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8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Spiders

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Spiders

Cats and dogs rule the internet, but not everyone likes or owns them. And every house and apartment has, at one point or another, had one of its corners decorated with a patiently waiting spider in a web.

For this reason, a lot of folks get visited by spiders during sleep, prompting them to wonder about what it means to dream about spiders.

In this article, we will explore many spider dream interpretations that will help you not only understand why you dreamed about spiders but also make a change in your life since these quite common dreams tell us a lot about our past, present, and future.

8 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Spiders


Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Spiders

1. You Need To Let Out Your Creative Side

Spiders spin quite delicate and complex webs for creatures with, for the most part, such a tiny size and even tinier brains. If you have ever closely observed a spider’s web, you could see that making these objects requires a lot of creativity.

Although dreams about spiders are very often considered negative since many people are afraid of spiders or at least irked by them, having an encounter with them and their webs in your dreams can mean that you need to let your creative side run free.

With this dream, your subconscious mind is trying to let you know that you, too, should start creating something and, in this way, allow your imagination to show its full potential.

2. Don’t Let Others Rush You

Have you ever seen a spider in a hurry? Only if you scared it with a broom or some sound or blow. They like to do things at their own pace.

Unless you had a nightmare, spiders in your dreams likely were the same – chill and relaxed. If you have dreams in which spiders show this behavior, it is a sign that you have the opposite of that in your waking life – hurry, haste, pressure, anxiety.

It is possible that your boss, spouse, or someone else constantly urges you to do something or asks whether you did what they told you to do just 5 minutes ago.

Your mind is too tired from such things and emotions, so your thoughts often wander, and you start to fantasize about how it would be if you could do everything at the speed that suits you. And the thoughts we have during the day sooner or later end up in our dreams.

3. Don’t Fall Prey

Even if you are not a fan of spiders or fauna in general, you must have heard of some of the most famous black spider species, such as tarantulas and black widow spiders, and you know how dangerous they can be for other animals.

Dreaming of them or other black spiders is a sign that you feel that someone close to you has bad intentions toward you. The problem is you don’t know who is the person with those intentions just like many insects don’t see the spider’s web until they get caught in it.

However, your subconscious mind is issuing a warning to you, the dreamer, to watch out for this person. They are a master of deceit and deception, so you don’t want to fall prey to their web of lies and two-faced behaviors.

4. You’re A Loner

You're A Loner

Credit: heijo78

No matter how clean your house is, you have certainly had one or two spider webs weaved in one of its corners.

If you have carefully observed those webs, you must have noticed that two spiders never share the same web or that one would step on someone else’s. Yes, two spiders may have woven a web near each other, but to see them together? Never.

Spiders in your dreams can be a symbol of your personality which is characterized as asocial and introverted. You are not afraid of loneliness at all. After all, you are a person who thrives when you are in the privacy of your home and mind and highly values personal space.

Similar to spiders, which are solitary animals that can even become aggressive towards members of the same species, you also become upset when someone does not respect your wish to be left alone most of the time. Your philosophy is straightforward “I don’t touch you, you don’t touch me.”

5. You Are Living A Horror

One of the worst nightmares you can have is to dream that you have fallen into a spider’s web from which there seems to be no way out. You try to free yourself but without success.

To make matters worse, you see a spider approaching, ready to eat you. You flail your feet and hands but to no avail. Finally, your fear reaches such a height that you end up waking up in puddles of sweat. You wonder what could have made your mind dream something like this.

And then you remember your real life. You haven’t been living a normal life for a long time because someone is making it miserable to such an extent that it seems like there is no way out.

The terror that this person exerts on you has not only caused you to have major depression when you are awake, but it does not give you peace even in your sleep. So, the question is, will you do something the next time you face a spider bite?

6. Never Stop Trying

Dreams of spiders can also indicate perseverance, which helps you continue without crying too much over your failures and collapses.

If you have ever removed a spider’s web but didn’t kill the spider in the process because you didn’t want to or because it wasn’t there, after a certain time, you probably found a new one in the same place. The spider doesn’t waver even after you destroy its the only means to put food on the table.

You are similar to that spider since you are a person who will not be broken by any disappointment until you achieve your intended goal. No matter how many times someone gets in your way or how many accidents or misfortunes hit you, you don’t give up and will do everything in your power to reach the end.

7. You Need To Face The Dark Side Of Your Personality

Spiders are animals that like shadows and dark places. So, when they visit us in our dreams, we often meet them in precisely these locations.

A dream about spiders in these conditions can mean you should deal with your darker side or sides. We all have parts of our personalities that are not really suitable for the light of day, but they are still a part of us, and it is impossible to escape from them.

No matter how hard you try to avoid pushing them far into the depths of darkness and abyss, they will resurface just like killing spiders, and removing their webs from the dark places of your home is only a temporary solution.

In order to have a spider-free home, you actually have to sit down, do proper research on what needs to be done, and apply all of it.

If you want to get rid of your bad habits, traits, and behaviors, you will also have to spend some time thinking about them, figure out how to fix or remove them, and finally take the necessary actions to achieve that.

8. You’re Unsure About Your Decisions

One last possible spider dream meaning we’ll discuss in this article is the one that concerns uncertainty when making a decision.

If you often dream of spiders in different colors, such as green, blue and red, this may mean that you as a person are insecure and indecisive, which has a negative effect on your psyche.

Whether it is a simple decision such as choosing a dessert in the supermarket or an important decision such as choosing between two jobs, you simply can’t make a decision that you will be satisfied with.

You aimlessly walk around the market to end up choosing something just because you feel you have to. You pick one of the jobs but think all the time that taking the other job would have been a better decision. The problem is that you would think the same if you had decided the other way around.

All of this is symbolically shown in that one night you dream of red spiders, the following green spiders, the night after that blue, and so on indefinitely.


Although dreams about spiders can get really spooky, they are quite revealing. They can indicate that you have an asocial, persistent, calm or insecure, and indecisive personality.

These dreams sometimes tell us that we should show our creativity to the external world but also face our darkest sides and thoughts.

Finally, our mind uses spider dreams to warn us about people who might be trying to hurt or remind us of someone or something that is already doing that.

To get even more information regarding dreams about spiders don’t forget to comment below!

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Spiders



Tuesday 14th of March 2023

Had a dream about being in a car driven by my grandmother who passed away we where driving fast over huge bumps I also saw my Oldest childs sister as a baby as we hit a huge bump alot of baby white spiders were crawling all over my face as I wiped them of I woke up! Any understanding into that or possible interpretations?