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18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Flies

18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Flies

Do you ever wake up from a dream only to realize that you were dreaming about flies? It’s an odd experience, right? And it can be really hard to explain to other people.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions flies is that they are dirty and unhygienic. Before you start to worry, the first thing to remember is that your dreams are not literal. They are often a reflection of your unconscious mind, so they can be hard to interpret.

However, some common themes can give you insight into what your dream may mean.

18 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Flies


Dream About Flies Symbolism

Flies are known to be a symbol of warning, malice, or hate, so it’s not surprising that you’d dream about them. It may indicate something is going on in your life right now. Let’s take a look at what the fly represents in another context.

The fly is an animal with a long history in dreams, dating back to ancient times. In the Bible, flies were a sign of God’s Wrath; they could also be seen as a symbol of death and destruction. In mythology, Greek and Roman mythologies detest flies because they spread disease and decay wherever they go.

But modern-day dream interpretation doesn’t see the presence of flies as harbingers of doom—instead, they represent something new or different coming into your life. Let’s head to our interpretation of the dream about flies for your better understanding of what it means.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Flies?

While we may never know for sure, there are some pretty good theories out there. Let’s dive into what each of them might mean:

1. You’re Dying On The Inside

Flies are associated with death and decay. Dreaming about a fly buzzing around you could signify that you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure or weight of something in your life that’s causing you to feel like you’re dying inside.

It may be brought by insecurity, envy, or frustration. You may also feel isolated from family or colleagues who don’t understand what you’re going through, which can lead to isolation and depression.

You're Dying On The Inside


2. You’ve Had Spiritual Experiences

Flies have long been used as a symbol of the divine, so dreaming about them could mean that you’ve had more spiritual experiences lately—or at least more than usual! Your dreams might be trying to tell you to pay attention to this new part of yourself and listen when it speaks up.

3. Your Life Needs To Be Cleaned Out

Flies are often associated with waste and filth because they live off the garbage and rotting food, so dreaming about them could mean that something in your life needs cleaning or throwing away before it turns into waste material (emotionally or physically).

It could be people with bad influence or bad habits. Or it could be as simple as feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, or you have too many projects going on at once that needed attention, or entirely a different case.

Whatever the case, dreaming about lots of flies means you’re overwhelmed with negative emotion or energy, and you need to find a way of cleansing yourself from it.

4. You Have Dirty Thoughts Or Evil Intentions

Flies can symbolize the dirtiness of your thoughts or feelings.  It represents something unclean and disgusting. This type of dream could mean you are guilty about something that happened recently. You might be hiding something from your partner or family.

Also, dreaming about flies may indicate that you have some dark thoughts at the back of your mind or even bad intentions toward someone else, or you’re attracted to something you shouldn’t be. Your dream might be telling you that something is going wrong in your behavior and needs to change immediately.

You Have Dirty Thoughts Or Evil Intentions


5. You Will Get Into Trouble Through Your Own Actions

To dream of being chased by a swarm of flies means that you will get into trouble through your actions.

Dreaming about flies is a warning. To dream of being chased by a swarm of flies means that you must be careful about your actions because they can lead to trouble. You need to pay attention to what’s happening in your life and ensure everything is okay.

Maybe you’ve been putting off studying for an exam, a job interview, or working on a project for too long, and now it’s catching up with you. Or perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at your finances and figure out where all that money is going!

6. You Are Going To Be Involved In A Dispute

You have an unhealthy relationship with someone close to you, like family relatives or with your career or business. Flies might represent people who are annoying or unpleasant to you. They are in your dream as a warning of an upcoming argument or conflict because of irritation, jealousy, revenge, or even financial troubles.

The dream points to or represents the fact that you will have some misunderstandings with the people around you. You may feel that someone is doing something wrong and want to stop them from doing it, but there will be no way for you to do so.

7. You Will Have A Problem With Your Health

You can dream about flies if you have a problem with your health. Flies are not good for humans, and they are also considered pests. When you see them in your dream, it means an illness is coming to you. You need to be careful about your health because there is a possibility that you can get sick anytime soon.

You Will Have A Problem With Your Health


8. Something Or Someone Is Bugging You

Dreaming of flies buzzing could be a metaphor for something that bugs you about someone else—maybe they’re always late, or they don’t care about how much work they put into their appearance.

The dream may urge you to stop thinking about this person and focus on something else, like your own goals. If you’ve had this dream before, it could mean you’re feeling anxious about interacting with this person in real life.

9. You’re Afraid Of Insects

You may also have this dream if you’re afraid of bugs or other insects, especially if they seem threatening or aggressive. If that’s the case, it might help to remind yourself that flies are generally harmless and won’t harm you when they land on your skin or clothes—they’re just looking for food.

Kinds and Color of Flies In Your Dream

  • Black Fly: Black flies represent negativity, particularly when they are eating something in your dream or attacking someone else.
  • Housefly: Houseflies represent boredom and laziness—you may be bored with life or not doing enough for yourself or others.
  • Mosquito Fly: Mosquito flies represent annoyance; mosquitoes are annoying creatures! They bite people and cause them to itch and scratch—all signs that something needs to change in our lives.
  • Small Flies: These could be a sign that an annoying person will enter your life. What is the level of annoyance you will receive from this person? It should be about small matters only.
  • Big Flies: Big flies usually symbolize something positive in your life. This could mean that good things are about to happen—maybe even a promotion at work or an unexpected cash windfall!
  • Big Dead Flies: This may seem unpleasant, but big dead flies are a good sign. It means that your life is going to change in a significant way after overcoming obstacles and challenges in your life.
  • Green flies: If you see green flies in your dreams, it indicates that there will be some financial loss or failure in business.
  • Blue-Eyed Flies: The blue-eyed flies are a symbol of peace, altruism, and love. If you dream about them, it may mean that you can make friends with people who previously were not very close to you. It is also possible that after your dream, you will be able to find an old friend whom you have not seen for a long time.
  • Fruit Flies: It is likely that someone is bothering you for favors. This person may ask for a loan or something from you. The person may also be taking advantage of your generosity or good nature.


Again, the reasons fly appears in your dream are symbolic and subject to interpretation. It varies depending on the situation in which they appear in the dreamer’s dream. Regardless of their potential positive or negative implications, their appearance means it’s time to assess your life and how you live it.

An idea of how to best interpret this dream can be gleaned by looking at the issues in your real life that were prominent during the time before the dream occurred. Sometimes a puzzle needs a couple of pieces from different places to fit together correctly; the same thing to why flies must have appeared in your dreams.

Dream About Flies Symbolism