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5 Spiritual Meanings When You Hear An Owl

5 Spiritual Meanings When You Hear An Owl

No one can deny that hearing an owl, or even more so if we happen to see one at night, fills us with a sense of ministry and mysticism.

We wonder if it has something to tell us or if they are the sign or omen of things to come.

If you have seen or heard an owl and you are dealing with the doubt of not knowing if it is a good or bad event, do not worry.

In this article, we want to cover all the information that we have about it and clarify your doubts about how good or bad it can be to listen to an owl hoot.

Stay with us and learn the hidden meanings that the universe and your guardian angels have for you through the song of the owl.

5 Spiritual Meanings When You Hear An Owl


Owl Symbolism In Various Cultures

It can be taken as an extreme coincidence, but the owl is one of those animals that have had an important presence in all ancient cultures.

It is even more surprising when we realize that in many of these cultures they share the same meaning, but the cultures have no relation to each other. They are even geographically and temporarily distant from each other.

This only shows that regardless of time or space, owls have always called the attention of our collective imagination and have become irrefutable protagonists of the world of the unknown.

1. Owls In the American Indians

The native Americans had the owl as the irrefutable protagonist of their beliefs and myths. It was an important part of their culture and a controversial animal since depending on the tribe, it could mean something good or a bad omen.

But what was certain was that he had a lot of respect and veneration, even if it was a sign of bad luck and in some cases tragedy and death.

For some native American tribes, owls were always a sign of bad omen, bad times to come, and even the death of a family member, friend, or your death. The Cherokee tribe for example always associated owls with witchcraft, death, and future misfortunes.

Other tribes viewed owls with more positive meanings, representing the metaphorical death of bad things and new beginnings in life.

2. Owls In India

In the case of the Indian people, the meaning they gave to the song of the owl depended on the number of hoots you hear.

If you heard it just once, it was a harbinger of near death. If it ululated twice then success in whatever you want to do is guaranteed. Three beeps indicate that someone in your family is about to get married and four beeps indicate concern and alarm.

Finally, if you hear an owl hoot five times, it is indicative that you are about to travel or change residence.

3. Owls In Ancient Greece

Owls In Ancient Greece


In Greece, the owl was synonymous with wisdom, since it was related to the goddess Athena, who represented intellect and wisdom.

4. Owls In The Roman Empire

On the other hand, in Rome, the owl had a negative connotation and a bad omen. It represented bad times to come or near death.

This belief was reinforced by the fact that many Roman emperors died after an owl appeared to herald their death. Among the most famous are; Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus, Agrippa, and Marcus Aurelius.

5. Owls In China

In a culture as ancient as China, owls also have an important presence. They are associated with illness and death.

There is even a popular belief that if an old man hears an owl hoot, he should start digging his grave.

But it is not the only meaning that the Chinese have regarding owls. In feng shui, this animal represents powerful yang energy. It is recommended to place the figure of an owl somewhere in the house, preferably near the windows, as it helps deflect negative energy.

Owls are a sign of protection and serve to establish energetic boundaries. They also have protective energy that can be used for our benefit to attract good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Spiritual Meanings Of Hearing An Owl Hoot

Spiritual Meanings Of Hearing An Owl Hoot


The silent and eerie flight of the barn owl, fueled by its sinister song, is one of the reasons why this nocturnal bird has suggested many myths and superstitions.

Owls are the most easily identifiable birds, they have two large eyes located in a rounded face that seems almost human. This is, without a doubt, the reason that the human mind has granted him such an important and powerful role.

The name of a hoot (owl) derives from a Greek word, which is a scream or a moan, and when it sings, it represents the word precisely.

Hence it is said among the doomsayers that to stop hearing his lament is a sign of sadness, and when he remains silent it is a sign of prosperity.

1. Related to Death

Owls have always been identified with death, but modern interpretations put the owl in a better position compared to ancient beliefs.

Currently, it is still related to death, but more modern interpretations relate it not to physical death, but to a metaphorical death.

It is the end and the beginning of new stages. It can also be interpreted as the passage from one energy to another. It is a sign of renewal, transformation, or evolution towards something better or different.

2. Break free from your shackles.

The owl is an animal associated with the element of air. The power animals associated with the air element appear to tell you that you should be freer. To become someone who does not rely on past ties and who frees yourself from bad habits that have led to mistakes.

It also encourages you to let go of toxic relationships and dependencies on both things and people in your life. Identify what isn’t adding anything to your life or making it more difficult, and let it go.

The more liberated we are, the better our chances of facing life with greater mental openness and facing the changes that lie ahead.

3. Pay attention to your life

Pay attention to your life


The owl is a very observant animal, and its eyes are a very distinctive feature of this animal. That is why, if you see or hear an owl, the universe is inviting you to reconnect with aspects of your own life and have a better understanding of it.

We frequently become engrossed in our daily concerns and lose sight of ourselves. We may be people who devote ourselves to others, our studies, or our jobs, but we do not devote time to ourselves.

The owl’s song encourages you to be more introspective and examine what is out of balance in your own life so that you can restore a healthy balance in all areas.

4. The journey of souls

Listening to an owl’s song can represent people close to you who are transitioning from the world of the living to the world of spirits. In other words, it is synonymous with death.

But don’t be alarmed because the song of an owl tells you about a metaphorical death as well as a physical death. Someone close to you may be transitioning from one stage of life to the next.

You can even mention that people you care about have moved on from a difficult period in their lives to a happier and more fulfilling one.

5. Spiritual protection for you and your loved ones

Owls are very territorial predators, which is why they are considered to be guardians against bad energies in the spiritual world. In many Spanish-speaking countries, you can see images or statues of owls in businesses and shops, since they are considered spiritual guardians of the territory you want to protect.

They are usually used as amulets to repel bad energies and keep unwanted spirits away.

Final Thoughts

We must remember that although for many cultures it is a sign of death, a bad omen, ghosts, and misfortune to come, it has also been a sign of change and rebirth.

They are a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual protection. Messengers between the spiritual and earthly realms who come to bring us messages from our spirit guides are always a sign of good fortune.

We can use them as great protectors of territory that divert negative energies and guard our house, warning us from any evil that is around us.

If you have had any previous encounters with the appearance of owls or have heard the song of an owl at a key moment in your life, we would love to know your story, what it meant to you and how you took that omen in your life.

5 Spiritual Meanings When You Hear An Owl



Tuesday 5th of September 2023

I love to hear from my owl friends. It brings joy to my heart to know how blessed I am to have their guidance. What beautiful song to listen to at 3:30 in the morning. My day has been blessed.


Tuesday 11th of April 2023

My daughter passed away 5 months ago the day she passed and we came home from the hospital we were 2 hours away we went to pull up in our driveway and there was an owl setting on The wire by our tree stump this was on November 4th today is April 11th and I heard an owl who outside about an hour ago is that a sign that she has moved on

Debra W.

Thursday 26th of January 2023

Owls have visited me during some interesting moments in my life, but recently it came at a major key moment. I have no doubt they this was a spiritual warning & a call to protect myself. 🦉


Thursday 19th of January 2023

I was told that how u take it is really how it is in less it comes in three , at that it mean universe is talking to you…” so I heard one owl then a different owl and then again I heard another owl. It was amazing they were all different sound. I still don’t know what to think about it.

Chelsea batalla

Thursday 5th of January 2023

For me a Owl 🦉 comes to me to warn me of danger, to follow my intuition it helps me understand my current situation, I honestly don't think owls are bad luck they are a spiritual guidance.