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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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7 reviews for The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

  1. Someonereallyimportant

    I had a disturbing thought about the motives behind this book and more….First, I have had what felt like a true fight between good and evil for my soul in recent years. I had wife who insisted on following the mormon religion, which divided my family for years. My child chose not to follow the mormon beliefs, but in the end the marriage ended. In the years following my divorce, I was tempted by not one but several women who were willing to give me anything to hang onto me. They would try to bring other women into our bed and they used sex to tempt and control me. Things got progressively worse as I would break things off with each woman, only to be tempted by another exactly like her. The new women would pretend to be Christians, good people, moral people, but in the end, they were just evil. The severity of each woman’s revenge grew in intensity 10 times more than the one before for leaving them. Ultimately, I was left broken and beaten down. I have spent the last two years receiving medical treatment and trying to just get back on top of my life again. I looked to the Power of Now as a way to suppress the pain and move forward. It seemed to be helping and I found myself buying books for strangers, telling people about it at every turn, both online and in person.I have been told on multiple occasions that I must be a very important person to have survived the horrible things that were done to me in the fight for good and evil. I would take this as nearly insulting, because I was a broken man at the lowest point in my life. It seemed patronizing and made me feel as though I should be outraged that someone would even suggest that the indignities done to me were part of a plan for my life. Violence was forced upon me with last two women I dated as they tried to see that I paid for not wanting to be with them anymore. This violence resulted in chronic pain and multiple surgeries to repair the damage. Of course, these women enlisted the help of new men in their lives to teach me a lesson, because women control men in ways we may never even want to openly admit.In my attempts to erase the painful memories, I started reading the “Power of Now”. One night I woke in pain while I was having a vivid dream about good and evil, where I was left with this shocking insight to the possible real motive behind the book. The author talks about the existence of another entity inside of us as though it is just a common thing. More than that, it says we should learn to NOT LISTEN TO OUR OWN THOUGHTS, saying that in time we might even eventually laugh at the voice inside our head instead of listening to it. I thought for a moment about an exorcism movie I had seen where the priests fought to reach the real person, who’s body was taken over by a demon. This had special implications with me, because in the last few years I have had many lapses in time where I had gone to the store in the middle of the night or written emails, etc. that seemed to not even be coming from me. It was blamed on the head injury that I had received and at other times it was blamed on sleep medications like Ambien and Triazolam. They called it sleep walking, but the bottom line is that I felt violated every time I woke to a morning after being someone else for a night with no memories at all. You walk and talk to people as though you are in a zombie state. I went as far as to give Ambien to one of these women who had taken part in the destruction of my life one night. She was awake and looking into the camera with dead (possessed looking) eyes, as she proudly told me the real story about dozen of lies she had told me over the years. She had cheated on many occasions, while launching verbal attacks on me to divert the attention off her. On the Ambien, this girl told me the truth about everything with a smile on her face. With the pride of a demon, she would smile as she told me about how hot the other men’s orgasms were. She used words that would be as painful as they could be as she mockingly told me all of these stories with very vivid details. This was not SLEEP WALKING. It was the act of a evil entity. It was like looking into the face of evil. I broke all ties with her and later she was launching another attack on me about how delusional I was to believe all of the things I did about her. I told her that I had a video of her confessing everything in great detail, to which she replied that I was a (cursing) liar and to (cursing) prove it. I sent her video and she was shocked. She reacted with such disbelief as she watched the video. It was her, telling me as harshly as she could ever evil thing she had ever done to me, that she always claimed were just me being delusional when I would question her about where she had been or what she had been doing. She could only tell me that she didn’t know why she said those things, but that maybe she was just screwing with me or something. I have always believed that this girl had given in years ago to the forces of evil and she claims to be an atheist. If Ambien could make someone who lived a life full of secrets suddenly look into a camera and boldly tell 20 sex stories in great details that had happened and with no other goal but to see pain on my face as she told me while smiling, then what is the true purpose of meds like Ambien and Triazolam? Is it all just tools of evil to peck away our soul’s ability to be in charge of our body?I am throwing allot at you at once, but keep reading.It is my belief that our souls are the entity that is primarily in control of our body, but that there are other entities constantly trying to take over, like in the possession stories. In the possession stories, some other entity takes over the body at their will, not your will. The demons kill and abuse others. When the person wakes later, they have no memory of anything happening. Anyone who ever took something Ambien and woke to weird things that had been done by them with zero memory or first hand accounts, will see this connection now and (like me) are feeling a chill run up their spines.The forces of evil are about deception. They are about manipulation. What does any of this have to do with the Power of Now book? We are knowing taking medications that may in fact be allowing these other entities to take over our bodies. Then I read this book, which is supposed to be about ending suffering. It says that we must be open it. It says we should lay down our will and not believe that we are the ones who are supposed to be controlling our bodies. The book encourages us to “stop thinking”. It tells us to empty our mind and ignore the voices in our head that are questioning love and life. It uses words like enlightenment and oneness to shame us or peer pressure us into falling into submission. The fact that the author openly talks about other entities inside of us is powerful. It says the only difference between us and a crazy person talking to themselves as they walk down the streets (which we have all seen), is that we have these conversations inside of our head everyday. They don’t keep it inside their heads, but aside from that, we are the same. He says over and over that they voices are real. He tells us to ignore the voice that we “think is in charge” and learn to numb your mind to the point of letting our “true identity” take over. Does anyone else see a problem with any of this?I do not have a great education. I am communicating this as clearly as I can. I think I am supposed to tell you all to look at this from from this point of view. Are we becoming enlightened? Or are we following instructions to lay down our will and let another entity take over our bodies? Why don’t we remember the things we say or do while on Ambien or other similar medications? Do they artificially have the same results? Do they force our true identity to lay down control to another entity? People have been charged with crimes committed while on these medications. What would a demon do if they could joy ride with your body for a night? When I first read the book “The Power of Now”, I felt a wisdom that did not seem possible to come from a single man. When I heard the audio recordings of Eckhart Tolle reciting his book, they sounded like the words of God. His voice is hypnotizing and anyone who has heard it, will have to admit that. The immensity of his pure and simple logic was frightening to me on some level, but I read on. Now, I fear that they are all tools of the forces of evil, trying to get us to lay down our free will. God gave us free will and I have heard that evil cannot exist anywhere that it was not first invited. I don’t even like to watch Hollywood movies about evil, because that is a form of us inviting evil into our lives.I don’t honestly know my role yet in this fight between good and evil. I honestly don’t even know if I am the good guy or the bad guy yet. I am just reporting my insights as clearly as I can for you to consider, because I have been moved to do so. I am honestly fearful that by me going public with this that I will be inviting evil into my life. I have no intentions except to tell what I have witnessed and the enlightenment that I recently experienced about it all leads me to suspect deception. Someone told me awhile ago to question books like “The Power of Now”, because even though they talk about the empowering us with true enlightenment, they may ultimately be leading us down a road of deception. These people told me to only trust the Bible and my first reaction was that they were being purist and that anything that leads us to internal peace can only be a good thing. Now, I fear they may have been right.There is no doubt we are living in the final days. 200,000 people died in the earthquake of Haiti, thousands more in the tsunami in 2004 that shook the world, the tsunami that claimed the nation of Japan, and so on. Japan now has a person committing suicide every 15 minutes nationally after the tsunami. Its their number one cause of death nationally since the tsunami hit. Japan continues to be rocked by earthquakes every week, so does the Philippines, New Zealand, The United States, and Europe. Look up how many volcanoes have erupted world wide in the last year alone.Look up Supernova info regarding the Red giant star Betelgeuse. Look up the Great Rift. Its a black hole in our solar system. Why do I mention both of these? Because the Betelgeuse (ancient name for Satan too) supernova is predicted to happen as early as next year and the earth is also supposed to travel dangerously close to the great rift next year. Next year happens to be 2012, aka end of Mayan calender, etc. Its really all just too much to be ignored any longer isn’t it? Personally, I think its all happening right under our feet. If a day to God like a thousand years to us, then today may be the day of reckoning. In fact, all of these terrible disasters have all happened in just a few years of each other.Revelation 1:12 talks about opening the sixth seal. When the “SIXTH SEAL” was broken John tells us that there was a “GREAT EARTHQUAKE,” and the “SUN BECAME BLACK AS SACKCLOTH OF HAIR,” and the “MOON BECAME AS BLOOD,” and the “STARS OF HEAVEN FELL TO THE EARTH,” and the “HEAVEN DEPARTED AS A SCROLL,” and “EVERY MOUNTAIN AND ISLAND WERE MOVED OUT OF THEIR PLACE.” The great earthquake is basically happening now. If you don’t believe it, look at the US Geological Service’s website […] and you will see a 7 day window to world quakes. If you look at a larger window for several years, its frightening how much is happening right under our feet. It says the moon will become as blood, which has happened many times in history from earthquake gases and volcanic ash released into the atmosphere. Here is just one example […]. As for the heavens departing like a scroll and the sun becoming black as a sackcloth, what do you think would happen if we went into a black hole in the universe? The stars would fall from heaven? The black hole would make everything fall from heaven, but the star suspiciously named Betelgeuse imploding, becoming a second sun in our own sky for a week or so before dimming to just a glowing cloud of smoke in the night sky would also sufficiently be described in this way. Certainly, every mountain and island would be moved of their place, but again this has already happened in our poles being shifted by earthquakes of recent years. The entire nation of Japan was shifted 3 feet and the poles moved again.I am not an overly religious person really. I do not preach or even talk opening about this stuff often, but for some reason I am being compelled to share my insights. I have many questions about all of it and that is all I am saying to you. Question Everything. “The Power of Now” may just be another cleverly disguised tool of evil and I only want you to consider that as you read or listen to it. Are you being given instructions to lay down your free will and let another entity take over your body? Lookup “Is Ambien creating a nation of zombies?” on Youtube. It talks about people “sleep driving” and “Sleep walking”. It talks about crimes being committed and people even walking off buildings. What would a demon do if they had control of your body. God gave us free will and Eve chose to be disobedient to God. He gave them one rule and she broke it. In keeping with the nature of women in general, they want to be heard by their man. They want to bring knowledge into the relationship and to be valued for that. I think that Eve truly thought she was just enlightening Adam, who she loved. I do not believe she intentionally misled Adam. In her mind, she had figured out that the fruit was good and she wanted Adam to see it too. This simply analogy can be applied to life in marriages around the world and the situations they find themselves in daily. Deception comes in many forms.My mother always told me, “God will never give you more than you can handle”.Paul tells us: “God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it” (1 Corinthians 10:13). Over time that promise has become abbreviated to “God will never give you more than you can handle.”Maybe its my job to remind you of this and to draw attention to the devil’s tools of manipulation. Maybe I am being chosen to provide you the way out by sharing this. Women are Biblically one of those tools as well. It started in the Garden of Eden. I am only saying that men are supposed to be the spiritual leaders of the family and that if a woman is leading you down a different path, that you should recognize that for what it is. Its deception and manipulation. A woman scorned is not something we should make jokes about. It is truly an example of the wrath of evil and its real. There are good moral woman out there, but more alarmingly there are women out there who feel they are good and moral as they lead you down a path of destruction.I don’t know all of the answers. I am certainly no scholar. I am saying to you to be strong.Do not lay down your will to an unknown entity, a medication, or a deceptive woman.I know there are truths that have been shown to me and for some reason it is my responsibility to tell you.I have done that.May God protect my soul.

  2. Atreya

    Transforming my life positivelyThis book, and its author, Eckhart Tolle, have changed my life for the better! (It’s going to be hard to keep this review short.)I started reading this book after I went through a very tough time in my life. In late 2018, I was introduced to a kind of yoga practice. The first step in the practice is to finish an online course and practice a few stretching exercises, basic breathing exercises and chanting. It probably works fine for most people, but in my case, it messed me up big time! I started having trouble controlling my energies, lost sleep (just sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night) and was working like crazy at job… Then I went manic. Though I wanted to stop the yoga practice, I couldn’t. It was like a drug at that time! I started talking too much at home and work. People started getting scared of me, since I was pointing out things from their lives that they were themselves only peripherally aware of. I eventually lost my job and almost lost my family too! It took me a few months to realize what had just happened. After that manic phase, I went into severe depression. I had no job, a very strained relationship with my wife, and was blaming myself incessantly. I also stopped the yoga practice around this time. A few months later, when I realized I couldn’t handle it myself, with the help and support of my wife, I went to a psychiatrist… and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder… (I now know through this book that all illnesses are just temporary situations to deal with. I have no identity with the situation. The reason I am mentioning the label here is to help others who might have gotten this label, or other such labels. Right now I am on medication (200 mg daily of a mood stabilizer, called lamotrigine). I see that it helps me, for now. But I don’t buy my psychiatrist’s argument that I have to carry that label for the rest of my life. I was doing just fine for 40 years before the yoga practice… and the situation might change in the future. For now, I am going along with the recommended plan since it is working well and I accept it totally.)The only things that pulled me out of that deep pit was total faith in a Guru (who is not living in His body anymore) and probably, the medicine too. At that time, I had to totally lean on faith, since I had no strength myself. The ego had gotten such a heavy beating that it became extremely scared and depressed. Every moment was torturous and I could do nothing about it. I wanted to commit suicide, but having been raised with strong Hindu spiritual teachings, I knew that suicide would only temporarily postpone the inevitable, and that I would take another life and face the exact same situation. (I don’t know if that is true or not; it at least prevented me from committing suicide.)This book was referred to me in December of 2018 (when I was in full blown mania) by someone whom I met at a bookstore. I knew about the book, but had never read it. The next day, I found a used copy of “The New Earth” by Eckhart for $3 in a used book store. I bought it, but couldn’t read it since I didn’t have any concentration. The moment I read one sentence, my mind took off and I could see where Eckhart was going… (At that time, my mind was telling me there was nothing I didn’t know.)Only in November of 2019, after I went through a full cycle of mania and depression, and was slowly recovering, I borrowed a copy of “The Power of Now” from the local library and started reading it.The very first practice of “watching the thinker” was a revelation… Especially the statement Eckhart made about not judging the thoughts and just watching the mind… I was mostly aware of what was going on in my mind, but I was criticizing the mind the moment it produced what I judged as a “wrong” thought. This created a lot of suffering. It was a huge relief to me that all I need is to just watch it and be the witnessing Presence.Later, Eckhart talked about “watching the inner body” to take attention away from the mind when it’s not needed. This helped me during my job interviews. I had always felt anxious about job interviews… This practice really helped me through that challenge. (I did fine in the interviews and usually got good offers, but the anxiety was so much that my palms and feet would always sweat.)The book doesn’t get into the practical aspects until much later, but its message is very clear here. Separate out life situations from life itself, and deal with situations in a practical manner, doing what you can, one step at a time. And if there are things that you want to change, there are only 3 sane options: 1. walk out if you can, 2. take steps to change it, focusing on what you can do now, or 3. if neither of the above two are possible, accept the situation totally, even if only temporarily. Acceptance itself is a doorway to peace… These teachings are helping me every single time my mind starts to complain or blame.The biggest lesson I learned is to use the mind only when it is necessary, and not follow every single thought that occurs in my mind. The exercise of awareness is the toughest one I have ever done in my life!I still experience mood swings. Unfulfilled desires from the past with respect to my profession keep springing up. (The mind’s imagination here is very strong.) But I know, right now, I have to just live a regular life, as a householder, be with my family and continue my current job. My mind isn’t stable enough for other pursuits now, since it’s constantly changing, going in circles – one day it wants to go back to graduate school, get a PhD and become a professor, next day it wants to go to a tropical island and work as a waiter (getting away from all work that requires my brain), another day it says life is wonderful as it is and how much money I would lose if I went elsewhere… With Eckhart’s help, I now know that all these are just narratives of the mind. I know what’s practical for my life now and what I need to be doing every hour. Just focusing on that is enough. (Let the morrow take care of itself.)Like Eckhart recommends, I am using my situation as a strong motivation to practice Presence. In my case, the situation is not external; it is extremely close to me, since it is my own mind! The suffering I experience when the mind takes me away from the Now is too much to bear. I have no choice now but to practice Presence.My current practice is to just keep my attention on what I should be doing this moment, and keep checking where my attention is. If my attention has gone astray, I don’t condemn myself; I just bring it back to the Now. I find that my job keeps me sufficiently present, but at other times, when mind is not needed, I need to practice this consciously. Due to the force of habit, I frequently fall trap to following useless thoughts, but I am slowly breaking out of that bad habit. I am becoming more aware of my internal state. I also engage myself in helping my son with school work, reading, doing stock investing, writing, spending some time on Facebook, and watching TV shows and movies occasionally. Whatever keeps my mind engaged, or keeps my attention in the present, are all working just fine.Along with this book, Eckhart’s videos on YouTube have also brought my attention back to the teaching. The message is the same, but every time I hear it, it’s fresh!I conclude with the Zen statement from the book: “What, at this moment, is lacking?”

  3. Amazon Customer

    The Best Book On This Planet.I read this book for the first time as a 24 year old student. Having just gone through a big painful breakup, it had a huge impact upon me. It lit a fire that has never died since. It triggered at the time a blissful, wonderful period where I felt as though there was so much beauty in every ordinary thing and song I could hardly breathe with it all.This is not a book you read for self-help. It makes a mockery of such books, in fact. The self-help books that give your mind a focus, a mission, a purpose, the ego a cause… yeah, this isn’t that. Some people read it for that, and then throw it away scathing: “what was that, what kind of rubbish did I just set eyes on?”. If you’d notice – they’re quite passionate about it too. This stuff is too real. Rubs their ego the wrong way.If you’re not ready for what this book has to offer – you may hate it, as some of the reviewers here did. You’ll talk of ‘incomprehensible drivel’, and ‘nonsense’. The reason they say this, is because they’re just not ready. It is that simple. It’s my believe that a person has to go through some pretty hefty horrible stuff in their lives to be really ready to ‘awaken’ traditionally. It’s a HARD process for a lot of people. You have to be ready to give up your old self. Ready to give up your old thinking patterns, old ego. You have to be done and tired with it. Those one star people are not. They like where they are, and are defined by their form level selves – they do not want to go any higher than that. It’s that plain and simple.In fact – this is the most profound teaching I ever had the pleasure of finding. I’m 28 now, the book sits atop my shelves being regularly picked up. I am by no means a complete and enlightened person. I get dominated by thought, by ego, by pain sometimes, I’m human after all…, but now, I am able to find release and respite from it, I find full hours or even full days where such bliss fills me and quiet in my mind that it’s as though I were in a mini heaven… I don’t know how to describe the feeling but it’s like being one with God, all that is.Two things to mention from the low reviews:Stress is well recognised (alongside anger and other negative emotions) by the medical community to have a detrimental impact upon the physical body and ailments. There are uncountable numbers of studies to this end. This knowledge grows every day. Eckhart hones in on this. This is pure fact.Focusing on the Now: does not mean forgetting the future. It means, and is explained in the book, as moving fully into this moment, surrendering to all that is, as completely and fully as you can, while remaining conscious of the fact that you still have ‘clock time’, but are not dominated by it as you once were. You use it to plan. To put things in a diary. To make a date. But that’s all. Other than that you pay brief visits to clock time, living mostly in the now. Most people pay brief visits to Now, living mostly in clock time. (Reminisce, envision future, reminisce, worry)If you are,A) Done with feeling as bad as you doB) Ready to give up what no longer serves youC) Ready to allow in a higher power some might call God, others may feel is simply, HomeD) A human being –Then buy it and read it with as open a heart as you can. You will bloom.

  4. Mrs. C. Evans

    Gutted that I wasted a gift card on this rubbishA dear friend recommended this book to me and it clearly affected her deeply. I tried really hard to get it, but struggled from the start. It’s unbelievably boring. I could barely get through a page before nodding off. It’s very repetitive, saying the same thing again and again. It also made so many ridiculous, unsubstantiated, pseudo-scientific assertions it was impossible to take seriously. For example, ‘Emotional pain is also the main cause of physical pain and physical disease.’ Try telling that to someone with a broken leg! Finally, I found it patronising and unrealistic, with a selfish and self-centred outlook. Anyone with responsibilities – dependent children or parents, a partner, a job, employees, bills to pay, voluntary roles – would be very irresponsible to ignore the future and live purely in the now. I was so relieved to read all the other 1* reviews and find that a small but significant minority felt, as I did, that this book is a pile of tosh.

  5. My Books

    Didn’t finish it!Far too much waffle about nothing in my opinion, don’t really understand what the author is trying say. It seems he speaks from his own experience.My recommended books areGrow rich While You Sleep by Ben SweetlandTNT: The Power Within by Claude BristolPsycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell MaltzThere’s no waffle in these books.Basically get the habit of success thinking instilled in you mind by disciplining yourself to think that way. Initially you have to force yourself to think success thoughts rather than letting your thinking run on autopilot, being influenced by the outside world. The more you force yourself to think success, the more your mind will do it.Thinking habits apparently take 21 days to form so as they say, your result will reflect your efforts.Your subconscious take notice of whatever you think and feel. Rather than listen to the author’s videos on YT, I’d recommend listening to Bob Proctor who has studied success thinking for over five decades and was mentored by the late Earl Nightingale. By the way, there’s two excellent recordings from Earl Nightingale on YT, The Strangest Secret and the condensed audio of Hill’s Think & Grow Rich.

  6. ChemicalFreePlease

    A must read for anyone wanting to escape emotional pain or be free of the Self you are fed up withEveryone should read this book. Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher he guides you how to live in the Now and how to become aware of your chattering mind, how to deal with painful emotions, how to awaken from the preconditioned self – by this I mean the person you think you are but really its just a lot of ideas and beliefs coming from teachers, parents, religion, this book will free you from that old self and become free to live in the now.

  7. Jaime Tanna

    The most powerful book on Awakening, ever?I read this book just after it first came out. Having re-read it several times now, referring to it whenever my life situations were difficult, I can say it is of extraordinary value. It has helped me become more Present and Conscious to this moment, and virtually all of my previous difficulties have faded into nothingness. Challenges do occur, of course, but the way I see them and approach them is vastly different to my former state. Highly recommended!

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