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7 Spiritual Meanings When A Dragonfly Lands On You

7 Spiritual Meanings When A Dragonfly Lands On You

Dragonflies were considered magical creatures by ancient cultures, with various meanings.  They always carry some important message for the lives of those who saw them, dreamed of them, or had some kind of interaction with these powerful animals.

They are good luck bringers, bearers of great news, and omens of great changes in lives.

However, if a dragonfly has landed on you, be prepared because this only means that the message that the dragonflies have come to bring will be much more imminent, urgent, and transcendent in your life.

Are you ready to discover what this totem animal has in store for you? In this article, we’ll find out.

 7 Spiritual Meanings When A Dragonfly Lands On You


Dragonfly Symbolism In Various Cultures

For countless cultures, dragonflies have been the source of joy, magic, veneration, fear, and messengers of messages from beyond.

It’s strange because they’ve had the same meaning in cultures that are physically and temporally very distant.

This means that dragonflies, whatever interpretation is given to them, have always piqued the interest of humans.

Because of their four wings, which resemble fairy wings, and their ability to change colors, Celtic cultures associated them with the world of fairies.

Following that, we will present interpretations of cultures that have a strong presence of dragonflies in their legends, myths, and worldview.

Dragonflies for Native Americans

Most American tribes associate dragonflies with renewal and rebirth. It represents a change for the better in one’s life.

However, depending on the American tribe, there are more specific interpretations. Dragonflies, for example, represent the water element for the Navajo, which may be because dragonflies spend about four years underwater as aquatic nymphs and only one or half years transformed into dragonflies.

Dragonflies are associated with healing in the Hopi and Pueblo tribes, and their image is used in many shamanic rites.

The Plains tribes and Cherokee Indians, are associated with victory and bravery. The Cherokee Indians believed that seeing a dragonfly before a battle ensured victory.

Nevertheless, not all interpretations are positive. Because certain tribes associated dragonflies with snakes. They called them “the snake doctor” and believed that dragonflies were in charge of curing snakes.

Other tribes called dragonflies “the devil’s needle” as a warning. They told the children that they had come to close the mouths of those who lie and to teach their children to always be truthful.

This is a rare coincidence and a mystery because Scandinavian and European peoples used the same story in their myths and legends, but there is no way to connect cultures that are so far apart in time and space.

Dragonflies in Ancient Japan

Dragonflies in Ancient Japan


Dragonflies have been used in Japanese decoration since antiquity. They are associated with bravery, courage, victory, and rebirth. Many dragonfly images can be found on samurai swords and arrows.

They are also represented in porcelain works and are associated with good fortune and love. Some believe that dragonfly wings are used as a secret ingredient in love spells and potions.

Dragonflies In Chinese tradition

Dragonflies are always associated with prosperity, good fortune, and luck in this ancient civilization. They are an unmistakable sign that good things are on their way into your life; in some parts of the country, they are interpreted as a sign that you will soon have a lot of money and are generally associated with good fortune in the material sense.

What Is The Meaning Of A Dragonfly Landing On You?

What Is The Meaning Of A Dragonfly Landing On You


Dragonfly’s symbolism, as you may have noticed, means different things in different cultures. When a dragonfly lands on you, the same thing happens.

The spiritual world is sending you a strong message, but you must interpret it in light of the events in your life. It will not be the same message for everyone, and you may receive a visit from a dragonfly more than once, with different meanings each time.

To interpret what the universe wants to tell you, you must use your intuition and a lot of introspection.

The message that a dragonfly brings you is the same whether you see it or if it lands on you; the only difference is that if the insect lands on you, the message is more urgent, and what is about to happen is imminent.

So your spirit guides want you to pay attention to the messages because you will need all of your senses to face what is coming and thus take better advantage of all of life’s events.

1. Transformation and Renewal

This is one of the most common dragonfly meanings and has the most presence in various cultures and interpretations of dragonflies.

Dragonflies are a reminder that you must prepare for a significant change in your life, which will bring you good fortune and only good omens for the future.

The changes can be of a material or spiritual nature, and it is possible to go through a metamorphosis of the soul; this is a test for those who have reached spiritual maturity and are ready to advance in their spiritual development with a new beginning.

2. Live in the present moment

When a dragonfly lands on you, it means that it is time to live in the present moment and make the most of it. They are a reminder that we should focus on what we have in our hands and treasure it.

We often spend our lives worrying about the future or reflecting on past experiences, wondering how we could have acted differently.

Both planning for the future and recalling past events take away our ability to be present with our five senses and face and enjoy what life has in store for us.

Live in the present moment and practice being present at all times. That will be the only way to avoid repeating past mistakes and forge a better future in life. The only thing we have and can control is the present.

3. Life is smiling at you

Life is smiling at you


Dragonflies are carriers of messages of good luck. If a dragonfly lands on you, rest assured that good luck is on your side and you will be successful in everything you are planning to do.

Dragonflies are messengers of good fortune. If a dragonfly lands on you, you can be confident that good fortune is on your side and that you will be successful in everything you set out to do.

These animals may appear after you have gone through a difficult period in your life in which you have had to work a lot on yourself or the life goals you wanted to achieve.

The dragonflies are like rewards for your efforts, ensuring your victory in upcoming events and decisions. If a dragonfly appears in your path, you can smile and be grateful.

4. Loyalty and trust

We are clear that dragonflies are messengers of good things, bearers of change and transformation, and a sign of victory, triumph, and accomplished goals, but does the meaning change depending on the color of the dragonflies?

Yes, colors are very important in the dream world and in the spiritual messages that the universe sends you, so here we provide you with a summary of what different colored dragonflies can mean.

If you see a blue emperor dragonfly or a blue dasher, you are in luck as they are not very common and signify trust and loyalty. If you are doubting someone in your life, rest assured that that person will not fail you.

Or maybe it is you who is the sign of loyalty and trust, this is a great recognition and you should be proud to know that in the spiritual world you are considered a loyal person, who can be trusted.

This is only possible if you have really worked your inner being until you reach a stage of fullness and maturity.

5. The fortune is coming

If a red dragonfly lands on you, the fortune or change that is coming in your life will have to do with love or with the person you love.

6. The birth of something new

The birth of something new


Green is the color of nature and also represents fertility. If a green dragonfly lands on you, the changes that are to come may involve the birth of someone in your life or the birth of a new relationship.

7. Changes in the spiritual world

Purple is the color of spirituality and has to do with your sixth sense or psychic abilities. So, if a purple dragonfly lands on you, rest assured that you will have changes in your life in the spiritual order.

It may be that the universe is asking you to pay more attention to your inner world or that you are already ready to awaken some supernatural gift.

The awakening of supernatural gifts can be difficult to accept and assimilate, but they always come to be used in the service of others and are necessary for the spiritual ascent of our lives if we have been blessed with them.

Final Words

Dragonfly is usually associated with something positive, which also can be seen from the dragonfly encounter. So, when a dragonfly lands on you next time, be prepared to welcome the surprise.

We hope that this article has been helpful and that now you can better understand the meanings that a dragonfly brings to your life.

 7 Spiritual Meanings When A Dragonfly Lands On You