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6 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Driving A Car Out of Control

6 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Driving A Car Out of Control

Whether driving the latest model, speeding down the highway, or simply going on an adventure, cars often form some of our most treasured and pleasant dreams.

So when we suddenly lose control, and the car becomes unpredictable and menacing, we’re often left feeling very threatened and afraid. Our prized possession is a hostile threat. But what exactly does losing control of a car mean in the dream world? What is your subconscious mind trying to bring to your attention?

This article will explore all the symbols surrounding losing control when driving cars. We’ll highlight how you can apply these meanings to your own scenarios and explore the direction of your life.

6 Meanings to dreams where your car goes out of control


6 Meanings to dreams where your car goes out of control

1. You need to slow down in life

One of the most common interpretations when you dream of an out-of-control car is that you need more stability. You need to gently push down the brakes. You need to slow down.

If your car is moving too fast, and you can’t keep up with its speed no matter how much you press the brakes, this is a warning that you must find time to rest – you’re taking on too many things, and it’s becoming too much to handle. At some point, you may suffer a complete breakdown.

If your dream ends in a car crash, this is a potent symbol that you will end up with burn-out and need to consider drastic action to save your health. Take on mindful exercises, distress whenever possible, and don’t rock the boat too much. Your mind is too active and needs relaxation.

Cast aside responsibilities, book those days off work, and do something that stops those mounting stress levels. Only then can you regain some control and stability when driving in your dreams.

2. Someone may be leading you astray in life

Sometimes, when the car in our dreams goes into a frenzy, someone else has kicked you out of the driver’s seat and taken direct control of the vehicle. You’ll feel helpless, afraid, and frustrated because nothing you do seems to have any effect.

When a passenger does this, it’s a potent symbol that someone in your life has too much influence over you. They are potentially misleading you down a path of their choosing.

If you recognize the person in the dream, the answer to whom you need to distance yourself is clear-cut. However, if it’s a stranger, it might point toward your general disposition to be led astray.

Do you often get overruled by people? Is your opinion rarely heard? This dream tells you it’s time to set your beliefs and goals firmly in place, get away from the back seat of your life, and put yourself back in charge. Someone in the near future will try to derail you again, but this time – you’ll be ready for them.

You must plan for unforeseen challenges ahead of you


3. You must plan for unforeseen challenges ahead of you

Cars can go out of control for various reasons. As well as speed, a bumpy road, weather, a cliff, or other obstacles can cause a swerve, loss of grip, and lead to a car accident. There might even be other cars in your dream whose erratic behavior disrupts your drive.

If you hit unforeseen obstacles, the dream foreshadows that you will have challenges ahead. While this might feel like a bad omen, you must remember that when driving, knowing about the dangers beforehand can help you avoid hassles.

Perhaps there’s a project at work that you’re planning, or you’re making some difficult decisions in your personal life. Experiencing this kind of car dream demands that whatever course of action you choose – you must plan.

Predict any negative outcomes and adjust your actions accordingly; be prepared for whatever life throws at you and take control of your own life. In this way, it doesn’t matter what hazards lie before you – you’ll be confident and capable of handling your car with care.

Sometimes, to prepare well, we must rely on others for help. In your dream, being alone in your car can signify your need for companionship. If you have a passenger in the car and you recognize them, this is a  tell-tale sign you need to reach out to them in reality. They’re your co-pilot, and they will be able to help in various ways. Pay close attention to their identity.

4. Time to take charge of your life

Sometimes a lack of control is more frustrating than scary. This might be because of setbacks like the gears and accelerator acting up, the wheels hitting a puncture, and we’re grounded to a halt.

This loss of control can be the reverse of our previous interpretations – you need to step up a gear. An underperforming car you can’t control should be a wake-up call that you aren’t reaching your potential.

Put yourself out there at work. Seek out new opportunities. Look for new relationships, or move current ones to the next level. Find motivation, and do something in several aspects of your life that puts you back in the driving seat. Grab that steering wheel firmly and direct yourself back in the right direction.

You’ll only know that you’re on the right track if your dream recognizes this new-found ambition and your control of the car improves. Otherwise, you may feel stuck in the same spot, like you’re going nowhere.

You must be true to yourself


5. You must be true to yourself

Any dream where you’re uncomfortable, confused, powerless, or heading toward danger usually represents that you’re out of sync with your own beliefs. You might be driving on a set path, and something just doesn’t feel right. You’re heading in the wrong direction.

Are you leading a fulfilling life? Are you longing for a change to something that fits better? Or are you leading the life someone else had planned for you?

This is especially prevalent if you are driving someone else’s car and can’t seem to get comfortable. Things are out of place. You can’t reach the pedals. Your seat is painful.

Repeatedly experiencing this dream beckons you to make significant changes in your life. Only when elements of your life around your professional life align can you begin to regain control of your destined car. Start small, and examine simple ways to make yourself happier.

6. You may need to change your life’s direction

If your car continually swerves and changes direction, or you’re faced with many distractions on the road, this indicates you’re on the wrong path.

We all have long-term goals we set that, after each day, come closer and closer to fruition. When you put in the work, you’ll get there eventually. But if you’re heading in the wrong direction, your subconscious mind will find a way to warn you.

Write down all your life goals, plans, and ambitions. Include both work and personal lists. Evaluate how well you are progressing in each category. Only by seeing where you’ve traveled can you know how far is left in the journey.

By establishing clear goals, you’ll know for certain the “purpose” of your driving. You’ll come to see what’s expected of you, by others and by yourself. You may even realize that certain things, which seemed important long ago, suddenly aren’t realistic anymore. When you remove them from your goals, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in your control over your direction in life and your driving.

You may need to change your life’s direction



Whether you dream of driving a racing car, a dump truck or an old second-hand car, they all amount to the same if you can’t control them.

Whether it’s too many bumps or sharp turns, or you’re driving too fast or too slow, a lack of control when driving can become a frightening and frustrating experience. You might even suffer painful injuries and become scared to get back into the driver’s seat afterward.

But like any dream, there is a deeper meaning at play.

Most often, these dreams point out that some aspect of your life is not in sync with the rest of your life. You lack the control needed to reach your potential. The hazards and annoyances you and your car are facing are a direct result of the stresses of life.

You may need to become more independent, more motivated, or change the direction you and your career is headed for. Only by applying these metaphors to the waking world can you hope to regain control over your car and drive safely to wherever you set your heart to.

6 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Driving A Car Out of Control