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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Fighting Someone

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Fighting Someone

Do you like fights? Most of us do not want to be in a fight but enjoy fight scenes in movies. Once in a while, we may engage in a little physical fight, even if it is only verbal. But is it going too far to dream of fighting someone? What does it mean?

There are several ways to interpret a dream about fighting someone. It can be a bad sign and a good sign. Similarly, there are different scenarios where a fight can occur, even in a dream. So, the dream’s meaning revolves around the context and your opponent in the fight.

This article is a guide to interpreting your dream about fighting someone and what it can mean for your waking life. This is especially useful if you have a lot happening around you.

Dream About Fighting With Someone


Dream About Fighting Someone: Various Scenarios

The following are some possible scenarios and circumstances in which a fight with someone in your dream can occur. Remember that we use the context to get their meaning in real life.

1. You Are Fighting with Your Partner

If you see yourself fighting your partner in your dream, it may signify something seriously wrong with your relationship. But remember it does not always revolve around your romantic relationship; it may be with your business or partner in your workplace.

When it comes to your romantic relationship, it usually means you have unresolved disagreements in your partnership or relationship. You may have bottled issues up for too long, and they are now spilling over. You may even still be unwilling to discuss the issues with your partner, and the dream is a way of warning you to deal with things to avoid a confrontation.

And if the issues lie outside your relationship, maybe with your partner’s friends or family, sorting them out is important for a healthy relationship. If nothing else seems to work, it may be time to end the relationship, especially if you are both unhappy.

Another aspect is that the dream may be about your work or business relationship. Your business or projects may be strained due to various issues. Trust is one of the hallmarks of any lasting and healthy relationship, and if it is lacking in yours, it is time to reevaluate what matters.

Financial issues can strain any relationship greatly; the same applies to a difficult project or case. However, having an open line of communication can resolve just about anything. So, try to have an honest conversation to get to the root of the matter. You will be amazed at what you will discover.

2. You Are Fighting Other People

You may find yourself fighting strangers or an unknown person in your dream. If that is the case, you must check your emotions and feelings, especially with people within and outside your social circles.

One important thing to note is that the people you fight with may not be real, even if you recognize them. They usually represent repressed or overwhelming feelings and emotions. Therefore, it is best not to confront these people in waking life. Instead, do a soul-search to determine what you are afraid to confront.

You may be projecting your struggles onto others because of your unwillingness to face them. So, the dream may tell you it is time to tackle them for good. Carefully tread seeking answers or solutions to the issues to avoid compounding them.

3. You Are Fighting a Child or a Woman

You Are Fighting a Child or a Woman


To interpret this type of dream correctly, you must consider what a child or woman represents in dreams and real life. Children and women typically represent humility and peace. So, fighting one or both in a dream does not bode well.

It may mean you have issues taking care of others and do not mind hurting them. The dream may be a warning to tread carefully because of the danger that lies ahead with such behavior.

Think about recent events where you might have hurt someone; your subconscious mind or conscience may be triggering feelings of guilt or regrets you are unwilling to acknowledge.

The dream may also mean you blame everyone else for your mistakes and errors apart from yourself. It does not matter who takes the blame as long as you do not bear the burden. The universe may use the dream to tell you it is an unhealthy way to live. You may push everyone away from you in the future.

4. You Are Fighting Your Best Friend

Having a best friend is one of the best feelings in the world. You can do just about anything with them, and feel free to reveal your secrets to them. However, seeing yourself fighting with them in your dream never bodes well. It may indicate a significant loss or betrayal.

The loss may be financial or personal. You may have a fall-out with your best bud and go your separate ways. This loss usually eats deep into our psyche, and you may struggle with other areas of your life.

However, this dream does not typically represent losing your best friend. Most times, it is the loss of other relationships or something precious in your life. It may even mean the death of a family member, and the dream may be a way of preparing you for the coming journey.

The best step is to resolve issues with everyone close to you and make peace. Respect and treat them with as much love as possible. Check how each person responds; you may find those who will not last long.

Another possible meaning is personal injury; it may be physical, mental, or psychological. The dream is usually a heads-up to prepare you for what is coming. Try to determine the cause of the injury and fix or avoid it. Doing this will prevent any future occurrence.

5. You Are Fighting Your Sister

You Are Fighting Your Sister


If you have a dream fight with your sister, it may represent repressed feelings toward her or someone close to you. You may have difficulty fully expressing your feelings, and your inner frustration manifests as fighting with your sister.

Resolving any internal conflict is usually the best way to go, so try talking with your sister to see if you can get to the root of the issue. If that does not work, try using someone you both trust to try to mediate in the matter. The point is to resolve the issue as amicably as possible in real life.

You must remember that there is nothing wrong with fighting with family members or loved ones. However, such fights should not be frequent or heated and should not degenerate into bitterness or hatred. The latter may be the case if you have progressed to fighting your sister in your dream.

There is also a possibility that the vision of your sister represents someone else. In other words, it may not be your sister in the real sense but someone equally dear or close to you. Check around you for anyone you love with whom you have had recent or longstanding conflicts. Then, find a way to resolve them.

6. You Are Fighting a Demon

Fighting a demon in your dream may signify old conflicts that are resurfacing. You might have tried to escape the issues and accompanying emotions, but they keep haunting you. The demon represents the issues you battle, such as anxiety, and you must find a way to resolve them.

Overcoming these issues will take resilience and courage, and you may already possess these qualities if you are already fighting demons. Conquer the battles within you and overcome external insecurities and fears to defeat the demon in your dream.

7. You Are Fighting Your Mother

You Are Fighting Your Mother


You may harbor resentment toward your relationship with your mother if you dream of fighting her. The dream may indicate your struggles not to be under her command or control. It may also represent aspects of your life where she gives advice that does not sit well with you, and you struggle with her advice.

You may want to make peace with your mother and consider her advice. If you want more independence, having an honest conversation does not hurt. It may surprise you how easily she will understand your fears and conflicts and help you on your path.

8. You Are Fighting a Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women are usually delicate, and only a few people fight them in real-life situations. But if you see yourself fighting a pregnant woman in your dream, there may be delicate issues in your life that require your attention.

Resolving these issues is crucial to your well-being. You will also need the courage to overcome them, especially because of their delicate nature. However, you may already have all you need, and the dream only informs you of this to strengthen you.


Dreams about fighting someone usually represent personal issues and conflicts you need to resolve. This is especially true if the person is close to you in your waking life.

The dreams may also show how brave, strong, and courageous you are, which may be good news if you have felt you have no strength to face difficult problems. Whichever it is, you are on the brink of something positive; you simply need to determine your next step and take it from there.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Fighting Someone