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8 Spiritual Meanings When A Stray Cat Follows You

8 Spiritual Meanings When A Stray Cat Follows You

Cats are one of the fur pets people usually have at home. Most cat breeds are lovely and clingy animals, and that is what makes us love them. 

Generally, most cat breeds are independent. They are smart creatures and leaving them alone in the house will not be an issue. If you see some videos on Facebook, you will encounter cats opening the doors for their owners or caretakers!

But, what does it really mean when you see a stray cat following you? Does this act represent a spiritual meaning?

8 Spiritual Meanings When A Stray Cat Follows You


Possible Reasons Why A Stray Cat is Following You

Cats are aloof, shy, and intolerant.  When we are in the streets, and we try to come near these animals, the tendency is that after eye contact, they will run away from us.

Unlike dogs, cats do not have a strong connection with humans – unless they are our pets. These animals prefer to mind their own business and live like they are alone.

But when a stray cat suddenly follows you, do you get confused and wonder why it’s doing it? Here are some possible reasons.

1. Cats are looking for a good meal

Stray cats and feral cats are mistaken for being the same. But, this is incorrect because stray cats are more sociable than feral cats. Feral cats show aggression when we encounter them. This is the reason why some rescue groups use humane traps to catch these wild cats.

Generally, stray cats can be adopted but not feral cats. Still, when these animals follow you, this simply means that they are hungry and are asking for help from you.

Hunger is one of the common reasons why you get followed by these animals. They want you to feed them. They choose you because they know that you can give them the cravings they need.You might be holding food that can aid their hunger. Sometimes, cats can also smell the food on your clothes.

If you encounter one, you can share a bowl of water and some food. Remember, these animals also have a life to nurture, and doing simple acts would not harm you.

2. Cats are looking for a shelter

When you encounter a stray cat following you, this means that it is in need of shelter, a home, or a new family. Even if you are not a fan of pets, this might be a sign for you to try new things and consider taking one into your home.

You do not meet these cats for no reason. They look at you and choose you because they feel that you can do something for them.

They might have become lost cats who accidentally got out of their cages and they are following you because they have hope.

Cats are looking for a shelter


Even if the whole neighborhood feeds this cat, but it just follows you instead of others, this is a sign for you to build a connection with it by adopting it.

If you do not want to adopt them, you can provide temporary shelter in your garage. Give them a blanket or towel to keep them warm.

Some stray cats have a paper collar and this means that they are owned by other people. When they follow you, this is not a message for you to feed them. Instead, it is a go signal for you to help them find their way home.

3. Cats are curious

Cats are very quiet but are curious pets, and when you see a stray cat following you, this cat’s curiosity is running. It might want to inquire where you are going and it wants to see or explore the new territory or environment where you can lead it to.

If you have this stray cat that you usually encounter every day, and this stray cat starts to follow you, this means that it is trying to look for a safer environment or it wants to see the place where you live.

Remember, cats are smart and they know if you can be a source of food and shelter for them. Thus, being followed by a stray cat means it is confirming if you can provide these needs.

4. Cats are looking for attention

A stray cat following you does not always mean it needs food or shelter. Sometimes, it only means affection. Both pet cats and community cats can feel separation anxiety 

Like our pet cats, these stray ones also seek love and care. They, especially the kittens, seek appreciation because they find you friendly. Even if you do not take these stray cats home, spending time with them is a huge milestone for them.

Usually, these stray cats that seek attention are the kitty ones. Frankly, many people tend to send away these babies. This is the reason why, even when they become adult cats, they seek warmth from strangers.

4 Messages When A Stray Cat Follows You

4 Messages When A Stray Cat Follows You


If a stray cat follows you, there might also be a spiritual meaning behind it. Some of these messages will be discussed in this section.

1. A message to keep yourself safe 

When you encounter a stray cat following you, take this as bad luck, especially when it tries to sleep next to you. 

Encountering such an event is a message for you to secure yourself by staying healthy. In Asian beliefs, seeing a black cat means death. Thus, when you encounter a stray cat following you, especially when this cat is black, try to avoid risky adventures.

2. You are curious

A stray cat following you also represents your curiosity. This is confirmation that you have been curious about these animals and that you want to learn more about them.

Thus, when you encounter such an event, this is a sign for you to use the cat to end your curiosity. Be like cats who solve their peculiarity!

3. Fortune and good luck are on the way

Apart from bad luck, stray cats also represent good luck and fortune. When you encounter one that is following you, this is a message for you to continue doing the food things you do as you are on the right path.

If you are participating in an event or seeking a promotion in your career, this encounter with a stray cat is a sign that you will achieve your goals in no time.

4. Reflect on your attitude

Reflect on your attitude


Stray cats also represent your attitude. When you encounter one that is following you, reflect on how you act towards that cat.

Did you show generosity? Did you show kindness? Did you shoo it away? Did you plan to trap cats so they will no longer interfere with you?

Usually, if you do not want a new cat, you would do the last one. You will ignore it so that it will no longer go near you.

Keep in mind that cats have this confidence to seek help from humans they know who can help them. In real life, this is a symbol for you to reflect on your actions when people seek help from you.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a stray cat following you means it is looking for food, shelter, care, and compassion from the humane society. However, there are also spiritual messages when you are being followed by a stray cat.

These human interactions represent your behaviors and curiosity. They also speak of bad and good luck. 

Thus, when you encounter a stray cat following you, try to find the message of this cat as this can help you live your daily life with no fears as well.

8 Spiritual Meanings When A Stray Cat Follows You