and achieve all of your goals, such as having a successful business, and you will have a huge financial gain as a result.

If you dream of a pig’s head on a plate, it means that now is the time to stop procrastinating and focus all of your efforts on achieving the things you have been putting off.

12. You Will Get Bad News

You Will Get Bad News

Image Credit: southbrockwellsfarm

Dreaming of a squealing pig is often a warning sign of bad news to come. This could be bad news concerning you or someone else. You could get a phone call that you or someone you love has an illness that is hard to treat.

Alternatively, this could mean you will get bad news about a job or something affecting your financial situation.

13. A Sign Of Good Luck

Contrary to what you may think, if you dream about a black pig, it could be a good sign! This type of dream is usually a sign of good luck in the near future. If you have been thinking about starting your own business or going on a crazy adventure, now is the time to do it!

Your chances of winning the lottery may also be higher after having a dream about a black pig, so go ahead and take your chance!

14. You Will Find Love

If you dream of a piglet, this could mean you will soon find love.

If you dream about a pink pig in general, this may correlate with your desire to have a relationship with someone free of commitment. You are not ready for anything serious, but you crave companionship.

15. You Are Content

If you have a dream about a pet pig, this is a symbol of your contentment with your life. You’re happy about where you are and what you have achieved, and you are very optimistic about the future.

Your optimism is likely to rub off on those around you, so keep up the positive energy, and you will live a life full of happiness surrounded by positive energy.


There are many different interpretations of dreams about pigs. It is important to self-reflect before determining your pig dream meaning, so you are not further ignoring traits about yourself the universe may be calling you to change.

You should also keep in mind that not one size fits all. So if you feel like parts of the meaning were true while other parts were not, it is still likely that the interpretation is not far from the actual meaning, so it’s a good place to start when trying to uncover it.

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15 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pigs