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16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dreaming About Witches

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dreaming About Witches

There are times when we dream about witches. Our subconscious mind processes our thoughts in waking life and represents them through dreams.

Thus, these dreams about witches occur because we think of them or we recently watched movies about them.

Generally, we think of witches as negative figures. Witches’ broomsticks and pointy noses are Halloween images! But, did you know that witches also offer positive messages to use?

In this article, we will discuss the symbolism of witches and what it means when they appear in our dreams.

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dreaming About Witches


Witches and Their Symbolism

Witches are referred to as evil spirits because of their ability to hurt other people through their potions and spells. But, on a positive note, witches are also considered guardians and healers.

1. Deception and manipulation

In Southern Tanzania, witches are considered harmful figures. Criminal acts related to witchcraft happen every year in the country, and people believe that these witches attack cattle and pythons.

Because of this, people in this community created keepers that can cast away misfortunes, death, and negativity.

Witches have magical powers that can deceive and manipulate people. In the movie “Dora and the Lost City of Gold”, a witch was able to transform her appearance into a kind old woman to make the characters believe that she is showing the right way.

2. Intelligence

Aside from power, in Ancient times, witches were also referred to as intelligent figures. They are rich in psychic abilities, wisdom, and knowledge and they use these skills to make their life easier.

Because of their smart skills, people in the real world seek help from them. Unfortunately, these people tend to use the black magic of these witches to harm others.

3. Intuition

Witches also symbolize intuition. In the book Intuitive Witchcraft, witches use their power and intuition together to cast spells. In waking life, this is an encouragement for us to use our gut feelings whenever we want to achieve something unique.

13 Messages When You Dream About Witches and Witchcraft

13 Messages When You Dream About Witches and Witchcraft


Back in the old days, during childhood, we pretended we were witches. We use our brooms and cauldrons to make spells and potions whenever we play pretend.

When witches appear in our dreams, this usually represents bad luck. However, we should always remember that witches are spiritual beings that can offer both positive and negative messages.

1. Someone is threatening and putting you down

If you dream about witches, and in your dream, you are the victim of witchcraft, this means that you are being threatened in your waking life.

Generally, your subconscious mind can already detect the possible threats in your waking life, and these threats are known through your dreams.

If you take this positively, this is actually a good sign for you to avoid situations in real life where you know people can use and manipulate you.

On the other hand, if you are the witch in your dream, this can represent your ability to stop people from threatening you. You have the power to solve and control situations.

Since a dream about witches speaks of positive and negative messages, it is vital for you to know the right decision on how to address these messages.

A dream of a witch symbolizes healing and transformation, and you are the only one who can provide this care to yourself. If you dream about a witch laughing, this means that you will be able to escape these threats that hinder you from achieving your goals in life in the near future.

2. New opportunities are about to come

When you dream about witches, this can also be a sign of the upcoming opportunities in your life. These dream interpretations about opportunities may be associated with your career and education, such as new projects, business proposals, and acceptance to prestigious schools.

So, what you need to do is to keep working hard and take all the opportunities along the way. These opportunities occur because the people giving them to you believe in you. They have trust that you can handle these obligations.

3. You are encouraged to boost your confidence


Witches are confident spiritual beings and when you dream about them, and in your dreams, they are attacking you, this is a message for you to boost your confidence.

A dream about witches speaks of your self-esteem and negative feelings. If you feel that you are flawed, it is about time to accept these flaws. Go out and be proud of them as this is how you can increase your confidence.

4. Believe that you are powerful

Like witches, you have to believe in your inner strength. You are a powerful person because your mind is.

In real life, when you face struggles and challenges, do not be discouraged. Instead, use your powerful mind and spirit to overcome whatever life is throwing at you.

5. Make time for your family

When you dream about witches and their brooms, this is a message for you to make time for your family. You might have been too focused on your work and personal life that you have already forgotten your duties in your family.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to arguments and bad news. So, even though you are filled with opportunities, make sure that you still do your other duties as well.

6. Someone is betraying you

When you dream about a witch, and in your dream, this witch is handing you an apple, take this as a warning sign of disappointment. Remember, in the story Snow White, the witch gave a poisoned apple.

This means that someone in your circle is trying to betray you. They may show that they care for you or they are helping you, but the truth is, they are about to cause you trouble in the upcoming period.

Apart from this, a dream about a witch also represents dreams that are not meant for you. As much as you want to be in a certain position or relationship, or get a certain material thing, if it is not for you, the universe will get it away from you.

Someone is betraying you


Furthermore, when you dream about a dead witch, take this as a message that you will soon find out who this person trying to betray you is. This person might be someone whom you trust the most, so, be careful when you share your personal thoughts with others, even with your closest friend.

Use your instincts to differentiate between someone who is trying to help you because he or she is using you and someone who is trying to help you because he or she truly cares for you. When you use your gut feelings, you can feel the suspicions about the people who are using you and the people who are genuine towards you.

Sometimes, the helpful ones are your rivals and they are only finding your weakness whenever they are interacting with you.

7. Avoid risky investments

When you dream about a witch hunt or witch trial, take this as negative energy. If you are planning to use your money on investments, this might not be the right time to do it. Do not do risky investments as this will only cause you burnout.

8. Avoid conflicts and arguments

When you dream about witches, and in your dream, there are three witches, take these witches as warning signs of possible separation. If you will be involved in arguments and conflicts with your family, relatives, or friends, you are likely to end up being separated from them.

Additionally, this separation will not only affect you and the other person involved. Instead, it will also affect your whole circle. A witch flying represents the relationship problems that you should address as soon as possible.

Aside from family relationships, you can also associate a witch dream meaning with your work life. As much as you can, do not introduce arguments with your boss as this can terminate you from work.

Avoid conflicts and arguments


If in your dream, you are the witch flying, you are encouraged to increase your temper and let go of your stress to not attract negative vibes.

The best time to step away to avoid conflicts is when your mood is low. When you feel that you are having a bad day, find some “me-time” and fill yourself with positivity even when you are alone.

9. Boost your creativity

When you dream about witches, and in your dream, they are making potions, this represents your creativity and passion in real life.

Generally, when you experience this kind of dream, this is an encouragement for you to boost your creativity. You can upskill your talents and skills to increase your chance of getting a brighter future.

10. Learn to be patient

When you dream about a witch and a witch’s broomstick, these signify your plans to escape your duties in waking life. Generally, they speak about your emotions and behaviors in your waking life.

You might have lost hope because you feel that nothing is happening or changing, but you are only asked to be patient.

What you need to do is to work harder and you will surely see the results of your sweat and blood in no time.

11. Expect celebrations in the coming days

Dreaming about a witch can also symbolize your social relationships. In real life, you are about to experience celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. with the people who matter most to you.

When you dream about a witch’s crystal ball, this is a sign that the future is bright for you. Generally, this is a good sign because you will be surrounded by positivity and good vibes alone!

12. Do not be pressured by others’ success

Do not be pressured by others’ success


When you dream about a witch costume, this can represent your negative thoughts such as jealousy, envy, and revenge towards other people.

In real life, you are pressured and under stress because you feel that you are not doing well compared to others. Your mind is heavy because your journey is not as smooth as others.

In real life, there are days when you just want to bring people down and manipulate them so that you improve your position but this won’t work. If you want to be successful, do what you can do without hurting other people. Try not to do any rituals and negative enchantments to make others lose.

Do not let insecurity enter your thoughts and try as much as you can to be happy with others’ success. When you do hard work, you will surely be paid for what you deserve.

13. Grow your network

When you dream about a good witch or a friendly witch, this is a message for you to grow your network. This means that you have to include people in your circle who can help you build a better future for you.

But, remember when you grow your network, you have to choose the people you are interacting with. Make sure that the intentions of these people are the same as yours.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the symbolism of witches or witchcraft is not all about evilness. Aside from destruction these dreams also speak about positivity and good luck.

If you dream about witches, do not take these dreams as nightmares. Instead, try to imitate the power of these spiritual beings and use them to succeed without stepping down on other people.

Understanding the messages of these witches in your dream will not only help you live a better life but will also keep you away from people who will not help you reach your goals.

16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dreaming About Witches