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14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Abused

14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Abused

Dreams can be messy sometimes—what we call nightmares. You may have some nasty experiences when asleep that can mess up your day. An example is when you dream about being abused. This is a disturbing sequence where you are a victim of injustice, such as sexual abuse.

The unsettling events may push you to look for answers to decipher what the dream was about. There is no need to worry about the meaning of a dream where you are being abused. We will lead you through the possible meanings and guide you on what to do.

What does it mean when you dream about being abused?


What does it mean when you dream about being abused?

The following are some of the reasons why you may have such nightmares.

1. You Were Once a Victim of Abuse

The most probable reason you have such nightmares is that you have been abused before. Abuses are traumatic and take a long time to heal, especially if you were a child abuse victim. As a child, you may resort to repulsion as a defense mechanism against what you went through.

The problem is that repulsion doesn’t always work, and a trigger during later years can bring nightmares. You can try and keep the nightmares at bay by talking about them to someone close to you, like your spouse or close friend. Also, you may avoid triggers that may bring such dreams, especially for childhood-related wounds.

2. Something Triggered You

When talking about triggers, it doesn’t mean that you were a victim of abuse. You may have seen something like a movie or read a novel that graphically covered abuse. The depictions can be a trigger, as you may feel insecure.

Most of the time, the nightmares last for a short time, and it is easy to recover, particularly if you avoid the triggers. Also, do justice to your young ones and let them not watch such programs or read such books to avert the traumas.

3. You Witnessed Abuse

You may have a recurring nightmare of abuse because you witnessed it. The scenario is mainly a recent occurrence that you saw, and it scarred you, invoking feelings of powerlessness. It may disturb you for days and end up haunting you via your dreams.

Confronting such a situation can be tricky, mainly if the victim is someone close to you. Talking to someone close is one way of dealing with this nightmare or seeking therapy.

You Feel Guilty About Doing Nothing


4. You Feel Guilty About Doing Nothing

The dreams may also be due to guilt, where you witnessed someone being victimized, and you did nothing. The guilt slowly builds up, and it may reach boiling points when you see the impact of the abuse on the victim.

You may try to repulse the impact, but it comes to you in dreams. One way to approach such a situation is by seeking the victim and coming clean to them about how you feel about how things went down. Their forgiveness can help calm you down.

5. You Have Heard Several Stories of Abuse

You may feel insecure and frightened when you hear several stories about abuse, thinking you might find yourself in a similar situation sooner or later.

As mentioned earlier, dreams of abuse reflect our insecurities, and nightmares speak about our fears. Avoiding such stories is one way of recovery, but they may trigger nightmares once you hear about them again.

6. You Are Insecure About Someone Around You

When you meet new people, you take a long time before trusting them. Sometimes, our gut feelings are against the people we meet, mainly if they lurk around our circle. It is better to rely on your inner consciousness and keep your distance from the people you are not free around, as your gut feeling does not often lie.

You may also talk to close people about your sentiments to know how to deal effectively with them to avoid getting hurt.

7. Someone Is Bullying You

Bullying is a form of emotional and physical abuse that scars victims for a long time. If someone is bullying you, maybe at work or school, you may have recurring nightmares of abuse, with the bully being the abuser.

Confronting the bully is a sure way of handling the situation and the first step of releasing you from the hands of an enemy. The triumph of silencing the abuser will comfort you, and the dreams will go away.

You Are/Were the Abuser


8. You Are/Were the Abuser

Not everyone likes a taste of their own medicine, and the tables may turn on you if you have been the one dishing out the punishment. Most abusers go to such lengths to cover up their insecurities. You may have been a victim before and decide that being a punisher will vindicate you with shame.

The nightmares may be severe if one of your victims gets the worse of the punishment, such as death. The guilt will eat you; the best move is to apologize and show remorse. Also, try and change your behavior to prevent a recurrence of your dreams and for the peace of other people around you.

9. Someone Around You Is a Victim

We can feel the energy of those around us, mainly if they are people close to us. Not everyone is a good communicator; they may be abuse victims, but they do not know how to say it. Being on the receiving end of the punishment is already too much for them, and communication may feel hectic. For others, there may be threats; thus, silence is the only guarantee of their security.

This is a common scenario among family members, primarily children or those dealing with domestic violence. Talking can be challenging for them, so you feel the decreasing energy via dreams. While you may be the one getting abused, it is more of you being in their shoes.

It is a cry for help, which you should get to the root of immediately before the damage gets more severe. Furthermore, pay close attention to signs of child abuse in your family or environment.

10. Insecurities About Certain Places

There are places you reach, and you can feel a changing aura. The people around you may be gloomy or show mild signs of abuse. This may translate to your repeated nightmares of being abused, primarily by unknown figures.

It is common when you visit places like prisons, or camps, which have a nasty reputation regarding such violations. If you are in a position of power and influence, you should help out where possible.

11. Your Life Is in a Mess

The essence of abuse is that you have no control. Dreams can be a reflection of your personal life, mainly if it is quite messy and you feel you do not have anything under control.

You may be depressed, stressed, or suffering from anxiety due to the state of your life, and the dreams don’t do you justice. Take it as a wake-up call and have some positivity. Try leaving your comfort zone and surround yourself with people who will bring joy and order into your life.

You Do Not Trust Others


12. You Do Not Trust Others

Your subconscious mind may reflect on the level of mistrust you have via dreams. If you don’t trust people around you, your subconscious may show it to you via your dreams, pushing the limits to the level of you being a victim.

The abusers may be your friend, family, workmates, or other people around you. This situation requires you to evaluate your social life and surround yourself with people you feel comfortable around.

13. Issues in Your Personal Relationship

If the abuser in your dream is your spouse, it may indicate that there are rifts in your relationship that you need to address. The dream may be about a beatingrape, or emotional abuse that makes you uncomfortable around your boyfriend or girlfriend.

In case the dreams involve physical violence or sexual assault, it may imply that you feel helpless in your union.

The logical move is to talk to your significant other and tell them about your dream and issues that may be plugging your union. With the burden lifted off your chest, the nightmares will be less frequent, and it will do away with the feeling of helplessness.

14. A Foreshadow?

The dream can be a foreshadowing of hostility coming your way. You should tread carefully to avoid being on the worst of the receiving end. Moreover, you must change your habits to get things under control if you have been going astray.

Final Thoughts

A dream about being abused can be stressful, especially if you have had such an experience. Highlighted above are possible explanations behind such a sequence and what to do about it.

The dreams can be intense depending on the nature of the abuse. As a victim of abuse, it is wise to avoid triggers such as the abuser or things associated with the person or event. Sometimes, it is just a dream, so don’t stress about it.

Share the intense dreams with someone understanding and close to you to help with closure. If you have had dreams about being abused, or know someone who has, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

14 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Abused